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Another update years later as all the links below have gone away…
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Looks like Sony is doing a good job of taking down all the videos. I’m guessing the one on Shakira’s official site will stick around, though. *fingers crossed* She also links to Yahoo, so I’m hoping this one will also stay. (Thanks, patzin)

Is it okay that my favorite parts are the ones when they are cracking up? It’s like Rafa just couldn’t take any of this “posing and looking serious” stuff anymore and laughs his ass off. The fact they included so much of it makes me wonder if they didn’t get enough “steamy” footage and decided to go more lighthearted.

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  1. Rafafan says:

    Yep – the vid has caused an almighty explosion on the internet and has generated a lot of publicity. I wonder if Rafa realised how much of a storm it was going to gain. Yeah I think we are all ready for the tennis in him to do the talking not just his sultry, sexual, sensual body that we all know he has got and has now put into fruition.

    Was trying to watch the Dubai final today with Djok but it had to be postponed (after 1st set) coz of rain until tomorrow and what did they play instead. Rafa v Roddick IW semi last year. I have to admit it was a bonus, but I was shocked and was having all these fantasies seeing him playing on the court after the vid. As it is the first time seeing him playing tennis after that vid! But after a while I was mesmerised by just him and tennis! and his wonderful play and charasmatic style. Vamos Rafa – win the IW for yourself, your fans and all those media doubters, especially now they are getting on your back about the vid! xxxxxxxxx

  2. JC says:

    Notice how no one is talking about his knees anymore.
    That alone would have been reason enough for Rafa to pull this stunt.

    I think we all remember the look on his face recently, when having to deal with the relentless focus on his knee problems, and whether or not he would ever regain former strength and glory.

    He has done his best to maintain his “positive acktitude”, but since that doesn’t sell newspapers, the press has been like a dog with a bone and Rafa was starting to show signs of battle-fatigue fending them off.

    Now he has thrown them a new bone…

    • Rafafan says:

      JC I agree with you. It could be a good stunt that his management and Xisca agreed to – to fend off the worrisome knee problems and his career longevity. I think he was getting sick and tired with this and his injuries and needed some light hot relief! I don’t get it with the media – they seem to love to “hate” him – always trying to criticise him in some way. It’s as if they can’t accept him as this wonderful tennis player who happens to have a unique personality and georgeous to boot! And yet when he is not playing everyone seems to miss him. He can’t seem to win either way. So lookin at this a 23 year old doing this vid – it had to happen sooner or later to unleash his wonderful bod. He has been “cooped up” for too long 24/7 365 playing tennis, dealing with the injuries. Why can’t he have some fun. Am sure it will do good for his soul, mental attitute and hunger for more…. in terms of doing well in tennis. The pressure will be on him now to do well and I think he is now refreshed and raring to go x

      • faeaki7 says:

        Rafa does indeed have a uniqueness about him, and it isn’t just his gorgeous bod of course, what people forget is how this great tennis prodigy, learned to play so well with his left hand when he is right handed and win 15 Masters sheilds and 6 GS slams, throw in a few DC’s winning streaks Olympic gold and so forth and you have what one hell of a phenomenon. I am glad too he is gaining some attention away from his injures and is feeling mighty fine about himself. Tennis needs Rafa badly, just watching the IW semi’s,(funny how they avoided the final IW against Murray isn’t it typical of Sky Sports?), I feel more and more Rafa sick than ever!!! loved the bit when Barry cowan says that Rafa has the best inside out forehand on the tour! he sure does!

        • Rafafan says:

          Yeah they avoided the IW Murray v Rafa final coz Rafa slaughtered him – something like 6-2 6-2 in the windy! and they wouldn’t have wanted to show that and be reminded of Sky’s beloved Murray losing, although I know Barry M is a big fan of Rafa and always being positive of him about his career longetivity etc.

  3. miri says:

    Lots of interesting discussions going on today. Thanks for playing nice and not “going personal” while I was away from the computer. ;)

    I think the bottom line for me on a few things people have brought up is:

    – Guys will always rib and talk shit about opponents in the locker room. They will make something up if they can’t think of anything right away. So, maybe this will just mean a change of subject for the shit talking.

