Rafa and tennis tots

Posted by meriko100 who sums the video up thusly:

Rafael Nadal got a visit from the kids, from Manacor tennis academy

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  1. mary says:

    Those kids must get a real kick out of this. And to see Rafa having a hit with them as well. He & kids always looks so cute together.
    And lets not overlook tio Toni. He is a popular figure as well.
    A very popular familia indeed.

  2. jba says:

    i really wish i knew spanish. *sigh* what are the little kids saying? i’m super curious.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Big tots. Small tots. Parents. The Nadals seem to get along with everyone.

    Babolat racket? That’s gotta be Rafa influenced.

    • Missy says:

      I love that about the Nadals as well. Don’t forget ‘animals’ on your list as well. Rafa is quite the celebrity with cats in the middle east, you know. :)

    • nic says:

      I so noticed that too Atch2! When I saw the kid’s racket I thought, gots to be cos of Rafel! Must be a huge fan. Aaaww. Ain’t those kids so cute.

  4. iren says:

    i wonder if rafa can sit at home one day without doing anything just ly on the sofa or tv stuff is he hyperactive or something…

    • sia says:

      “…is he hyperactive or something…”

      I believe he has used that very word to describe himself.

      • Missy says:

        Rafa described himself as “hyperactive”?

        HAHAHA! That’s so cute. Well, he always said it’s very important to be honest with yourself. Adorbz. <3

        I often wondered if he saw that he was hyperactive, or if he was too busy being hyperactive to notice.

    • Missy says:

      Hehehe, I often wonder that too.
      I think he’d go crazy and drive everyone else around him crazy if he ever had to “do nothing.”

      From what he said about his experience during his injury break last year, I think he absolutely hated it. He said that that during that injury timeout last year, he spent the most time he’s ever had on a sofa. His quotes regarding the time spent on the sofa, resting, no tennis, etc….you’d think he was being held captive and was being subjected to the worst form of torture! :D

      You’re talking about the same guy that screamed himself crazy rooting for Daveeed during Davis Cup. It’s also the same guy that loses his mind while playing video games like it’s SUCH serious business and there is no way in hell he’s going to do it half-ass.

      I totally think he’s hyperactive. He can barely sit still during changeovers. It’s hysterical to compare Rafa to Roger during changeovers. Rafa is all busy lining up his bottles, lying out his towels, placing his rackets, fixing his headband, rocking his knees, looking about the stadium, (all along with a focus and intensity of an engineer placing the final block of concrete on a skyscraper that is about to topple over). Roger? He’s all laid back, sipping on his water like he’s lounging by the pool with Mirka. Like one commentator said, “there’s always an activity going on with Nadal. He (Rafa) is like a method actor, always in the role. Roger is more chilled.”

      LOL! I absolutely FLOVE him for it! It’s the cutest thing in the world and one of the millions of reasons why we love him so much. His passion for life is astounding. He makes ME feel old. :))

      Can you imagine what he’d be like on a sugar high? It’s a good thing he doesn’t like coffee (YAY! I don’t like it either!) ^_^

      • miri says:

        Eh, I don’t think his injury time out was that bad. He’s also said he took the time to boat completely around Mallorca and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

        • Missy says:

          Yup! Only the better to escape that cruel and unusual form of torture known as “resting and sitting put” ;)

      • CC says:

        Urm…yeah, I don’t think RAFA is hyperactive. It’s just the effect sport has on men here in Europe, you know.

        • mary says:

          You know if he is supposed to hyperactive, I know just the thing to help him burn off excess energy. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more!!!!

          • natch says:

            *takes eyes off Rafathigh to read mary’s post*

            Ah, burning off excess energy. It’s one of my favorite activities! ;)

            • An says:

              Burning off excess energy… Burning off excess calories…
              Yep, think all is verry well possible with Rafa!;)

              • Missy says:

                I definitely think that Rafa is hyperactive, and that sport is simply the enabler. :)

                The guy can’t sit still even when playing video games in a room! He’s jumping all over the place, fist pumping, screaming, encouraging the guy on his side, taunting, falling over, getting in trouble but letting his buds take the fall as he giggles, hiding on the bed…WHEW! He’s be SO much fun to game with. I’m a video gamer myself, and to have his enthusiasm, energy, and positivity (as my personal cheerleader when things get tricky in the world of video games) would be SO AWESOME and hella annoying, I’d totally freaking love it!

