Nadal intimate (well, not really)

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Google translates the title of this article to “Nadal intimate: his doubts, pressures, life” – which is clearly an overstatement on the depth of the article. The interview took place during the Australian Open, so I’m assuming it was pre-injury. (But have had a lot of sugar this afternoon, so my mental faculties aren’t what they should be.) Thanks to CC for sending in the link.

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  1. kefuoe says:

    Can’t tell if I’ve had too much wine to understand this translation, or not enough. I thought I got the “Q” and the “R” (question, response or even Rafa), but who or what is “P”? I better wait until tomorrow.

  2. Atch2 says:

    A short but nice interview which so reinforces why I luv Rafa.

    “Everyone has their doubts, their problems, but overcoming them must go and the only way to overcome them is working”
    “I have not played for money or fame ever, I’ve always played to win, that’s all that motivates me. Win and do the job well done”

    The objective to win drives him but he still acts like a great sportsman when he is on and off the court. No tantrums, no racket smashing when he doesn’t get his way, no bad mouthing opponents during interviews, gives credit where credit is due, continually tries to improve his game, etc…

    And Rafa is so lucky to have a great supportive family. I can also imagine him having a million kids, and juggling them for fun.

    • Missy says:

      Thanks Atch2 for the quotes.

      His perspective is just so admirable.
      It’s one thing to say it, it’s a whole other thing to actually live by it.

      He’s an inspiration.

  3. patzin says:

    Nice little article, reading somewhat between the lines

  4. nic says:

    So, Rafa would like to start a family sometime. Aaww that is so sweet.
    I volunteer to help him take the first step ;p
    Rafa, will you marry me?!!

    • An says:

      Ah Nic, he’s probably going to awnser again: ” i dont’t think so ”
      We better ask him if he is perhaps willing to find out if he maybe wants to marry us, No?:)
      Or marry….. I’d settle for practicing how to make baby’s too;)

      • Rafaligion says:

        Well, he did say that he sees starting a family as “very far in the future”, so maybe the practice will do him good An. Let’s volunteer!

  5. faeaki7 says:

    Love the thought of baby Rafa’s or Rafita’s, ooh sweet.

    His mindset is awsome as always he answers the questions in a smart manner.

    I agree Atch Rafa is an inspiration to us all.

    • karen says:

      Am I thick or something?How do i read ‘this article’?When i click on ‘this article’ it takes me to a page with boxes to fill in and not the actual article.Please somebody help me I’m getting very frustrated,need to know what Rafa was saying.

      • miri says:

        Their site appears to be on the fritz. Nothing is coming up no matter where I click. I think their database isn’t happy. Try again in a bit.

        • karen says:

          Thanks will try later.At least i know i’m not going mad due to lack of Rafa sightings,matches,pressers,shirt changes,etc!!!

  6. ejl says:

    absolutely right miri about overstatement ..not even a little bit more of privacy as it was expected.cutie rafa ,he made them entitle this as “intimate” just for revealing that whenever he’s going to start a family(and anyone doubted this). Though the article is interesting but this is rafa always toughest to uncork.. love him :))