    – I honestly feel that for the regular tennis fan (not those of us fixated on a certain player), this won’t have an effect at all on their opinion of Rafa. If they like him and/or his game, this isn’t likely to change that and the opposite is also true.

    – I’m with the people who think the production values on this are sub-par (as are Rafa’s acting skills), but as seen here, that’s not a universal feeling. And, honestly? I hate videos in general. It’s a SONG. It’s AUDIO. It shouldn’t need prescribed visuals. I’ll make up my own, thank you. (Yes, I’m an old foogey – get off my lawn! *shakes fist*)

    – I’m also with the people who think this has raised Rafa’s visibility worldwide. In the long run, this will probably be good for him, his marketability, his bank account balance and, thus, any long-term career and/or charitable endeavors he might take on.

    – Increasing the marketability of one of the top tennis players also increases the marketability of tennis…and that’s a good thing. Tennis is an expensive sport and needs all the help it can get in this economy…especially in the US. It might be interesting to see how many people talking about the marketability of tennis are from the US. Tennis is nowhere near as popular here than a lot of the rest of the world. It rarely makes the front page of the sports section of the paper and, if mentioned at all, is kind of done so as an aside. Tennis needs to raise its visibility here in the US.

    • mary says:

      I think we sometimes take it for granted here in auss. We love our sports, no matter what genre!! When summer comes round it is cricket & tennis, winter footy, any footy. Racing, cycling etc… The list is endless.
      I think if this video generates interest bec Rafa then it can only be a win win for tennis the world over. I haven’t seen so much attention ever (not that I’m a muso video watcher) discussed with so much gusto!!! Vive tennis globally!!!!
      Thank you Rafa for yet another great feet in tennis & your special uniqueness

    • Susanna728 says:

      Miri, thanks for your insights. Your comments are really thoughtful and make a lot of sense.

      • yoni says:

        Tennis definitely needs a boost here in the US. It is in a terrible state. If this video encourages someone to watch a tennis match because they want to see the dude who is rolling around on lava with Shakira, then everyone wins. I just hope it does not have the opposite effect. This particular video may have a broader and more accepting audience abroad or in Latin America. This, of course, in not grounded in any known fact, just a hunch.

        If this was a marketing tool to deflect the media from focusing on his injuries, then it achieved its purpose. For example, If you google Rafael Nadal, the first thing that comes up is the video. If it was just for fun and a diversion for him, I hope he can look back on it in 10, 15, 20 years and be proud that he was part of it.

        Finally, if someone less fortunate can benefit from this then for some reason it makes it more palatable for me. I am happy people like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, likes and dislikes. I am particularly disappointed since I have a 7 year old boy who idolizes him for his competitive nature, work ethos and never say die attitude. I will not allow my son to watch this video. I am no prude, it is tasteless and poorly done in my opinion. For someone of his stature in the public forum, I expected more.

        • SHerry says:

          With all respect, I disagree completely with your last paragraphy. It is entirely your perogative to screen the things your son sees, and seeing as this vid isn’t exactly PG that’s a wise decision indeed. But “expecting more” from Rafa is really unfair. He’s a young guy himself and has had to grow up in the public eye. I would never begrudge him his own decisions, whether or not those decisions are popular or not.

          That’s not to say everyone MUST like the video simply because he’s in it but I don’t think it’s fair to hold him to some lofty standard just because he’s a public figure himself. He hasn’t committed a crime here let’s not forget that.

          • yoni says:

            His image is meticulously crafted. He makes a shit load of money off of that image. It is perfectly fair and justified to assume he will choose projects that live up to that image. Sorry, but he has a different standard than the rest of us to live up to, 23 year old with raging hormones or not. He has an entourage with years of combined experience to guide his 23 year old ass in the right direction. If he had done a porn video would you be thinking differently? The reason you are not offended by this raunchy and tasteless display is because you are cool with its contents.

