Uncle Miguel Angel is a macho man

Since it’s a slow news time….here’s Miguel Angel Nadal on a Spanish dance show:

Posted by Choskky.

You can see the scores he got here.

Also, Meriko tweeted a link to this video of his dance.

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  1. CC says:

    Disco…pfffttt… Bring on the rumba, please! ;)

    • An says:

      Rafa has a good looking uncle!
      He doesn’t look to comfortable on a dancefloor though….

      And uh… When Rafa ever decides to get involved in a show like this… i know a perfect dance partner for him;)
      As long as we can practice, practice and practice again we would be just fine Rafa!

      • aRafaelite says:

        Hey, there’s a queue, get in line!!! ;-) If he could feel his way around a dancefloor the way he does around a tennis court, it would be a joy to behold. Agassi said a couple of things about Rafa in “Open” (which is actually a good read if any of you can face it) including “I’ve never seen anyone move like that on a tennis court.” and “… as strong and balletic a player as I’ve ever seen.” That pretty much covers what captivated me the first time I saw him play. Please, please, please Rafa, one day take part in one of those dance shows! Even if 12 years of ballet classes probably excludes me as a partner :-( – there’s always An…

        • JC says:

          I have always found him extremely graceful and coordinated on court.
          I call him “El toro bailando” – the dancing bull ;-)

          • Courtney says:

            hehe, I bought wine called Dancing Bull just because it reminded me of Rafa!

            • JC says:

              I never understood why Rafa is portrayed as the strong and forceful “brute” as opposed to Roger’s graceful and elegant “genius”.
              I think Rafa’s moves are indeed “balletic”… both strong and graceful. His footwork is phenomenal!

  2. Necitas says:

    Goodness! Sexiness, good looks and talent definitely runs in the family. Uncle Miguel is such a gorgeous dancer! I’m convince now, let’s dance Rafa! Got to see those moves…:)

  3. sia says:

    Don’t do it Rafa. Ever.

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    Miguel Angel has really kept in good shape, yo. He’s kinda unchanged from his Barca playing days, physique-wise.[/shallow]

    I’d say Rafa would never do a reality show, but who knows – athletes’ careers are over so early and then they just twiddle their thumbs. I shan’t judge. :)

    • Karen says:

      Funny how this has cropped up. I was just thinking recently about Rafa doing a ‘Paso Doble’. Could you imagine that ? And wearing a red silk open chested shirt!!! Hope he looks after himself as well as his uncle has. He’ll be unbelievably gorgeous when he’s his uncle’s age.

  5. Atch2 says:

    Rafa’s uncle sure is fit, but I think the lady dancer did most of the work.

    I cannot imagine Rafa doing something like this. He’s too shy for it and he’s only an extrovert when he’s with his family and friends. If I had to vote, I’d go for the dancing Rafa. I’d probably giggle and cringe 1 or 2 times but his adorable and dorky charm will make it fun and memorable. But whatever you do Rafa, no professional acting pls. I heard Feli or Nando did a soap opera last yr.

    • Ch F says:

      Indeed, no acting, please! Soap opera? OMG. It would be out of character for Rafa. And judging from the way he’s been acting in ads, I’m convinced it would be straight to video for him ;-)

      • Nic says:

        LOL I just read about Feli appearing on a popular Spanish soap as himself! Think he did it in 08 or something. Maybe I read it on the ATP website recently when they spoke about his Joburg win. Wish I could see a vid of that!

  6. Eliana says:

    I just want to see the video that shows Rafa watching this clip. I imagined it would be like 5 minutes of Rafa laughing and snorting!

    Well done Tío Miguel! For someone who hasn’t dance ever in his life you did a good job :)

    • miri says:

      I just want to see the video that shows Rafa watching this clip. I imagined it would be like 5 minutes of Rafa laughing and snorting!

      This I would pay to see. I figure it would be either that or an intense eyebrow raised look of horror.

