Can I get an amen?

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Thanks to @A_Gallivant for tweeting this article by Kelli DeMario that sums up my reaction to the whole video thing so well.

In a nutshell, Nadal was commissioned to play a role, just as an actor or a dancer might, if asked lend their talent to an artistic discipline. Shakira asked, and Nadal consented. Their respective legal representatives sat down and crafted a contract. A business contract. I thought it a rather illogical leap to venture from said business contract, into a full-blown, illicit sexual affair. Is that the norm for most actors and actresses cast opposite one another in a feature film? Surely not. For my purposes, I drew no distinction between what Nadal and Shakira had done, than what Oscar hopefuls Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal did in the movie “Crazy Heart.”

A seriously loud “You go girl” shout from me here. Seriously. Loud.

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!

  2. patzin says:

    Of course they have agreed to portray the roles to “act out” the core of the song. I like the song and I like seeing another side of Rafa, albeit a portrayal of a character. Look forward to full video.

  3. Eliana says:

    Ha! At first I was so excited to see Rafa in this video, just because it meant that I will have a sexy Rafa fix, at least until he comes back to the game. But in my YouTube inquiries, it has been evident to me that some people are simply ignorant, or crazy. And then I’ve read some unjustified low blows to Shakira; it’s kinda sad. I like Shakira, I ADORE Rafa, love the chemistry between them, but people should know when to separate real life from an “acting” job. But don’t get me wrong, still excited to watch the whole vid(Rafa hurry back please!!!)

    BTW Miri, love the Rafa tongue :)

  4. Izzy says:

    Yeh but why Rafa?
    Im not implying anything. I know our boy is Hot as hell and that this would be enough to put him in any video/movie, but why would Shakira who is already massive in her own right want to share the screen with Rafa who is as equally if not more popular than she, when there are a bevy of hot spanish/latin american men trained as actors to play the part.
    What’s her point?

    I know why Enrique Iglesias asked Anna Kournikova to appear in his video.

    What I want to know is what the difference is?

    • miri says:

      Well, one could just as easily ask, why not Rafa? And isn’t the video getting her more press than if it was just a random dude? So…seems like a smart choice on her part, no?

    • Rafafan says:

      Why Izzy why Enrigue Iglesias and Anna in a vid?

    • Kalliopeia says:

      Maybe, like all of us here, Shakira is a fan, and thought it would be pretty cool to have him in her video. Why does it have to be more complicated than that? Why does there have to be a “point” at all?

      • Missy says:

        Okay, c’mon people, like it was pointed out in the article: it was a damn smart business move.

        Being a fan/friend etc, is a bonus that makes it all somewhat easier for them to hookup. As protected as Rafa is by his team, Shakira’s ‘friend status’ helped her get in the door (on several occasions reporters spoke about how hard it is to get close to him).

        Actually, I think it’s without a doubt THE biggest factor in Rafa agreeing to do this at all. I don’t see him saying “yes” to Britney Spears, or Rihanna, or Lady Gaga. So their friendship definitely was the factor. Shakira has been in showbiz a looooong time. She’s smart, and she’s a go-getter. She knows damn well what choosing Rafa to be in her vid would do for her record sales/exposure for her new album/music charts, etc. She’s a business woman.

      • Missy says:

        Thanks for the link K.
        Though, I think someone has to tell Shakira that Rafa’s been dedicated to his tennis since….what, like, BIRTH?!

  5. mary says:

    Summed it up perfectly!!!

  6. mary says:

    Btw, I hope he is getting royalties from this instead of a one off payment. He could make a fortune for his foundation from this!!!

  7. Courtney says:

    Yeah, she must also be doing that dancer who plays her opposite in the “Did It Again” video. Come on, people.

