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  1. CC says:

    “Asked by a brief definition of big cocks ATP Vicario tried to be very precise, although in two words it is complicated,(said the same laughs)”

    Gosh, how embarrassing for him to have to answer that one. :D (Possibly the best Google translation so far!)

    Oh, I love it when they talk about Rafa’s “fire in the belly”.

    • CC says:

      BTW, that photo of Emilio hugging Rafa is sooo pretty. I’ve just been staring at it for the last ten minutes.

      Right, should I read the articles properly now, perhaps…

      • An says:

        “BTW, that photo of Emilio hugging Rafa is sooo pretty. I’ve just been staring at it for the last ten minutes.”

        So understandable CC! You did imagine how it was you being the one he’s hugging too, No?;)

        • CC says:

          Actually An, on this occasion I’d be quite happy to just watch. They are two very pretty boys, no? ;)

          • An says:

            Oh yes, verry pretty!

            But still, i cannot help my toughts going the direction of wanting to know how it feels to be hugged by Rafa’s arms… He has such fantastic arms…

      • Emma R says:

        I don’t know who “the Vicar” is, but I am certain he is praying for Rafa’s future success! When they have all come back to earth again that is.

        Having total hysterics over the “big cocks” interpretation – after all the pumping on the other article I am starting to think that these translation software thingys are set up by complete perverts.

        Seriously though – glad to hear the vote of confidence in Rafa’s likelihood of returning to success, and I so hope he is right about RG.

  2. Rafafan says:

    Miri – not sure where to post this but as the pic is in the Armada colours! Been watching the Davis Cup (no Rafa cheering sob sob… ) but as I was going to the dentist in the crucial bit – Spain lost the first tie. Cam back and Davee was playing and got 1st set and just the tie break (thank god) but its all very exciting. I hope they dont change the Davis Cup – the atmosphere is just awesome with or without Rafa I am emailing this while it gets to the start of the third set. It was only a bit edgy coz the other guy a bit like Davydenko – very hard hitting if it goes in well your stuffed x

  3. faeaki7 says:

    Funny translation lol this cracked me up, nice pic of Rafa btw. Glad Costa seems positive about Rafa.

  4. Atch2 says:

    The Marca translation makes a bit more sense.

    I don’t think it’s really fair to compare Rafa’s aces count ftom last yr given his months of injury, although Rafa has always served fewer aces than most of the top players anyway.

    Would appreciate if someone could clarify what Emilio was explaining about Rafa’s weak serve. Because he’s not using his right hand, he doesn’t get enough direction or control?

    And why is Rafa sometimes referred to as ‘her’ in the translation?

    • teejustice says:

      Atch2 I have not read the whole thing to see what Emilio means about the serve. I may check that out.

      Regarding being referred to as “her” it is more of translating the article “the” for “he/him”. In Spanish he and the can be the same word “el” and when used as “the” the word is either masculine or feminine depending on the object, usually if something ends in the letter “a” it is feminine. So if they were referring to a “feminine” word about Rafa, the Spanish way of saying it focuses on the word, not the person. Sometimes I see translatations as “it” when in English we would say “him/her” and translate as “him” when it should be “it”.

      I hope this makes sense. I took Spanish so long ago and this is how I remember it. These days I focus on thinking in Spanish when reading/speaking it so as not to be so literal to English.

      • teejustice says:

        actually where I think they translated Rafa as a “her” was regarding his serve and that is a masculine word and the word they translated was “su” which is correct but as Rafa is a “he” it should have been “his serve” but those goofy translators…go figure

  5. Zooni says:

    On a general note: I really don’t understand all the negativity about Rafa’s tennis that’s propogated around. To hear some people talk, you would be forgiven for thinking his career is all but over! Maybe I’m missing some crucial bit of information about his injury but where are people getting that impression??

    Yes, it’s been recurring but that’s because imo he’s never taken the time out to heal properly. This time he has. Plus he’s 23 years old! His body is in it’s prime (ahem!) and with the proper rest and treatment, he’ll be as good as new. Not to mention with great perspective. I truly believe he’ll be back better and wiser than ever. Can’t wait for all the naysayers to eat their words.