Full RTV practice video

We’ve seen bits of this practice session/interview before, but not the whole video and not with the handy translation (click the “Read more” link on the page). Thanks to SpanishRNfan for sending this in.

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  1. Rafafan says:

    Well Miri thanks for this and SpanishRNfan. “Well” (as Rafa says when he starts his sentence) he is putting his left eyebrow in overdrive! How many times has he raised it? Lost count. But what another gorgeous tic/habit and sos sexy! It must mean something. Mayb I think when he gets pressurised with the questions no?

    Sorry gotta get onto the tennis. Yes it looks slowly slowly practice no – and funny we haven’t seen anything else since. Anyway looking forward to hopefully him cheering at Davis Cup. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a near heart attach like in the final cheering on Davee – but I will be watching over the weekend – yes the tennis but also that supporter in the stands!

    Rafa hope the practice went well and is still going well. Gosh doesn’t he look so lonely practising there with no-one but 2 people, it looks so sad and lonely not like him being in the open hour with the whole audience/fans behind him – and I even mean that with the FO crowd. Gosh it must be hard to put this practice into the real match. Talk about having the drive, working hard and motivation – to do 1000 balls everyday like this must get a bit boring. No wonder he needs the adrenalin of the tournament (thus playing more than he should) and the fans no? Vammmmmmooos xxxxx

    • faeaki7 says:

      @Rafafan,Talking of th davis cup do you know where they are broadcasting the Spanish tie, as they have only advertised the french one on Sky? thanks.

      Thank you Miri for the update, its nice to see him working on his tennis! even if it is slowly slowly he is spanking that ball but there isn’t too much grimacing about mistakes so thats a good sign. Great to see him! I will sleep well now. *must watch Rafa amazing points in HD again first though*

  2. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s wearing his orange shoes so I hope Nike solved the problem since AO.
    It’s so calming watching him hit those balls. I would luv the experience returning one those balls. Serena commented that she found the spin difficult to handle.
    And does everyone have a black puffer jacket?

    • CC says:

      Mmm…I agree, I love the sound when he hits that ball.

      Shouldn’t he be leaving for California soon? I would have thought it would be good to get there early and practice in the warmer climate, no?

      • Atch2 says:

        I’m eagerly waiting for Miri to post Rafa-checking-in-at-airport-with-lots-of-luggage-and-reporters-hanging-off-my-every-word-and-a-parent-to-see-me-off vid.

        Strip off those thick layers Rafa!

        • CC says:

          Yes, Atch2, that’s of course what I meant when I said I think Rafa should be going to IW like NOW! :D

          BTW, love your avatar.

          • An says:

            Yeah… Wanna see Rafa in the heath… soon!

            Hell, i long for some sun and heath myself;)
            Winter doesnt seem to go away as they are expecting snow again for tonight):

          • Atch2 says:

            ‘V’ for Victory CC.

            And if I want to see a shirtless Rafa for the lust-factor, I’ll look for your name ;)

      • Atch2 says:

        Or maybe Rafa is staying to support the Armada in the DC tie before going to IW.

        • teejustice says:

          My thoughts exactly. This time last year he was playing DC @ Benidorm. I was just thinking he should be on his way to IW but then thought hey DC is this wknd. ¡Vamos Armada!