            Hell yes we hold him to a higher standard. He is a public figure with an image to live up to. We pull all nighters watching his matches in Australia. We bite our nails down to the stub watching him have his way with opponents on the court. We fly around the world to see him and spend our retirement on tickets in the hopes we might get him to swipe a sharpie on a calendar or tennis ball. We buy his shoes, shirts, rackets for ourselves and kids because maybe we can transfer a little of that magic to ourselves. He and his handlers and NIKE live very well off of his image that they have crafted (and that we hope is an honest reflection of the real Rafa). He is expected by his fans and sponsors to live up to his public persona.

            Tiger did not commit a crime either. Doesn’t make him any less a fool or a disappointment.

            • sia says:

              Yoni have you been drinking again? You did not just compare what Rafa has done in this very non-offensive (imo) video with what Tiger Woods has done to his family?

              • yoni says:

                No, no drinking. Thank you for making light, I chuckled. It is 10 a.m. here. That would be bad form to be drinking so early, but maybe I should. I am clearly irritated. I apologize for my tone. I know it is not the same as Tiger. But throw me a bone here, he is a public figure and he is held to a higher standard.

                Clearly, my standard is too high. I am disappointed with the video, not that he did it. It could have been SO much better and tasteful. Shakougar shaking her ass in front of his face just does not sit well with me.

                I am off to have a bloody mary.

              • yoni says:

                Tiger comparison=metaphor.

            • johanne says:

              OK well I guess the fact that you’re calling this raunchy & tasteless and bringing up pornography is enough to explain why we disagreed in the first place lol:) This is like the least raunchiest thing ever, IMO. It’s suggestive yes, but there’s like nothing scandalous actually happening. And the Tiger comparison, I just don’t even know what to say to that. People need to realize that this squeaky clean image/persona was created by (some of) Rafa’s fans, not by Rafa or his team. I firmly believe that because I’ve been a fan for a long time and never once have I ever thought of him as some saintly creature who does only good-boy things. It took chatting with other fans online to realize people thought of him as such. And I was surprised so many fans did because I thought his sex appeal was played up from the very beginning of his career. Sweaty, muscular, sexy, Spanish teenager with a competitive, passionate fighting spirit is what I saw. But Rafa being polite, sorta shy, and limited in his English, somehow translated into innocent, pure, naive little angel-boy. I’m sorry if he’s ruined that image for some of you, but the expectations were created by you and you need to come to terms with the fact that he’s a 23 yr old man who makes his own decisions. Some of which involve being shirtless and kissing Shakira in the dirt. Big deal.

              • Rafafan says:

                Wow – you have definitely summarised it.
                By the way I don’t think it was just his fans thinking sweet, innocent, boysih innocent. The media somehow latched on to that. Was it coz of his interviews? and they realised they were dealing with the “special one” here – an “animal” on court and a “humble pie” off it that they or indeed no-one has seen ever before! – talk about a gemini with a split personality?! – 3 June. This makes him so unique and the fans and media still can’t work it out – thats what makes him so appealling tennis and non tennis fans. Thank god for Rafa in this world.

                • johanne says:

                  Hmmm not sure how much of that persona comes from the media, to be honest. I can’t say I recall him being portrayed as innocent and all that is good and pure in this world. They talk about the maturity he’s displayed as a competitor and a champion, and that he’s a nice, pleasant guy to deal with, a self-proclaimed “simple guy.” In my opinion, the media angle is much more about comparing him to Federer (they just love dichotomies, don’t they?) in terms of contrasting styles of play and personality differences and then of course just talking about their rivalry. But it’s mostly from other fans, at least in my experience, where I get those he’s-a-little-boy, he’s-a-saint, he-can-do-no-wrong, he-doesn’t-do-naughty-grown-up-things-and-never-ever-will vibes. If that’s what they want from him, OK, fine, good luck. But you’re likely setting yourself up for disappointment. And for those fans this 3 1/2 minute music video has been like a bomb, destroying the pedestal they’ve placed Rafa upon. I’m shocked at all the uproar this has caused. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so popular – the constant scrutinization must be just unbearable at times. He handles it all amazingly well, if you ask me. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the press room at IW. I hope there’s at least one question about his tennis lol. ;)

              • mary says:

