Interview during US Open

Atch2 sent in this link with the following comments:

The sound is very low so I don’t know what they were saying, but the thigh porn and dimples and killer smile are just so irresistable. Rafa looks like he’s 16 yrs old in his little green outfit, and so concentrated for the David Attenborough look-alike.


My favorite part is Rafa trying to look casual at the start when the guy is talking at the camera. It’s like, “Nope. No camera pointed at me. I’m just looking around…wtf do I have to sit here while he’s doing this? Couldn’t he do this part without me? What’s he saying about me? Should I be worried? He’s turning around now – look casual….”

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  1. NCRafa says:

    Wow, who cares what they’re saying, this one has GORGEOUS Rafa footage-thigh, shirtless, dimples, etc. Did the interviewer seriously not know how many Grand Slam titles Rafa has? Very lame journalism.

  2. sia says:

    I like …” boom, boom, boom out go the lights … Nadal! ” after winning his match with Monfils.

  3. Emma says:

    was he wearing like short shorts?? i see alittle of the thighs…

  4. ejl says:

    think that the journalist knew about Rafa’s Gr slams but this is the way of gettind infrm from the interviewee .. in the greyish winter was pleasure to have a look at rafa’s awesome suntan and those gleaming auburn highlights in his hair..and again modest and boastless rafa..yeah this man’s edible

  5. nic says:

    My oh my, those dimples are to die for. And oh yes, Rafa thigh porn, as sexy as ever. So cute to see him in those turquoise shorts, rarely see him in shorts of that length and in a bold solid colour. His hair looks so great here too. Yummy all around Rafa. Can’t wait til I can see you again on my TV!!!

  6. CC says:

    I just wanna stick my hand in and tickle his bum cheek… :D

    Flove the shorts, like mad!!!

    • An says:

      Yep, verry tempted to do just that! Indeed;)
      And the dimple…. oh that dimple…

      • Emma R says:

        For some reason the bottom really appealed to me too in this clip. However, I would prefer to give it a resounding wallop (or several) to see if it ripples.

        I still want to know if the tiny percentage of fat left on Rafa resides in his ass, or if it is really solid muscle. My guess is the latter but I could have such an enjoyable time finding out.

        • CC says:

          Heh…tricky one. I thought when he came back after the off-season that his arse looked rounder again, making me think that there might be at least a tiny layer of fat there. Emma R, I think you need to find out, no?
          I’ve always thought his arse would make an awesome pillow in bed… :D

          • Atch2 says:

            Although i don’t thnk he could lie still long enough for u to fall asleep on.

            • CC says:

              True! ;)

              • An says:

                O: how many times have i dreamt off resting my head just there when falling asleep….
                but yeah it probable be a verry restless sleep;)

                • Emma R says:

                  If I was ever in bed with Rafa, the last thing that would be on my mind would be sleep….

                  Other uses for it that have crossed my mind would be: somewhere to park your bike, an ornamental magazine rack (involving him lying face down), and a trampoline for toddlers.

                  It’s times like this that I wish I could sculpt.

  7. faeaki7 says:

    Oh my god! you lot have me cracking up here, and I gotta agree, Rafa is so so hot here, those intense dark eyes and eyebrows and how much thigh are we seeing here? *drools* love turquoise tones on Rafa too, yep I see what you mean about the dimples, how does he do it? he is so naturally sexy, the hair everything is perrrrfect here no? oh yes yum yum Rafa!

  8. Alison says:

    Wooooaaaaahhhh! more sexy Rafa please. I want to eat those shorts!
    nom nom

  9. Amanda says:

    Hot-damn, he DOES look good here.

  10. g says:

    He’s so hot he could melt glaciers. He’s probably the main cause for global warming. :)