    I wrote a very long entry about this somewhere else, but basically I am horrified at how some of Rafa’s fans are reacting to Shakira. I’ve seen comments calling her slut, a cougar (because 30-something is obviously ancient), etc. What the HELL? She makes songs and music videos for a living. These videos often include some other people. Rafa happens to be her FRIEND and she asked him as a FRIEND if he wanted to play a role. And this video is for a song that is completely innocent, very cheerful and cute and fitting for FRIENDSHIP. It is not at all a “sexy” song. Why do people insist on being blind to all of this?

    I am huge fan of Shakira (more as a person than for her music, but I do enjoy a good 20+ of her songs, particularly the ones in her native language and not the odd translations). She is a beautiful, kind, giving woman who uses her international fame for good. She runs six schools for underprivileged children in Colombia through her Barefoot Foundation (which she started at age 18), gives speeches on philanthropy at Oxford, and just the other day she met with President Obama in the Oval Office to discuss early childhood development initiatives in Latin America and around the world, etc etc. She’s got a beautiful soul and I hate all of these malicious comments and rumors, particularly when they are made by fans of another beautiful soul :( Gross.

    • mary says:

      Courtney, fortunately most people who follow Rafa will realize this is just a business venture. I wouldn’t worry about all the knockers. They usually don’t have anything better to do with their days. I generally ignore such rantings cause like you, I see it for what it is & nothing more. Thank god it isn’t me instead of Shakira, cause people would have something legitimate to say then. I’d pin him down & well……….. use your imagination!!!! ;-)

    • sombina says:

      You defended Shakira much better than I could. And I agree with you. I have also reacted to some of Rafa fans writings about Shakira. She is a musician, and a quite successful one too. She is not just a idolfactory fabrication, but an artist who writes her own songs. A very intelligent woman who has made it very far even with her (for me) slighty annoying singing voice

      I also think it’s a smart career move for both of them, even Rafa. They are both stars in the latin world, and surely a video like this will raise more interest in both of them.

      Can’t wait for the video to come out so we can get this thing over. I’m afraid it will get worse after the release (not unnatural) but then it has to calm down! And then we will finally get some tennis from Rafa, since I blame the tennis vakuum for some of the overreactions to this video.

      • Missy says:

        I read the entire article by Kelli on tennistalk. I really appreciated her perspective and especially her points about how much this video will actually benefit the ATP. She’s spot on. The official ATP side actually had the YouTube vid of the preview on the site AND a link to Shakira’s official site.

        Sombina, Rafa looks absolutely MAJESTIC in your avatar! He is absolutely beautiful! What an angelic face! <3333333333333

        Vamos Rafa! Keep up all of your hardwork you are no doubt putting in on the practice courts! I hope you update you Facebook page with more messages on how it's going! Cannot WAIT to see you play tennis again. The tour is absolutely DRAB….The dubai tourney is an absolute snore-fest and there is just no energy/passion/excitement on court. And that's not just because I'm a Rafanatic.

        P.S.(it sometimes seems that people think that time has officially stopped for Rafa and he's living the video..over and over and over again. He IS alive and moving around in the real world. Watching live soccer games, playing with kids, and working his ass off on the practice courts. SHEESH!)

        • sombina says:

          Thank you for the compliments on my avatar… He is beautiful on that picture, no? Mother nature is the supreme being for making him like that <3

          I think we all miss him on court, but also Fed has not been playing since AO either, I seem to remember? February is a bad month for tennis, isn't that what they say. The AO hangover and everything. Indian Wells is going to be so nice to watch, hope they will broadcast/stream Hit for haiti part deux, before the tournament. By then all this hysteria about the video will be long forgotten. Btw. Where is the video anyway, I want to see it!

    • Ch F says:

      Yes, strange, no? I have been feeling like the odd one out recently because I don’t seem to care about whether this video means anything more than a business deal. I was surprised to see Rafa act in a video but after the original shock I’m over it. I don’t see the point in discussing it and I can’t understand why people still do. It isn’t a problem to solve, after all. We can discuss it all we want, we’ll never know. And even if it isn’t completely innocent, what’s the big deal?