      • Courtney says:

        He seems to love daring (well, bets) his team to do embarrassing things, so I think he would get a huge kick out of this! Tio Miguel… you will never live this down ;)

        • An says:

          You are right! It would be more fun then watching this vid, to watch Rafa watch this!! I can totally imagine…. :)

          • CC says:

            Well, I can see Rafa and Toni absolutely pissing themselves with laughter at this pretty feeble attempt from Miguel Angel. However, it’s tricky to tell from this clip whether he’ll turn out to be a good dancer in the end. They’ve certainly worked wonders with people on this programme in the UK, so who knows… ;)
            I bet they’d love to have Rafa in the audience though, no doubt would it get great viewer ratings then!

    • faeaki7 says:

      I would love to be a fly on the wall to see Rafa watching this one. It would be hilarious, would he raise an eyebrow of disapproval, or be in fits of laughter and snorts! hee hee so funny!

      Charisma certainly runs in the family but ‘rafa is far too bashful for such things no! mind you he did perform la bamba in RG didn’t he?
      Looked like he was just going through the motions the press ups were better! and disco dancing pleaaaase!!
      I ballet danced for 15 years and agree with the comments on here, Nadals movement on court is exceptional, so who knows he might be a great dancer for all we know, the hips don’t lie!

  7. Amanda says:

    Those are some powerful genes: the entire family looks just alike!

  8. jba says:

    i’m sorry but i think the way he moves his hips is ridiculously funny. and the end pose was kinda awkward as he stuck out his tongue sorta. i dunno, it was pretty hard to watch at directly without some form of laughter. haha

  9. Nic says:

    Haha that was totally entertaining. Uncle Miguel Angel is a pretty macho guy alright. And doesn’t seem to be at all shy throughout the whole thing. And yeah, he’s really fit. You gotta be in order to do all those moves and the lifting. Nice distraction while we wait for Rafa’s return. Seems like we’re all gettin a kick out of imagining how Rafa would be reacting to this :) Sigh. Rafa I miss you sooooo much it’s not funny!!

  10. Emma R says:

    I couldn’t actually watch all of that, I was cringing with embarassment and the Saturday Night Fever pointy hands bit just finished me off.

    Uncle MA is a sexpot and has that slightly vulnerable eyes thing going on that sends me daft about Rafa, but no, no, no. This is worse than missing that penalty against England in Euro ’96.

  11. Rafangel says:

    Not bad, tho he ain’t Mark Ramprakash doing the Salsa – my one moment of infidelity to Rafa which has inspired me with a desire to see our toro bailando on one of these shows ever since, especially in one of those outfits… I agree that Rafa’s balletic on court – in fact, I remember Roland Garros doing an arty romantic ballet-leaping-gazelle-inspired-set-to-dramatic-music homage to Rafa one year. It rocked but I’ve never found it since, guttingly (before the days of RealPlayer downloads). (Has miri or anyone else got a copy?)

    There is a debate about the relative Nadal culos, http://www.mitele.telecinco.es/programas/mira-quien-baila/97164.shtml?p=20 I think both together is the only solution :D

  12. mary says:

    I wasn’t an arse man until I met or rather saw Rafa. Nom, nom as CC says. Tio Miguel has that Nom nom look as well. They sure got it in that familia!! :)

  13. Dale C. A. says:

    Geez…hotness runs in the family!!!! and so graceful!!! i have always disagreed when critics say that Rafa is the total opposite of Federer’s graceful moves on court..that is so not true…Rafa has always combined grace with power on court :-))

    • Karen says:

      Always wondered where Rafa got his lovely long legs from, now I know! Would love to see him in close fitting black dance trousers. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

  14. Melanie says:

    Wow I wish I lived in Mallorca! never mind I jsut have to dream from 1/2 the world away. Her certainly is so tall and athletic, and looked like he was having a lot of fun. I imagine Rafa would be pissing himself watching this.

    Vamos Rafa and looking forward to Indian Wells!

  15. mary from cincinnati says:

    I am having so much fun with your comments, ladies! I am sure Rafa and the entire Nadal Family are having a big laugh at Tio Miguel Ángel’s expense… and who knows, one day Rafa might want to have a shot at something like this….Anybody remember the lovely party pics from Bauxa with Toméu? He might appear to be shy but he is a little ham with the camera for the most part…best of all he doesn’t take himself too serious off the court….

    See you in Indian Wells, Rafa!