                I’d kiss him him in the dirt anyday. Haha!!!
                You’ve summed it up perfectly. I can remember people talking about him forever like he was a saint. I kept think geez maybe Rafa’s in the wrong profession, maybe he should study theology & become a priest. De’h!!!!
                I agree that if a person is shy & polite then he is unblemished. Yep of course, not!
                I’m so pleased he made this video.Either some of his fans will have to realize he is a 23 year old with hormones to suit that of a 23 year old or they can pissoff & go find some other saint to worship. ;-)

              • Denizen says:

                Johanne, I agree with you that Rafa’s actual persona isn’t nearly as innocent as some people want to believe, but I have to disagree with your assertion that his team had nothing to do with it. IMO his team promoted an image of him spending all day with X eating ice cream and meeting her via his sister, neither of which assertions appear to have any basis in fact. He, thanks to his team IMO, claims not liking alcohol and stating that a perfect day didn’t involve sex. If you buy the party line, he still lives with his parents in his tiny room full of stuffed animals. He drives a Kia, not an Aston Martin. Right???

                I think those images, which some fans have clung to in the belief that Rafa will remain an unusually muscular 17YO naif his entire life, will be systematically destroyed over the next couple of years as Rafa matures and exerts more control over his image than Carlos and Benito can. Who among us can say that we are the same as a 17YO and a 24YO? I am delighted that he’s enjoying the fruits of his labors, including taking the opportunity to do a music video with Shakira, whom he clearly admires.

                • johanne says:

                  Not sure I’m with you on the ice cream and X thing lol, but fair enough. I guess I’ve taken those alcohol and no-sex-day type comments with a grain of salt. More like “Yeah okay Rafa, anything to end the discussion/topic, right?” That’s just my interpretation tho, so I do see your point on the matter. However, I for one think they took advantage of the fact that it wasn’t common knowledge (for awhile there at least) that he had a girlfriend. I think it was widely known in Spain, but not here in the States. I remember a couple years ago when people found out and were like “Whaaaaaaa?! NO! Dammit!” haha;) You can gain a lot of attention when you’re a good looking seemingly available famous guy, and I don’t think his team was in any rush to inform his fangirls/boys he was attached (part privacy reasons, part marketing, IMO). I’m sure his team was more than aware that he was lusted after from the get-go, and they let that wave ride out for as long as possible. And it’s another reason I think his sex appeal is definitely a factor in his marketing.

                  Btw, lol at your stuffed animals comment. :)

    • Atch2 says:

      Your comments made me think of Nando aswel. I hope his CK ad got the level of promotional hype he was expectg. Wouldn’t like to think Rafa’s mv stole all the spotlight. (But you know Nando would hve had the actg abilities to act Rafa’s passionate role better. Rafa is like Ana in the SI Swimsuit issue vs Nando who wld be is like Mrs A-Rod).

      • Serene says:

        Some people may think Nando is a better actor but the fact remains that it’s Rafa whom Shakira wants and not anyone else.

        Of course, I prefer Rafa on the tennis court but I also do not mind seeing Rafa in this video. It’s a side of Rafa that we won’t get to see if not for Shakira. Thanks Rafa for letting us have this while waiting for him to return to tennis.

        Rafa looks great and some of my friends are now taking an interest in him although they do not watch tennis. Who can resist such a gorgeous man? X is a very lucky girl.

  4. Louisa says:

    Was the video done for a charity? I thought I read that somewhere but now can’t find it. :)

    • miri says:

      As far as I know, I saw one comment by someone on one of the old YouTube vids about this, but no evidence that it is true and the person didn’t list a source for their information.

      • SpanishRNfan says:

        The only published reference I can provide is this:

        But it’s in Spanish and I’m afraid the google-translation will be really weird (…even more than usual! :D). I’m not including the link to the translation because it’s too long and I’m not sure it can mess up the post.

        In any case, the relevant part is in the last 3 lines where they state that some hundreds of Tanzanian children will be sponsored by Rafa and Shakira.

        • miri says:

          Thanks! Here’s the Google translation. global body…I likes the sound of that. But yes, the translation is very weird.