      I’d rather spend my energy thinking whether Rafa will be able to take it where he left off and defend his IW title successfully. If all the people who engage in terminal gossiping about Rafa and Shakira used their energy to send positive vibes to Rafa instead of speculating, he would have enough energy to become No1 by the end of the year ;-)

    • Nic says:

      Hey Courtney. I feel the same as you do and am glad that you found all the right words to express it. I really respect Shakira for how much she cares for other people, and how her actions strongly support that. She and Rafa have that in common actually, the empathy for underprivileged children around the world. I’m not a huge fan of her music (though there are a couple of her songs that I like), but I remember when she burst onto the scene as a huge success (before crossing over in English), she was truly something else, with her flaming red hair and strong personality. That year she won so many Latin Grammys and people were really taken by her. And now she’s an international superstar. Anyways, it’s true that there are alot of people out there who have nothing good to say about anyone and go online to verbally bash them, so we shouldnt pay attention to those nasty types. I was just on Rafa’s FB page and it upsets me that there’s someone posting very long and nasty comments about rafa repeatedly. But what can you do. There are people like that out there, if we took what they said to heart we’d go nuts.

      • Missy says:

        Nic, since you brought it up, I really-really-REALLY wish that someone would get hired to monitor his Facebook page and delete hateful comments, or pictures of Federer.

        I mean really! Don’t people have anything better to do?


        Good points, though.
        A buddy of mine who is also a Rafanatic is torn. On one hand, she’s drooling all over the latest pics/vids but at the same time, she’d prefer that Rafa *didn’t* get involved with all of this (her lead concern was all of the gossip/hate.)

        *shrugh* And that’s okay too. She’s not any less of a Rafanatic than I am just because she’s uncomfortable with it all.

  8. tiemyshoe says:


    This vid has drawn out a lot of ugly reactions – some of them really misogynist, frankly, toward Shakira. Whereas it seems THE MOST NORMAL THING IN THE WORLD. I mean – these two people are hugely famous, esp. in the Spanish-speaking world. It’s not rocket science to see why they were put together.

    Also, a lot of people seem to feel ownership over Rafa and his choices, and some kind of ‘claim’ to him by virtue of being fans. That’s the vibe I get sometimes, and it disturbs me. I wish famous people weren’t subjected to it.

    • mary says:

      Absolutely agree with you!!

      • Denizen says:

        Totally agree, tiemyshoe. Some fans can be very proprietary, which is borderline insane as far as I’m concerned, or they cling to the “naive island boy” image of old, in complete denial of anything that doesn’t fit their notion of who they wish Rafa to be.

        Shakira’s a savvy, articulate and talented woman. Rafa’s made a quality friend there.

        • Emma R says:

          Agree too, and another amen. I didn’t know people were slagging Shakira off as to be honest I don’t really go to other tennis/Nadal sites anymore as I don’t want to read that stuff. I like some of her music, and I think she looks great. I have had many an unfortunate drunken waggling session to “Wherever” in particluar, and feel quite affectionate towards her. Plus I want her tummy. I absolutely can’t stand the “cougar” comments either. Yuck and yuck again.

          It makes me feel sad if people are having a go at Rafa over this, and I am inclined to agree with Denizen that in making comments such as those quoted, some fans can get a bit stalker-ish with their obsessions. I was surprised at the direction Rafa’s current work is taking him, but I like the fact he is doing new stuff. I hadn’t thought of the interesting points about the ATP finances in the article, but if tennis overall benefits that’s a good thing too.

          It’s not like he’s suddenly starred in a porno film with farm animals, so I don’t get the moral outrage about “content” either.

  9. Atch2 says:

    Thank you Kelli & Miri. Totally agree. How stupid would they be to play an affair out in a mv if they were having one. It’s a business arrangement & if all this promotional hype leads to heaps of money being made for charity then their strategy worked & good 4 them. Thanks for the info abt Shakira Courtney. I never knew that abt her. And anti-Rafa & anti-Shakira fans wil always find somethg to criticize abt them.

