Tighten the throttle into the season of earth

Photo by Beth Wilson

…at least, that’s how Google translates the title of this article from balearesport.es (dated February 18th). Yes, I know clay = earth, but season of the earth just sounds poetic for some reason. Seems like we missed a radio interview where Rafa talked about Miguel Angel’s dancing stint, the Shakira video, his injury recovery progress, and thoughts on the upcoming tennis months.

(Thanks to Atch2 for the heads up.)

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    God these translations suck don’t they? I wish I knew Spanish, how many times I say that? I am a linguist though and cannot understand why these translations are unreadable half the time. Hope someone spanish speaking can come up with the goods on here and tell us really whats going on!
    But from what I can gather he expects to come into better form from Monte-carlo onwards??? hope so Rafy, he needs something to kick start his confidence again! lets hope those inner “nobody beats me on my turf” feelings come into play and what he says comes true. Vamos always!!!

    • robert says:

      Why these translations suck? Because they are not done by a person, but by a machine. Google Translations is a computer software that translates texts word by word. Translation is much more than just mechanical pairing of words, what with multiple meanings, false friends, phrases etc.

      • faeaki7 says:

        Yes I know Robert thats why I said that google translations are awful! I am aware of what translating involves I am studying to be one!

  2. mary says:

    I love the way the spanish express their language. I’ve always thought it was romantic & this proves it, “season of the earth”.
    I guess Rafa is saying he was on top at the beginning of the year & the problemo with his knee that occurred at the AO is the same as last year. (If that is correct, it is concerning).
    God I hope the translation I used is incorrect!! ;(
    So Rafa is really waiting for the clay season as it isn’t as harsh on him. There is where he will shine!! Vamos Rafa

  3. Emma R says:

    I love that translated heading, it’s sounds wonderfully pagan

    My works computer won’t let me access the google translation link above for some bizarre reason, so I did it myself through Word. One rather alarming line reads: “To make this video is a pump”. Hours of fun guaranteed it seems!

    I am so taking Spanish for beginners this year.

  4. Ana F says:

    Mary asked me to translate this for all of you. These statements from Rafa are from last week.

    Miguel Angel Nadal is having a great time on the show “Mira quien baila”.

    To make that video (with Shakira) was a lot of fun, we know each other since last season and our agendas’s matched to be able to shoot this video.

    I am delighted about it and very thankful, it was a positive experience and lot’s of fun.

    Eveything is going as planned. We just have to have patience.
    I think injuries are always unfortunate. I had worked a lot and in December I had practiced really well. I did the homework correctly and it was a blow for me. It was not the same injury as last year.

    It’s not only about retiring in Australia. I could have won against Murray, but it’s not only losing there, it’s also losing rhythm and continuity.

    I dont read a lot of things (about him), each one has its own opinion and they are all respectful. (About the question that his career is over). At the end of last year, I was not ready to win a great tournament, but the start of this year, I felt I was ready and at the best level. I felt ready for everything.

    Things are going very well now, but we must not rush. You have to go to the important tournaments in the best shape possible. It is expected that I will be ok to go to Indian Wells, we will see about the Davis Cup, it has not been decided not even by me if I will play the DC.

    I have a lot of confidence in the clay season to step on the accelator there. Monteclaro is a good place to try to begin well.

    My world is on a tennis court, all the other things are experiences I am lucky to enjoy.

    • Serene says:

      Thanks very much, Ana for the translation. We really appreciate it.

      It’s great to know that we will be seeing our beloved Rafa on the tennis court soon. Have missed him so very much.

      • Ana F says:

        ¡De nada! :) You welcome Serene

        • mary says:

          Thank you my friend. I’m glad I got it wrong about the knee injury being the same as last year. Thank christ!!!!
          Looking forward to seeing him at IW. He will be busting to get some matches in. The hit for Haiti will do him the world of good.

    • Atch2 says:

      Thank you thank you for making it into sense. Google should hire you.

      ‘My world is on a tennis court, all the other things are experiences I am lucky to enjoy’
      You go ahead and experience all you can out of life n and out of tennis and enjoy it all Rafa. Ignore what everyone else says. And I enjoy watching you enjoy your life too.

      Can’t wait to see you win at IW and Miami, but am so eager to see you back on clay!

      • Ana F says:

        You welcome Atch2. I also love that comment that Rafa says that his life is on a tennis court and the other things are experiences…

    • CC says:

      Although I’d have Rafa pump me any day, I so much prefer your translation Ana. Thanking you!

    • faeaki7 says:

      “My world is on a tennis court! and all the other experiences I am lucky to enjoy.”

      God bless you Rafa! that says it all! and thank you so much for taking time to translate! AnaF

  5. metallic cherry says:

    “To make this video is a pump”.

    Couldn’t help myself, snorted out loud when I read that! Infantile sense of humour FTW! :)

    • metallic cherry says:

      Sorry, Ana F, that was meant to be a reply to Emma R! I must have clicked on the wrong “Reply”.

      Distracted by the thought of all that pumping probably. :)

      • Emma R says:

        Oh yes. The pumping is very distracting indeed. God knows how Word came up with that one – looking at Ana F’s translation it was for the phrase, “To make that video (with Shakira) was a lot of fun”.

        Would that I could have such fun “pumping” with Rafa. Form an orderly queue, girls.

  6. patzin says:

    As always, Rafa sets the record straight. Love it.

  7. ejl says:

    purely tennis atmosphere is back at last after being bored to death with endless MV turmoil. Lots of thanks to Miri for this and Ann for the translation and to Mary of course.not much is left till the sporting event we’re waiting for can’t wait for the day when Rafa is on court and all of us getting through those feelings of excitement and later sharing them here.right now no reasons to feel ‘downbeat’ :D

  8. natch says:

    …hmmm…I still can’t get past “tighten the throttle”…
    (maybe Rafa IS into yoga now! ;)

  9. tiemyshoe says:

    Tragically, I totally forgot about Miguel Angel being on that dance reality show! How’s he doing, anyone know?

    Their family must have had plenty of amusement in the last few weeks.