Rafa’s bullish on his return

Photo by Beth Wilson

…or at least that’s the word used by Iain Rogers in this Reuters article.

“Right now, this week and these first few days back, it’s a matter of taking things slowly,” Nadal said in a courtside interview after his first training session of the month.

“I think things are progressing very well,” added the 23-year-old Spaniard. “I have been working with the appropriate machines to help the tear heal as quickly as possible and also done a lot of physical work in the gym.”

In regards to Indian Wells:

“It’s a tournament where I have almost always played well,” Nadal said. “Let’s see what happens.

“It’s the first event I will have played for a month and a half and it’s always more difficult to start like that. I am hoping to play well and build confidence for a strong start to the claycourt season.”

Talking about if he should take a prolonged break to regain complete fitness:

“I am very content with what I am doing and I feel very lucky to be playing tennis,” said Nadal.

“I am not planning right now to do anything else than dedicate my life to playing tennis.”

In regards to the upcoming Davis Cup tie:

“It could be a bit early to come back,” he said. “I’ll see how things go for me physically but I would need to be ready in about a week and a half and I think that taking things slowly would be more prudent.”

10 Responses

  1. sia says:

    Yes, I agree prudence would be best. Vamos! Indian Wells.

  2. faeaki7 says:

    Its good that he isn’t commiting to the davis cup tie, from a physical point of view anyway, besides playing on clay(I presume it is), wouldn’t make any sense prior to an outdoor tourney on H/c. The one thing is for sure though that the DC always inspires Rafa, it reminds him like how great he is, good for the confidence so to speak. Hate these damn injuries and what they have done to him but at least he isn’t playing everything in sight anymore and respecting his body in the process. The only problem is the lack of match practice which helps Rafa build momentum, still its the way it has to be! just miss seeing him play!

  3. Rafangel says:

    What with all the Armada successes recently, I reckon Rafa’s def next in line, and probably owed IW or Miami. Tho if he prefers to go down the Moya route and make babies, I’m willing to offer him a belated Valentine’s treat…

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    You can tell he’s all about the clay season right now – which is awesome. That’s what I like to hear!

  5. Rafafan says:

    I would like to see him in the Davis Cup if it’s on clay. He needs to get some match practice in fairly urgently if he is to go deep in IW and he can then test out how fit he is and give him the confidence he so badly needs for his physicalness, mentality and seeing what he can do with the state of his knees. If it’s on clay and only 2 matches or even one it shouldn’t be too taxing – but you never know.

    They obviously know best, but then again “being up in the air” about the Davis Cup, I suppose they are not sure either and neither is Rafa.
    A wait and see again. I guess IW is a week later so they think he still needs time to recover.

  6. mary says:

    Every day I want to see him back on court blowing his opponents away. Like all of you, I miss him doing what he loves best. However, I want Rafa back at his healthiest. Any injury takes time to heal & I’ll bet Rafa, as much as he wants to be out there, realizes he has to look after that bod of his so he can play his best.
    If you need any assistance for Maymo so he can have a break, I’d be only too happy to massage your limbs. Anywhere you like really. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more. ;-D

  7. Necitas says:

    Slowly, steady and strong…the result will be a blast!:) There’s a lot of conviction and committment in Rafa’s words. Go Rafa! Be right behind you always! VAMOS!!!

    • Necitas says:

      And if playing tennis gives you contentment, watching you play tennis is a joy for me and many others like me. Keep going Rafa!

  8. faeaki7 says:

    “There’s alot of conviction and committment in Rafa’s words.”

    Oh geez I hope so, I so want to see Rafa back to winning ways, I felt really positive after the exh win over Soderling and then watching him in Doha before that final! I am with him all the way though, he needs all our support, Vamos Rafa always always and ALWAYS!

  9. Mirko says:

    Rafa, for me..you are no.1 and you will always be…
    i hope that you will be back in form for upcoming events.