  10. johanne says:

    Whatever miri, they’re totally in love and he’s cheating on Xisca! I know because I saw the video clips and the pictures and it’s all really hot & steamy and they even talk to one another sometimes on camera and it seems like they wanna have sex! Together!!! They’re having sex!!! Just watch the video!! He’s on top of her!!! They’re doing it! Everywhere!!!

    lol sorry ;) Nice piece by Kelli. I can’t wait to see more dirty, sweaty Rafa rolling around. Plus IW can’t come soon enough. Vamos!

    • mary says:

      You crack me up girl!!!
      Like you, I saw it all in that ‘teaser’. They were really going at it. ;-)
      And if you think, heard, saw enough, wait till you see the whole 3 – 4 minute tape of it. We’ll get to see many different positions, some we have witnessed already. So the really saucy stuff happens in the rest of the video Can’t wait to see it.
      Haha! And you believe this shit? Haha!!!

      • mary says:

        Well not you per say but all those who think there is something more to this other than it being just a music video tape. De’h

  11. Rafafan says:

    OK but I think what I am afraid of Rafa becoming a celeb (and you can’t say otherwise in that vid) and then he changes – nothing to do with Sakarhi but we are all worried he is going off the pedestal (a bit wild in his bless him… 23 yrs of age).

    Lets c but hope Xicsa copes with it and Rafa being Rafa will be sort of naive – then mayb not when the vultures appear as in the media! He gonna get a lot of flack so will be interesting to see how he replies.

    • miri says:

      Who is this “we” you refer to? I’m not worried. For one thing, I’ve never put him on a pedestal.

      Rafa is naive about life in the public and dealing with the press? Rafa grew up with a famous uncle and saw him dealing with the press? Rafa who’s been dealing with life in public since his teens?

      I’m not even touching the “Xisca coping” thing because: 1 – it made my eyes roll far back into my head; 2 she’s not a public figure and her life and what she does with it is her own.

      • Rafafan says:

        OK – by the way on to the tennis side which is why we really love Rafa – Andy Murray lost in Dubhai – so I guess (but I might be wrong) our Rafa still keeps his ranking at 3 until Indian Wells when he plays on 13 March. Roll on or …. roll over Rafa…x

        • Missy says:


          Rafa is EXTREMELY media savvy. He’s sharp, quick-witted, and NEVER allows anyone to bully him, put words in his mouth, or force him to say something he doesn’t want to.

          Think about it. He’s been in the media spotlight for what feels like ages, and NOT ONCE have I heard/seen him allow a reporter to impose himself/herself and put him in a position where he could put his foot in his mouth. I’m truly trying to recall a moment, but I can’t.

          For someone whose first language isn’t English, he has STILL managed to handle himself and not fall into any traps that the media love to set for players in order to get a soundbite/quote that they can use. Federer is the biggest culprit/”victim” of this. He is said to be SO “sophisticated”, SO “intelligent”, he’s multi-lingual and oh-so-cultured! But he falls into more traps than Elmer Fudd and puts his foot so far into his mouth on so many different occasions, that I’ve started to believe that that body part actually belongs there.

          Rafa has always had a way about him, and a level of authority and dignity when handling the press. Yes, he’s accommodating. Yes, he’s an utter sweetheart who tries his very best to be kind and patient with those around him. Yes, he has a smile that could cause the sun to short circuit. But by Gosh, he is NOT an idiotic simpleton and he is most definitely NOT a push-over when he feels that someone is stepping on/over the line. Rafael can handle himself. It’s us we have to worry about.

          P.S. I don’t buy all of this “poor Xisca” talk. Ladies, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, SHE’S the one who’s been dating Rafa for 5/6 years. SHE’S the one who knows his family. SHE’S the one who’s his sweetheart. Girls, the joke is on us. Xisca’s the one who gets the last fucking laugh.