                In fact, they should make a Rafa-alarm clock. It would be all energetic, positive, and make you want to get out of bed during the day (I HATE mornings, so I may just beat the crap out of the Rafa alarm-clock and then fix it later :D). I swear, with the way he carries on cheering for his fav team/DC teammate, etc. I would improve EVERYTHING I do instantaneously with that motivation. :))

                As for burning off excess anything, did you know that people who fidget burn up to 350 more calories than people who don’t (and annoy the heck out of people with pet peeves that include ‘fidgeting’)?

                Rafael Nadal: Makes fidgeting f-ing adorable. Flove it.

                • Rafangel says:

                  Rafa-alarm clock that makes you want to get OUT of bed???

                  • Rafangel says:

                    No, you’re right, he could do his Shakira impression. *Sigh* He’s been metaphorically relegated to the sofa bed since that vid and I am really starting to worry that I may never recover from his gold-bikini exploits. I just haven’t been INTERESTED in anything about him for days, and I miss it :(((

  5. nic says:

    Needless to say, Rafa is lovely as always. But gotta say, Toni was looking rather fine in this vid too haha. Think it’s that really nice hoodie he has on, makes him look younger and hip :) That whole family, they’ve got good genes.

    • CC says:

      Heh, I felt exactly the same about Toni. Normally he does nothing for me, but here he’s looking mighty fine. Must be the sweat pants, no? ;)

      • Emma R says:

        I don’t know if it’s because he was holding the book in front of his tummy, but I thought Toni looked a bit more streamlined here -than he has done of late, like he’d dropped a few pounds. Not that I am wanting another dimension in the Nadal-weightloss-saga.

        I like the shape of the shirts I keep seeing Rafa practise in. They seem to flip out somehow at the back in a very flattering manner. The thigh was awfully appealing too. Fed up with snippets, roll on IW.

        • Missy says:

          I find it so sweet how they zoom in, and you see Rafa sitting there with his cap on backwards, diligintally signing autographs. Then they zoom out to another clip, and there is his uncle and coach signing autographs as well.

          Uncle Toni sure is one hell of a popular coach. He gets asked for autographs more than Davydenko! XD Then again, doesn’t everybody? *smirk*

          Plus, he’s been the subject of many displays of affection by the fans. Like the “We HEART Rafa” *flip poster” “We HEAR Uncle Toni”. My fav? “Rafa, can you take us home? We’re homeless!” *small writing in the corner* “You too, Uncle Toni!”

          LOL! The best part is how everyone refers to him as “Uncle Toni” as if “Uncle” is a permanent part of his name. :)) Even the commentators will slip up and call him that. There was this one time when Rafa was conducting an interview (he was about 18 at the time) and he was speaking in Spanish so he had a translator present. So Rafa answers a question about the influence Uncle Toni has had on him, the translator translates what he said the American interviewer ending with “He also added that he owes so much to his Uncle and that he loves him very much.” The American interviewer looked chocked up by the end of the translation and piped up “We all love Uncle Toni too!”

          <3 Uncle Toni: The rock star of coaches.

          • Missy says:


            *Rafa’s disheveled mane was clearly on display as he signed autographs. He wasn’t wearing his cap.

            *”We HEART Uncle Toni”

            *the translator translates what Rafa said TO the American interviewer, with the translator ending it with “He also added that he….”

            Sorry for the mistakes.

            P.S. Hands down. No one rocks the “baseball cap backwards” look better than Rafa. His buddy Marc! is a distant second.

  6. Carol says:

    Hmmm been off here a bit..but thighs? Hubs used to row for Oxford U Boat Club, so I’ve seen a few (and Steve Redgrave’s are humungous!!! cos I’ve met him (feel like a tiny fairy next to him)) but tell you – Rafa’s are well goood!

  7. ejl says:

    well i’m with Missy about Rafa’s hyperactivity. This is unquestionable at least on court.if not being superactive how can one generate such an awesome footwork and move like an animal(of the cat family)

    • Emma R says:

      Sorry, but the idea of Rafa “moving like an animal” makes me feel hot, bothered and flustered, and if you hear a violent crash it was me falling off my perch with lust. Grrrrrowwwwlll.

  8. ejl says:

    oh God..hope u haven’t injured after “falling” somehow blame myself for it :)) but why me and not rafa? (heck..got offtopic)

    • Emma R says:

      Don’t worry, I survived:)

      And yes, it’s all Rafa’s fault. It was the sight of his furry little thigh in the above clip that got me going in the first place.