SOBeFiT cover and video preview

SOBeFit cover via TennisChannel's Facebook page

Thanks to patzin for pointing out that the Tennis Channel has posted a preview of the SoBeFiT magazine with Rafa on the cover. They also have a video preview on their site.

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  1. jba says:

    omg, i’m so glad you posted this. i wouldn’t have even bothered looking at it if it weren’t because it was on this site. THE MAGAZINE HAS AMAZING PICTURES OF RAFA IN IT!!! I want a copy now. *pouts*

  2. CC says:

    Check out the pic at around 0:31 in that clip. I’m speechless for the second time this evening.

    • jba says:

      isn’t it just lovely? absolutely love the picture of him with the tie. oooohhh, schmexy.

    • NCRafa says:

      I think my heart literally stopped for a few seconds. Gaaah, the face! and the biceps peeking out of the rolled-up sleeve… Never heard of this mag, but if it exists in my town, I WILL find it! Can’t wait to see Moya, too!

      • Eliana says:

        I was kinda depressed with my life, and then saw that photo of Rafa… oh God! The biceps, the face, the lips, oh those lips… OK, I just drooled all over myself

  3. An says:

    Yup, have no words either anymore….

    Rafa, please, next time we do a private photo session, ok?

    • An says:

      Ok, now that i have found some words back… That eyes…..
      Dios mio… I swear Rafa, iff you ever look at me that way and i don’t die right in that moment, we…..

  4. aRafaelite says:

    Very nice. And if the articles & photos of Fer and Nole are as hot as Rafa… me thinks I will need to buy this magazine!!!

  5. Atch2 says:

    Seriously great photos. And the dimples :) He kinda looks Rafadorkable on the cover with the combed hair.

    And just found out that Toni is shortened from Antonio.

  6. miri says:

    Oh, d’uh! There was a direct link in the share code. I’ve updated the post to include it.

    Oh, and fixed my stupid there/their problem. Sheesh. I know that.

  7. faeaki7 says:

    MMM this is great, Rafa is scrubbing up well nowadays, looking handsome as always with regard to the video clip, grrrr they just love to mention his title drout don’t they!

  8. nidserz says:

    OMG thanks for posting this. I just drooled a little… loving Rafa too much :)
    I think I am going to pick up a copy of this magazine ASAP.

    Thanks for the 2nd video patzin.

  9. Emma R says:

    I must have one of the magazines! I must! Don’t know quite how I am going to achieve it in the UK, but I am having one. Will go to the website and investigate. His skin is so beautiful on that picture…just glowing…fwaw.

  10. nic says:

    so handsome, so hot rafa! what are you doing to us in the space of the last two days!! you’re so bringing the sexy lately. sigh. they took so many gorgeous and natural pics only to put that one on the cover. that lady sure was having a fine time putting her hands all over our boy. why can’t we swap places?

  11. nic says:

    after watching the tennis channel vid, i NEED to have a copy of this magazine! what are we going to do if we’re not in miami or anywhere in the US!! the pics are freaking gorgeous inside the mag. the one with the tie, oh lordy. the one where he’s smiling so wide and his dimples are so deep and he’s in that dark shirt. please tennis gods, send us a supply of this when it comes out!

    • Emma R says:

      I don’t know, and I couldn’t make head nor tail of the website unless it’s just the weird work’s computers. Will try at home tonight. I don’t want a subscription, just this as a one off!

      This whole situation is reminding me of a virtual version of the “diet coke” advert where all the women are hanging around ogling the window cleaner (or whatever he is). Marvellous how all these otherwise professional and elegant ladies are all in a tiz over Rafa’s antics. I blame him for not being on court recently…we have to get our fix somehow. I feel like I have had an outsize mars bar after a month of detox. Sugar rush and then some.

      • Emma R says:

        I got the website going at home, think the works server is having issues. Anyway. The magazine is $10 and they want $15 to post to England – think this will be the same in rest of Europe. It seems to be available now, unless you just cough up for it now, then get it after the release date – yeah that will be it, sorry, getting past my bedtime.

        Getting oddly used to purchasing Rafa related items that cost more to post than they are worth, but hey. Dimplelicious and all that.