          • Nic says:

            Like how you described Rafa’s ability to handle himself when with the press. He just has IT. gentle, accomodating, sweet, but damn well not a pushover!

          • faeaki7 says:

            “SHE’s the one who knows his family. SHE’s the one who’s his sweeheart. Grils, the joke is on us. Xisca’s the one who gets the last fucking laugh.”

            Well said Missy, Rafa is smarter than people give him credit for! and he has no disillusions about handling the press thats for sure, I fully believe he will be as professional as ever!

            • Atch2 says:

              I actually look forward to hearing Rafa answer questions abt this in his pressers bec i luv his answers. The way he words the answers, seeing his perspective, facial expressions, body language, etc direct yet charmg & funny in his own way.

          • Rafangel says:

            Heh, Missy, I don’t think the last word of your comment needs to be there ;)

    • johanne says:

      What do you mean “we’re all worried”? Worried about WHAT?! How can you say that? I don’t think of him as some innocent, pure, naive little boy. And I certainly don’t worship him and put him up on a pedestal. Please don’t assume all Rafa’s fans are worried sick about him appearing in a music video. OK? Thanks.

      Btw why is she being called Sakarhi?

      • Missy says:

        Ah, it appears that we’re piling on.

        Rafafan, I don’t want you to think that I was being hostile towards you. If you are worried about Rafa becoming a celeb, then that is how you feel. There’s is nothing wrong with concern.

        My opinion of Rafa/media is, frankly, the polar opposite to how you view it (as you can see in my above post).

        But, like you, I am curious to see just how the media attempts to go about bringing up the subject in the press room. And I too am curious to see how Rafa will address the questions that will no doubt be asked.

        *holds head* All of this eye candy has been mucho nice. But like all candy, too much of it ain’t good for you. I think I’m getting cavities in my eyes. Cannot wait to see Rafa strut his stuff and do his thang on a tennis court. Kick ass tennis with a lot of ‘tude. The other guys on tour don’t even begin-

  12. Atch2 says:

    And it benefits ATP and tennis as well.

    “He garnered the (ATP) Tour precious publicity that permeated every media outlet around the globe. Controversial content, perhaps, but controversy often affords its creator sound fiscal rewards.

    If non-tennis people start watching tennis bec they saw Rafa in a MV I think that’s a good thing. Then they’re see he’s a great athlete as well.

    I don’t think the WTA players got so much press or criticism for appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

  13. patzin says:

    In a sense, much ado about nothing. I think Rafa makes his own decisions and clearly can handle himself at press conferences. I see it as an adventure with a friend, telling a story. They have chemistry between them, but it doesn’t mean anything beyond face value; or if it does, none of our business.

    I am glad to see him branch out and the public will love him or hate him, depending on their perceptions. Interesting comment last night about the hatefullness of bloggers by Craig Ferguson and Stephen Fry.

    • Missy says:

      What was said Patzin?

      • patzin says:

        Last night Craig and Stephen Fry were talking about Twitter, YouTube and the such, and Stephen commented how there were alot of hateful people out there just waiting to attack people. I think they commented there was less of that on Twitter. The whole show is on YouTube – Late Late Show 2/23/10 with Stephen Fry, if you want to watch it.

        • Nana says:

          Agree. I sometimes get depressed or angry reading comments on youtube/blogs, but with twitter I can just follow people I find reasonable and there’s lesser risk of accidentally bumping into a comment that’s outrageous.

          And thanks Miri for the great post. Just what I need. This website has been a regular fixture in my daily routine since I discovered it last year. I’ve enjoyed the posts and funny comments (even the drooling ones =)

          But the past couple weeks have been mayhem everywhere (maybe less so here than on other boards thanks to Miri’s persistence!). I’ve decided to stay away from the comments on all sites for a week. I’ll come and enjoy the VID when it comes out. I guess I treasure my peace of mind more than the satisfaction of my curiosity / penchant for gossip!

