Facebook frenzy

Photo by Beth Wilson.

As many people have pointed out to me, heh, Rafa went on a bit of a Facebook bender last night. Well, a bender for him….

Last week was great, with great practice and a lot of work well done. Marc Lopez came to practice with me. I am feeling better and better and playing well so looking forward to Indian Wells.

La semana pasada entrene muy bien y se trabajo tambien muy bien. Marc Lopez entreno conmigo y las cosas van bien. Si bien no estare listo para la Davis, espero estar al 100% para Indian Wells. Con ganas de estar alli!

Queria tambien aprovechar este medio para apoyar a todos los chilenos. Estamos todos con vosotros. En cada torneo siempre hay chilenos que se hacen sentir, asi que les mando un abrazo fuerte!!!

I also want to take the opportunity to send the Chileans a big hug and my support. There are always Chileans at every tournament making themselves heard. Big hug to all of them. We are with you!

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  1. Denizen says:

    Actually, these were posted about an hour ago, that is, early Monday afternoon for Rafa.

    I love the subtle differences between the Spanish and English posts. Where the English one says, “I am feeling better and better so looking forward to Indian Wells,” the Spanish version says, “Even though I won’t be ready for Davis Cup, I hope to be 100% for Indian Wells.”

    Personally, I’m already 100% ready for Indian Wells.

    • miri says:

      I just know I woke up to my phone blinking with text messages, so to me if felt like last night. :)

      Is it possible to be 200% ready for IW? ’cause I might be.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Interesting! Is that because Benito does the English ones, ya think?

      I’m so ready for IW. I have a highly sentimental image of Rafa sprinting to the baseline and then pulling at a wedgie. I miss it.

      Also: Marc!

    • Heben says:

      Talking to fellow spaniards so mentioned Davis. Talking to English speaking people so focused on Indian Wells. This is accdg to my crude logic.

  2. Kate says:

    That is because his website is STILL being repaired hmmm taking longer than usual perhaps? I still love the facebook additions tho. Even if he isn’t ready for IW it means I will see him in Miami.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Wonder if Rafa & Marc! will be playing doubles together. Miri would that tempt u to stay longer at IW? Also hope Chile recovers soon too.

    • miri says:

      As if I’m not already tempted. It’s just that my friend is driving me down from LA and she’s not a tennis person. She agreed to go to the Hit for Haiti with me and maybe part of another day…we are going to have to see. This is the same person I ditched in Montreal when I got the press pass, so I can’t ditch her again. ;) (Can I? ‘Cause if Marc! is there too…)

      • Atch2 says:

        If Marc! is there too, it’s double the cuteness, double the dorkiness.

      • CC says:


        *crosses arms*

        Well, at least you get to see Rafa play. That’s virtually impossible in the UK, where you have to enter f-ing ballots to even get a chance to possibly buy a ticket for a day that he probably isn’t playing on anyway.

        *pouts again*


        • miri says:

          No last minute ticket sales for those who don’t do the ballot? :(

          • Emma R says:

            Not for Wimbledon unless you literally want to queue up overnight (trust me I have done it). The good thing is that we now have the WTF which you can book like any other normal tournament. Of course it isn’t Rafa’s surface, but at least we got to see him.

            CC – if you go to the ATP website you can get on the mailing list for WTF now and order tickets in presale in about a month’s time. Last year I went to several days in a row in order to make damn sure I saw him (injury permitting).

            • CC says:

              Yeah, WTF was no problem Emma R, but I still didn’t get to see Rafa… :(
              Anyway, I want outdoorsy tennis on grass, with Rafa in the sunshine (read: pissy rain), no? I’m hoping to get tickets for Queens and yes, if I remember correctly they did release late tickets for Queens last year. So maybe. If not, I’m quite good at climbing fences. ;)

              Urm…so Rafa’s been active on Facebook? I love it that he says “well done” to himself!