  12. TennisFan says:

    Is there anyone else who sees the irony between the magazine title and adopting Nadal as the cover? Given that Nadal is plagued by injuries and you obviously wouldn’t want to follow his example of getting fit.

    How quickly things change. After the Murray grandslam loss there was talk of Nadal maybe never winning a slam again. Now it seems that the fans think he’ll back to dominating world tennis even though he hasn’t played after the retirement.

    • miri says:

      And last year Fed was finished and Rafa was going to win a calendar slam – that’s the tennis. Things change.

      I don’t think Rafa will be dominating right away, but I hope he can work his way back to being confident and playing his best.

      • TennisFan says:

        “”And last year Fed was finished and Rafa was going to win a calendar slam – that’s the tennis. Things change.””

        There’s a difference between Nadal’s and Federer’s slump. Federer’s slump coincided with his main rival, the then dominant force in tennis, succumbing to injuries. That provided a pathway for Federer to get his confidence back even when he was facing a bleak autumn in his career. Federer himself said that he took advantage of Nadal’s injuries. How could he take advantage except if he thought the other man would stop him?

        In contrast Nadal’s slump coincides with a resurgent Federer and the rest of the field (Murray. Delpo, Soderling, Cilic, Djokovic) getting stronger than ever. Big difference, which is why Nadal is having difficulties finding his way back.

        • miri says:

          While I agree that Rafa’s road back won’t be easy, I also think it’s useless to speculate what might happen. Sport (especially individual sport) is so unpredictable. What will happen will happen – I just plan on sitting back and watching it unfold.

          • Rafafan says:

            Miri – as sad as I have to say it what is predictable is that Rafa will get injuried again (with the knees)or a new one and probably pretty occuring. It ain’t ever gonna go away – but get worse. We could all be in denial but basically its the reality. The truth about Fed is he had mono but its not a recurring injury – a one off. Yes we can wait and see if it unfolds but it’s absolute torture but we have no choice but to either see or not watch. I feel at the mo its like treading on egg shells when he plays tennis now. Not the fact he does a good shot or whether he should chase the shot be on the baseline, volley, serve, but whether he will pull up again – injured. Oh god. What we have seen with the magazine above and the Shakirah business is a lovely distraction away from reality. So glad to have a smile on my face for a little while. I do trust Rafa 100% but I don’t trust his body – do you?

            • miri says:

              Rafa’s career has been declared over because his feeble body can’t keep up with his game style/competitive drive since…what, 2005? 2004? I’ve grown numb to that by now. I do my best to not worry about it. (Not saying I always succeed, but I do my best.) My worrying ain’t going to change a thing. Would I rather he not be injury prone? Certainly. But maybe the idea that he’s living (tennis wise) on borrowed time will make whatever he can achieve that much sweeter. It certainly helps keep him from taking things for granted and, I think, that helps him stay grounded.

              Bottom line: you are strapped into the roller coaster car now, there’s no getting off without jumping. Just hang on. Some parts of the ride are scarier than others, but you’ll get to the end eventually and you’ll look back on the whole thing with wonderment.

              (And another bottom line – we’ve strayed pretty far from the topic – Rafa in upcoming magazine – so let’s try and get back there, okay?)

              • Rafafan says:

                Miri – I like your summary and I totally agree (for once)- but it’s so painful. How do you get through the pain knowing he is “on borrowed time”? Everyday I think another injury and it’s one more near to retirement. I am so glad with these cover shoots to take my mind off it and perhaps put things into perspective. Maybe all this with the timing is a good ploy for his fans not to worry no? and we are just looking at the hotness, fittest (in terms of hunk) side for a change.

  13. patzin says:

    Look forward to reading the article on him. Hope it is available online in near future.

  14. HH says:


  15. Rafafan says:

    Don’t know if you can get into this link but in it gives an article of what Rafa has said in the magazine due out in March.

    • Rafafan says:

      Click on teenis, scroll down and its in the column headlined

      “Nadal If you need passion you will not find the vistory”.

      Thought the link took you straight to it. Not sure what I understand of it in the google translation but thought i would flag it up for what its worth