  14. patzin says:
    This is a link to the beginning of the CF and SF interview. It has several parts – don’t recall how far in the topic of bloggers might fall.

    • Missy says:

      Thanks a lot Patzin. I’m definitely interested in checking it out.

      Mucho Gratheeas! ^_^

      • Missy says:

        BTW, you avatar is GOR.GEOUS! <33333

        I wonder if he at a soccer game when it was snapped. :))

        • Denizen says:

          patzin’s avie was a shot from Rotterdam last year when Rafa was watching Feli Lopez play.

          • Missy says:

            Thankies for the info. You can always rely on a fellow Rafanatic. ^_^

            Such a cutie-patootie! I wanna give him a big hug!
            There’s something very cat-like about him, especially in that avatar. Sweet:))

            • An says:

              Correcto! That was from Rotterdam last year…

              Fresh from his AO win, looking oooooo sooooo lonely in my cold, and in February mostly grey country!
              Missy, it imediatly made me want to do just that, hug him and keep him company, when i first saw it;)

  15. CC says:

    *yaaaaaaaawns with Rafa*

    For second time this week.

    • Missy says:

      That Rafa yawn trumps puppy, kitty, and even panda yawns.

      Speaking of which, I better turn in. Hopefully when I wake up, the 26th of Feb will be here.

      Take care Rafanatics. Be with calm. Keep a positive attitude. Avoid cheese. And eat all the chocolate you want, because even though it may not be great for the stomach, it’s great for the head. <3

  16. emir says:

    ihave also made some search cant beleive,how some people exagarating all the stuff,like it a soft porn or something,i think there is nothing wrong abaut that clip,but for several reasons i also didnt like the idea of him doing it..this clearly works for shakiras favaur more than rafas,i still also dont get it where their close frienship coming from when shakira becaomes such a friend that rafa cant say no, so this nothing abaut a friend helping another friend stuff this is marketing tool..i am not interested abaut rumuors.i also read some stuff that rafa does this for charity..I HOPE NOT…i expect rafa not to make explanation abaut why he did or something,doesnt want him to hide under the wings of charity stuff because there is some backfire…what he did he did,his life his choices in the end…if he say i did it because i want to do is enough for me….but i also dont understand rafas team,they pushed him to change his clothes with nike to make him more mature look more markateble for elderly fans,now this mtv cant have all the images on you..ok maybe i am reading too much stuff abaut one clip..i hope good tennis days waiting for us..

  17. SHerry says:

    Much ado about nothing if you ask me. She’s hot, he’s hot, they have smoking chemistry. Why can’t people just enjoy it for what it is, a music video?

  18. tiemyshoe says:

    The worst thing – people posting on Rafa’s Facebook page that he’s a cheater! WTF. Has no one seen a video or film before? Are they genuinely confused by this ‘fictional representation’ thing?

    • Emma R says:

      Are they?? That’s getting into mental health territory. Dear me.

    • mary says:

      Hopefully those fans will fade away. Then Rafa will be left with his true fans who accept him ‘shy’ or ‘out there’. However, according to RAfa he has stated on fb “I am still”. He replied to a remark that was attached to that pic & posted on his site.
      “Added by Heather ……..”
      to “Rafael Nadal”RAFA I THOUGHT YOU WERE SHY!!!!!???OMG!!!”
      This is the post:-!/photo.php?pid=988864&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=64822581025&aid=-1&id=1087777243

      • Emma R says:

        Good for him. Ta for the link – I went and looked and was pleased to see there are loads of people leaving supportive and general fwaw messages as well as the strange ones.

        If they wanted to generate publicity for Rafa, Shakira, the Tour, the Fundacion or whatever, they have done a marvellous job. What a fuss.

      • Atch2 says:

        ‘I still am’ a simple but sweet answer, so typical of Rafa.

