Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s back to practice he goes

(Oye. Sorry about that title. I’m in a weird mood and have had too much sugar.)

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Google translation of the text on the page (minus the translation of Nadal to Christmas):

The Mallorcan tennis player Rafael Nadal, third in world rankings after the Swiss Roger Federer and Serb Novak Djokovic, has resumed training in Manacor today after overcoming a knee injury “with great excitement and enthusiasm”, as stated media.

Nadal has trained so soft on the slopes of Manacor under the watchful eye of his uncle and coach Toni Nadal.

“I used these two weeks to perform physical training at the gym without running, and I am well prepared to play,” said Nadal, who is scheduled to reappear in the Indian Wells tournament in March next.

The Balearic tennis says it feels “with morals” for the next tournament, and said the injury “went well” after becoming “all tests”.

Nadal was injured when they played the quarterfinals of the last Australian Open before the British Andy Murray, who dominated 6-3, 7-6 and 1-0 when strong pain in his right knee forced him to retire .

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32 Responses

  1. CC says:

    Mmmm… Rafalegs. How I’ve missed you.

    Looks cold in there. Judging by Toni’s coat I’d say at least -20C. Probably a northerly wind too. ;)

    • MJ says:

      Aren’t they inside??? Maybe they have no heat :)

      • An says:

        Tennis indoor courts are usually not heated here in the Netherlands, when its cold outside its cold in the building….
        I guess it wil be that way in Mallorca too?

        So good to see him hitting at least some balls again!!!

        • dutchgirl says:

          Very good indeed! I have been watching a lot of tennis last week in Rotterdam and have been thinking about Rafa a lot! I have really missed him on the court.
          Can’t wait till Indian Wells, I will be getting up in the middle of the night again, if I have to.

          • An says:

            Yep, me too, evry day when i saw or heard or read about tennis in Rotterdam i was thinking about and missing Rafa like mad….
            Did you go? I didnt find time this year):

            And hell yes, i will be glued to the pc screen, no mather whot time, when we finally can see him play again!

  2. Get better soon and regain your confidence Rafa. The tennis world needs you so much. Without you is so boring. Who will stop the GOAT from reaching intergalaxic status?

  3. Kate says:

    whoooo hoooo sooooo excited!

  4. faeaki7 says:

    Its always exciting seeing Rafa, any Rafa! yep its nice to see close up of those lovely pins(legs), of his, perfect calves!
    Hope Rafa can find his form again, without an inform Rafa the tennis world is so so not the same, I watched the Rotterdam tournament last week and the crowd were so subdued, what to get excited about? no Rafa no excitement, period! god I miss real Rafa!

  5. Atch2 says:

    Lemony Rafa. Looking goood.
    Missed you Rafa, Uncle Toni and Maymo.

  6. MS says:

    How cute is rafa with the long sleeve ???

    Just play tennis rafa and it will all grow back on you :D

  7. Necitas says:

    It’s good to see you in action again! It also feels good to hear your voice again…It felt warm! Looks very cold there…

    • Karen says:

      Just imagining Rafa with goose bumps cos of the cold. Think I’ll just fly over & help warm him up so his practice session runs more smoothly!!!

  8. Nic says:

    How adorable does he look in the backwards cap and hoodie getup. Yummo Rafa. So love to hear him speak in Mallorquin. Looks so cold, everyone’s all bundled up! Wonder whether his next outfit is a yellow combo seeing how there were quite a few yellow elements in his practice gear. Can’t wait to spend my nights/ early mornings glued to the tv watching Rafa play at IW. Really wish for him to defend his title. Still remember the final against Muzza and just how brilliant Rafa was at keeping his cool and playing with the windy. He was so awesome there. Oh yeah, and wasn’t that when Kate Walsh was like his number one fan teehee.

    • natch says:

      “Wonder whether his next outfit is a yellow combo seeing how there were quite a few yellow elements in his practice gear.”
      Oooohhh! Finally, I can combine my love of Rafa with my love of Craig Ferguson and say, I wonder if he’ll be wearing…lentejuelas (sequins)…any time soon. Thanks, Craig! ;)

  9. ejl says:

    he is so serious and determined during the interview, not smiley at all.. looks like “Rafael”, anyway he is GR8! how i miss his trophy biting and whoops of victory..eehh

  10. Nana says:

    Why is he Rafel Nadal in the VID caption?

  11. George McCauley says:

    i hope were not gonna have another 6 months before rafa steadily get his confidence back again. Let’s hope he hits TOP FORM straight away in Indian Wells. Personally one of my favourite tourney’s in the year. :)

  12. Rafangel says:

    This workaday Rafaliness has made me feel a bit better after that nasty shock over on the Shakira video channel :S

    I love IW too, can’t work out why exacty. Very glad to hear he’s feeling ‘with morals’ for that tournament (he needs to save feeling ‘without morals’ for when he swings by mine this summer). D’you suppose the temperature of the building is responsible for Rafa actually being blue in this vid?

  13. pad says:

    hi rafa
    happy to see back on court
    my best wishes would be there ever for you no matter whatever ups and downs you come across
    your will power is your strenght and weekness
    dont ever leave that
    this will help you win lots of titles ahead
    vamos rafa….

  14. dk says:

    Let’s hope that he starts winning tournaments…

  15. An says:

    Rafa lets us know on Facebook:

    “Rafael Nadal: Practice going well. I’ll be back in Indian Wells for sure | Van bien los entrenos. Estare seguro en Indian Wells”

    Thanks Rafa! We can’t wait!

    • CC says:

      Yeah, I told him to post that Saturday night when he got home from the footie and I go home from the pub and we were…urm…*chatting* online. ;)

      • An says:

        O; And you did not invite me?…….

        • CC says:

          *slaps self really hard*

          Sorry, An. I will of course invite you to our next *chat*

          *scrolls back up to check original post*

          …Rafa getting back to training. He’s warming up nicely, BTW ;)

          • An says:

            Ok! Youre forgiven this time…..
            cause him warming up nicely is such a good “new”;)… for not inviting me…
            Just don’t let it happen again!

  16. Missy says:


    Anywhooooo, I love how he’s keeping all of his crazy fans updated on his Facebook page. It’s so great to have him commenting like that. I really love it! I feel all speshwal and evwething when he does that. I hope it doesn’t end once his official site is back up and running (WTF is going on with his site anyhow? I hope no one’s sleeping on the job).

    But his Facebook totally rocks. It keeps him closer to the fans, no? (don’t even go there)