          • SpanishRNfan says:

            For any other article, I’d have offered myself for the translation but, in this case, I don’t really dare! There is a mix of irony/sarcasm that I find it very difficult to translate. :/

          • Atch2 says:

            This is one of the best google translations ever. So many great phrases eg ‘their muscles are weapons of mass destruction’.

            • mary says:

              I read it & it cracked me up no end. ;-)
              Well I know for sure Rafa’s muscle’s (guns) have destroyed on mass, wether it be on the court or off. ;-)
              Whenever I see him, I melt(dissolving chemicals).
              When he takes his shirt off I heat up ( microwave ray)
              When he smiles I faint, can’t breath or have heart palpitations or all of the above(Air born virus)
              Yep there is no denying it. Categorically speaking, I’d say Rafa is an absolute weapon of mass destruction!!! ;-)

              • Rafafan says:

                Love the google translation it cracked me up too

                Unique is the best way to describe Rafa, which says it all – one of a kind. He plays tennis so different to anyone else, his personality, kindness, wholesome, sexy beast is sort of indescribable. Everything rolled into one that in all my years of tennis player supporting I have never seen. Even Agassi and Jimmy Connors doesn’t now come even close. Rafa has caused so much interest over the world, playing and not playing tennis, the vid can can only be a good thing. And although Fed is termed as”perfect” in some people’s eyes with his grand slam winnings and achievements, it is Rafa who has created more of the interest in the tennis world – maybe because not quite “perfect” but … unique and interesting.

  5. Maya says:

    You know I think it’s the man on the street who’s really going to determine the success of the video. In my opinion the people who are suppose to be “in the know” have set the bar just a little to high for Rafa, for what purpose I can’t figure out. He’s obviously wet behind the ears as an actor and yet alot of people felt he should act at the same level at which he plays tennis. I enjoyed it for what it was. An opportunity to see Rafa reach a little bit in a different direction. Not that I don’t love his tennis. I have my own ranking and he’s #1. Well, he can probably take the criticism better than I can. In the words of Uncle Toni, we shall see.

  6. patzin says:

    We shall see. Perfect – what I really want to see is Rafa playing tennis again.

    • SHerry says:

      And he will, once he’s deemed to be fit enough. It’s not like he’s taken time off for the hell of it!

  7. Maya says:

    Yoni, Sorry about your little boy, but seven year olds are hugely
    resilient. As music videos go for Rafa’s age group, which is I’m pretty sure the target audience, this video was very mild and I’m certain bondaries were set. Some people have complained about Rafa’s lack of passion, and yet if he had pushed the envelope any further another train load of people would have been offended by that. It’s like your damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t. So what do you do? In the end Rafa may have to disappoint a few fans in order to pursue some of his own interests.

  8. CC says:

    *reads latest comments*


    Geeze…I think this topic has been waaayyy too over analyzed now, from all points of view. It’s a music video. They are beautiful people. That’s all we know.


    Anyone for tennis…?

    • mary says:

      You still awake to even read these? *yawn, yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

    • Ch F says:

      I agree. We could use all that energy in a different way and hope for a speedy Rafa recovery and great performance in the IW. ;-)

  9. naaz says:

    As I was suffering from Rafa withdrawal symptoms, the video was welcomed. I liked it, it’s Rafa. But, given a choice, I’ll rather see him play.

  10. Jinx says:

    For me , Rafa is Shakira´s toy boy….:-(((( It is too bad.
    It´s only my opinion…Don´t throw things on me…
    I´m fanatic Rafa fan since 2005 and I really love him but with this vid he was not well-advised ….

    • Rafafan says:

      Nothing wrong with a toy boy! I will have that anytime and teach him a thing or two! Ill advised mmmmmmmmm I don’t think so.

      Lets wait for the applause he gets when he comes out at IW on 13 March – or 12 March with the Hit for Hiaiti. Anyway I definitely think he was a hit!