              • Rafafan says:

                I managed to get WTF tix the next day. I had booked months in advance guessing he would play on the second day in the evening. I was wrong – he played on the first day in the afternoon – against the Sod – oops, sorry Miri Soderling! I couldn’t miss that! and had to change all my holiday arrangements round at work. Only thing was could only get £20 tix and was high up in the gods and vertigo syndrome. But it was good I went there. Had some big newspaper posters of him and got interviewed on Sky!

                • CC says:

                  Yah, as I said, WTF wasn’t a problemo to get tickets for. But who knows, this year Rafa might not even qualify for it…?

                  • An says:

                    Positive thinking CC!

                    Off course he will…
                    He is gonna “tighten the throttle into the season off earth”, No?

                    Rafa, VAMOS!

                  • mary says:

                    Think positive CC. He will qualify, no problemo!

                  • Rafafan says:

                    CC – how could you think such a thing! and whats happened to all that positive aktitude? Are you saying you might think he may be out of the top 8? – what more injuries, retirement? hell no. He will win FO and Wimby x

        • An says:

          Aaaaawww CC, i realy feel for you!
          *sobs and pouts with CC*

          • mary says:

            I think that sucks for Wemby. I realized when I went to the AO how easy it was to get tickets. Mind you, you had to pay heaps & there was no guarantee of what seat you got! I went through a holiday site to ensure I had good seats. De’h, wrong!!! Live & learn they say & I know what to do next time.

        • faeaki7 says:

          Oh I am so with you on that one CC, the same damn problem! last year I managed to see him 3 times at the O2 and that was pure luck! and 3 exhausting lunch breaks to catch him for an hour on the practice court!but he was not himself and I felt really sad although excited at the same time as I met some great /rafa fans at the practice courts before his match with Djokovic.! I hope to get to Queens this year, but thats IF! I get in on the ballot of course!

        • Atch2 says:

          My dreams of going to watch Wimby have been dampened. Didn’t know it would be that hard to get tickets to see Wimby. And I’m guessing especially for Centre Court which is probably where Rafa will always play. I met a Scottish Rafa fan in Mel and she had said it wasn’t so difficult.

          • Emma R says:

            With Wimbledon, if you want to pay a remotely normal price ie about £65 a ticket, you have to go in the ballot as CC said. Three out of four of us who have gone in the ballot this year have got tickets so far, but you have to sign up before Dec of the previous year and send your info off. One alternative is to buy debentures, which gives you access to all the snazzy lounges and restaurants but cost a fortune – about £900-£2000 each pair depending on who you get them off and when you go. I forked out £900 for a pair in 2007, didn’t get anywhere near Rafa, and got rained off after about two hours. Nearly drank myself to death with misery!

            Then again, as above, you can get in the queue and pray that you get something – but you may literally be there for days – people take tents and everything.

            I actually hadn’t really thought of Queens, but think it’s a terrific idea. Can you just do this through the website like normal tennis, or is there some other bizarre and ornate British ritual involved here too??

            • CC says:

              For Queens, you have to join their mailing list through their website and then enter the ballot which opened 1st March and then…wait.

              • Emma R says:

                Went to the website and it said the ballot is closed for 2010 but (hey) you can register for 2011. So I did. But they do say check the website on 5th May from 10am onwards as that’s when they flog any returns plus grounds passes.

                Am starting to hate the word “ballot”. It sounds like someone being shot with a spud gun.

                • Atch2 says:

                  Thank you for the info. I know the tournament is prestigious, but I didn’t know getting tickets to watch it is a privilege too. Shame they have to make it so complicated.

                  That’s still one of my goals in life, to watch a men’s final at all Grand Slams. I have only achieved AO so far, and heard FO is hard to tickets as well.

      • yoni says:

        Suggestions of where to stay in IW? Do you know where the players usually stay? Last year I only went out for the day and saw Rafa practice next to Fed and then onto a match where he beat Del Po. Work is getting in the way of a long visit again, but I am hoping to go for two days. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Tx.