        • sia says:

          I work with Actors almost every working day … many of them are very shy. Doesn’t mean they’re not SEXY, though.

          • miri says:

            Exactly. Some of them get into acting because they hope it’s a way to help them overcome their shyness, some as an outlet because of their shyness. I had a friend in college who couldn’t conduct a conversation with a stranger, but he made one hell of an Othello on stage.

            • faeaki7 says:

              Thats true, alot of actors are extremely shy, I myself find it alot easier when I dance infront of an audience of strangers compared to being with people I know.

    • Eliana says:

      Maybe this is a little off-topic but, I cringe sometimes at the comments people leave on his FB page. Like this guy who asked Rafa if he retired from AO because of a real injury or just because he was losing. Or the “great fans” that scold him via entire paragraphs for losing a match. And sometimes you find the crazy ones that start begging for his telephone # and get mad when obviously he doesn’t do it. Thankfully the vast majority just supports him and cheers him. Nonetheless he must get annoyed by some of these people. God knows I do!

  19. Rafangel says:

    Very curious to hear why he did it. Also curious to see the vid, what it’s actually like.

    Have to say, if he’s convincing it means he’s attracted to her – we know he can’t act! Of course, fancying someone by no means suggests you get it on with them – it’s one of the things you deal with in a mature relationship, which both of them are in. Frankly, if he were screwing her he’d be stupid (and very cruel to Xisca) to make a vid about it.

    Seems a bit stupid from a media perspective as well – as you say, he’s not naive so must have realised the gossip this’d cause. As I say, very curious to hear his reasons.

    For me, if he’s doing it for charity that’s the best reason (don’t like the idea of him becoming a prancing pop princess) – tho if he wanted to raise money for charity I’d rather he went a la Verdasco and Robredo and took his clothes off for Cosmo – or Playgirl ;)

    • An says:

      I agree with you and with most others commenting here!

      I’m realy curious about the reason he’s going to give for doing it too but whatever reason is fine by me! As long as he had fun doing it….. ( wich i’m not doubting ) and i’m sure i will enjoy seeing it over and over and over and over again untill the image has burned in to my tv and pc screen;)

      BTW, there are more fan pics posted on his FB page off the clip in wich they’re actually kissing…… Shakira, you lucky, lucky women:)

      • An says:

        And also you can find a link to the whole vid trough his FB page!

        It’s hot as hell…… Absolutly LOVE IT!

      • Zooni says:

        Just saw the whole video. Shakira’s right, it’s very pretty. She looks beautiful. The woman has the body of a goddess!! Rafa is just delicious. My God! The man is just a modern day Adonis. The director was very kind to us fans because he is captured beautifully.

        As for the frolicking, yeah there’s lots of that. Lots and lots of it. He certainly looked like he had fun. And oh yeah, the kissing looked pretty yummy too. :) They weren’t slobbering all over each other but it was pretty intimate. I’m actually surprised they kissed in the video. Rafa’s not a little boy anymore (thank God!)

        • An says:

          Exactly, thank God, for Rafa the man!;)

          • Emma R says:

            Ooh do they actually kiss?? I cannot wait to see the whole video but of course I can’t as I am stuck in work where I can’t access it! Seriously wondering if can get afternoon off to go charging home to view it. Cannot wait. Delicious.

  20. Maya says:

    Videos are made for entertainment. If your not having fun with this video one way or another your missing the boat. Rafa and his team are so bright I can’t imagine that they didn’t look at every possible outcome. And those who keep mentioning Xisca are stirring the pot in ways that are counter productive and wrong. I’ve actually read comments comparing Rafa to Tiger Woods. I mean surely even the dullest among us can see how unreasonable that is. Life is to short folks. Enjoy, embrace, have some fun.

    • Zooni says:

      Could not agree more. Life really is too short not to make the most of it. And God knows if he spent every waking minute worrying about what the “fans” would think he’d never get anything done. Good for him and I can’t wait for the full vid to come out.