  11. Atch2 says:’s take on Rafa’s acting debut:

    Not Oscar worthy? No way! I’m insulted. LOL

  12. irensalis says:

    i watched it twice on tv,i simply hate this.i have talked much positeve abaut this video stuff before,i have no problem rafa doing on screen stuff,kissing a girl or something, but sorry this video is a cheap stuff.I really hope know there is something going on between him and shakira,because otherwise there is no fair explanation doing this video.i seriously beleive to be involved in a music video harly and important jump for him or brings him extra popularity.he is very respected guy around the world,i mean does he really beleive to be a part of a music video is a BIG thing.any model could have done what he done,and we are tlaking abaut legendary tennis player.

  13. Rafafan says:

    I don’t know how many times I have watched the vid now. It’s like the tennis in a way – if you tape it or repeat watching it there is always something new to see. I love the bit after the Shikarah dance and he is just sitting there (OK I did notice a few times the dimple cracking and he was about to crease up with laughter and tried to refrain) but the bit when he came away from the chair (after looking like he had been stuck to it or handcuffed to it!) his rippling torso back muscles were something to behold. Now surely that is acting or not! But it was very convincing and not cheap stuff at all!!

  14. mary says:

    Hey miri just curious, what ‘topic’ has generataed the most comments? This one would have to be up there.
    I typed ‘top’ intially. Must be my mind fraudiently thinking, as it is one track, when it comes to Rafa. ;-)

  15. Susanna728 says:

    ATP website just posted an article saying that the video is now at the top of Billboard’s Top Ten list:

    “Interest in Rafael Nadal’s appearance in Shakira’s latest music clip has sent the music video ‘Gypsy’ soaring to the top of the charts. Shakira’s latest release from her She Wolf album tops’s weekly list of Top 10 videos.”

    If you’d like to read the rest, here’s the link:

  16. rebel naughty says:

    I’m not a big fan of the video although I think Shakira’s outfit is stunning ; )) and I felt uncomfortable for Rafa because it didn’t look natural BUT the positive from all of this is that my husband has found new respect for Rafa!! I can see it in his eyes and its just hilarious.

    All this while, I’m been such a diehard fan and he even took me to Paris to watch Rafa but in his mind, he still thought Rafa was gay (thanks to some stupid rumour started up by a friend after AO 2008… people probably not used to Rafa and friends’ playstation-in-underwear get-togethers).

    Anyway, men love Shakira and what she brings visually… so I think its really accurate what you’ve all said about the fact that this video has taken attention away from his form of late and portrayed him as more than just a tennis player who has put his foot on the pedal 7 or 8 years ago and won’t stop at all. He is obviously having fun and he has said that life is more than just tennis. Go Rafa!!

  17. Susanna728 says:

    Didn’t mean to get the whole debate started again….just thought the top 10 news was an interesting fact…..

    • Rafafan says:

      Suanna – that’s great top 10 don’t you think and lets wait until the music vid out for sure on April 12! top no 1 and on court. Couldn’t believe my eyes I opened the papers end of last week (don’t normally get the Daily Star in England – more Mail or Express type) but thought what the hell just in case Rafa appeared in it and before my very eyes – middle page and half a page taken up with Rafa cannoodling on top and Shakirah underneath! Wow……. and in England that’s mega as don’t normally expose tennis stuff. No not opening it again but its simmering now…

      • Rafafan says:

        Tried to go into Rafa’s official website and it takes you to facebook to click on at the mo. Went into the fans vid and they had a 4 minute track on the Gyspy vid. Played it and it’s hotter than hot. Someone dubbed it with a nice song and in between the mixes of the gypsy vid with Rafa being smooochy they shot Rafa vids of some of our favourite clips – check it out. Mixture of tennis on court with off court x

      • Zooni says:

        Yeah, just read it it topped Billboard’s video charts. And not just that, the vid is big news on sites that would NEVER in a million years have featured anything remotely to do with a tennis player. Suffice to say, a helluva lot people know about Rafa now!

        Plus the video is still scorching! :)

  18. emir says:

    i have to say vidoe isnt doing all that well in any chart,it isnt even top ten in spain,thats what i heard from oy spanish friend,the chart that it is no1,WELL I HAVE TO SAY THERE IS NO CHART EXIST IN REAL…thats for recommondantion….