  4. Kathy says:

    Miri, since you have been there, do you have any suggestions about where to stay for the Key Biscayne Tournament? Also, if anyone has any info for the Cincinnati and Monteal (Toronto this year) tourneys, I would really appreciate it. I might try and make one of those after the Legg Mason in DC. My son lives in DC, so I am going for the whole week of tennis–unfortunately Rafa does not play there. I have never seen him play live and am determined to do it this year! Thanks for any help or info anyone can give me :-)

    • miri says:

      Last year, I Pricelined at the last minute and got the uber expensive Ritz for 1/4 of its usual price, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening again. This year, I’m staying at one of the over-priced “official” hotels because I want the shuttle to and from the event. So, I’m not a lot of help at suggestions for reasonably priced hotels. :)

  5. mary from cincinnati says:


    tickets go on sale today for Cincinnati…..they are about 1/3 the cost of IW. Plenty of hotels close by….the Players are staying at the Marriot Northeast in Mason…5 minutes from the Venue….if you book now, you might have a chance!
    This is the best venue to get close to your favorite players…and I’m not just saying that because I live here!
    It feels like smalltown and the players hang around in the food tents etc. plus there are all the shirtless practices you could possibly wish for (thank you hot August humidity!)

    Tickets for the Semis and the Final sell out quick, but for the rest you can just get a daypass or evening pass and pay on the spot: $75.00 for Box, $50.00 for Loge (fabulous view) and $35.00 for Terrace (not break neck seats like at other venues)

    • mary says:

      Geez Liouse, that is cheap compared to here in OZ!! I spent a fortune to go to the AO tourney & I didn’t get to see Rafa once. *sobs*. However, I did get to see some good tennis. It would have been fabulous tennis had Rafa still been there. *sobs again*
      I did get to briefly chat with Andy M before the final & got a pic. Had way too many drinks & gambled too much at the Casino . So it wasn’t a complete loss except at the Casino. lol

    • teejustice says:

      Thanks for the info. I am considering going to Cincy this year (good to know tix are already on sale).

  6. faeaki7 says:

    Well I’ll just say good luck this year to all Rafa followers in catching our man on court! If I don’t get Queens I am going to travel to Wimby and get a ground ticket or rattle my brother in law who is a tennis coach to sort something out, being that Rafa is playing of course (god willing)! I enjoyed seeing him at the O2 but would love to watch him play on grass outdoors! it would be the best gift ever!

  7. Rose says:


    This is the first time ever that I am going to watch a live ATP tournament and I am going only for the Hit For Haiti at IW, only to see Rafa in action. Can’t do the weekend due to family constraints. How do I find when and where Rafa will be practising on friday (or saturday)?

    • miri says:

      From what I understand, IW doesn’t post practice schedules – few tournaments do, in fact. You just have to hang around and hope. Players usually practice at certain times on and favorite courts, if they can. I don’t know what Rafa’s favorite court is in IW. If he’s playing that day, he’ll usually practice 2 – 2 1/2 hours before his match is scheduled to start. So that’s a good time to lurk around the practice courts. If, however, he’s second, sometimes third on the main court, he’ll often practice on that court – so get into the main stadium court as soon as you can.

  8. Kathy says:

    Miri, thanks for the info. I also want the shuttle (don’t want to deal with Miami at night)and tried for the March 26-28 weekend package. They are totally sold out (hotels)–they say they have April 1-4 available. The reason I want to go sooner is because you never know what is going to happen–my main reason for going is to see Rafa play. If something happens before the qtrs and he is out, I would really be upset. Don’t so much mind paying the big bucks, but want to be sure I see Rafa play. :-/ still deciding what to do

    MARY–thanks so much for the Cincy info. I am really thinking of doing that venue as it is smaller and hotels are so close. And how cool would it be to stay at the same hotel as the players?! Last year Ali posted about her stay there and it was great–she got pics with Rafa and was in an elevator with him. *passes out at the thought* Whoa, breathing Rafa air?!
    Anyway, I really want to see him play tennis and that is my main objective. Going to the Cincy site now. thanks again

    • miri says:

      Guess it’s a good thing I booked my room early…although I did add a date and never got the second confirmation email. Hmmm…perhaps I should call. But do I call IMGTravel or the hotel. Off to sort it out!

      Earlier days are more fun anyway because you get more bang for your buck. The tickets are usually cheaper and there’s non-stop tennis and practicing going on.

  9. mary from cincinnati says:

    No problem Kathy!

    Make sure you hang around Burger King in front of the Player’s Hotel, also there is a famous Icecream Spot right across the street (Graeter’s), Rafa loves it! If they don’t eat at the Hotel Restaurant they usually go 2 miles down the road to Abuelo’s…you can catch them there<3

    • miri says:

      I heard the Waffle House was also a bit player hangout. :)

      What kills me is the price for the player’s hotel. A regular old Marriott in Mason-freaking-Ohio shouldn’t be $225/night. Ever. Unless maybe the room came with willing tennis boy of your choice.

      • sia says:

        that’s the spirit!!

      • Denizen says:

        In ’08 I stayed at a hotel directly across the street from the Marriott. Very reasonable, nice room with a fridge, and my window gave me a direct view of the lovely Marriott.

        Only visited the hotel once, the final Saturday, and got to eat breakfast next to Lapentti. Very nice!

      • Atch2 says:

        Mallorcan tennis boy may cost you more than $255.

      • christine says:

        Any thougts on where to stay in IW and good places to spot the players outside of the tennis garden?

        • christine says:

          Not a stalker, just wondering about a good place to stay. If the question offends you, sorry. Would love by happenstance to see someone outside of the tennis garden. That would be a bonus. I am not some crazed fan that would snap photos of them or run up to them. Ease up. See previous comments in this thread regarding Cincy and places they like to eat.

          • miri says:

            I don’t think anyone was pointing a finger at anybody – just making a general statement.

            I let this go afar from topic because everyone was behaving and I fully understand the need for some 411 before going to a tournament – especially if it’s your first time to said tournament – but can close it down if people start telling each other to “ease up”.

    • CC says:

      *waits eagerly for more information*

      Public toilet Rafa might use?
      Rafa’s room number?
      Changing room shower cubicle?



      • An says:

        Cincy suddenly sounds like a verry good idea!:)

        We could make it the NN tournament and make arrangements with the hotel on good prices for the rooms, would be fun, No?;) And Rafa would not be lonely!

        *looks up prices for airline tickets to Cincy*

        • CC says:

          Yeah. Well. As much as I would love to be stuck in a lift with Rafa, or eat waffles with him, I sometimes find this “hunt” (for lack of better word) for players a little disturbing. Or maybe I’m just jealous. I really am not sure…

          No, I find it disturbing.

          • miri says:

            Me too. It’s one thing when it just happens (and sometimes unpleasant – stupid Bryan brothers taking the last of the fresh blueberries from the breakfast buffet), but I’m not into the idea of hanging out for hours in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone during their “not on the job/private” time.

            • An says:

              Don’t worry, me neither!

              I wasn’t too serious, sorry if i gave that impression:)

              • CC says:

                I knew you weren’t serious An. It wasn’t towards you at all. :)

              • An says:

                I would love to realy meet Rafa some day and get a chance to have a real conversation with him but iff it isn’t gonna happen by coincedence then its never going to happen!

                I never, ever will go and hunt someone down, not even Rafa;)

  10. Kathy says:

    That’s a great idea about staying across the street in Cincy. You can still go to the Marriott and hang out and do breakfast,etc. I am really liking the idea of this cozy tournament. That is another reason I like Legg Mason–not a large venue and you can get good seats. Saw Roddick, Delpo,Gonzo,Dr.Ivo,Isner last year. Rafa needs to go to DC!