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jimmy posted this as a comment on another thread. It wasn’t really on-topic but included links to vids I thought you guys might want to see, so I’m elevating it to a post.

Most of you probably have seen his, but for those that haven’t: ( this might be off-topic)

It’s the you-tube channel of a guy whose uploaded several of Nadal’s matches (in their entirety) in excellent HD format. [ Ex: is the Murray – Nadal QF Wimb 08. ]

Included are: AO 09 final, FO 06-07-08 finals, FO 08 SF and Madrid 09 SF vs Nole, the matches vs Murray at W 08, AO 07 and many more. My personal favorite matches are the Djokovic-Nadal Queens 08 Final and Djokovic- Nadal F.O 2008 SF. I haven’t seen Nadal play any better ever. The way he hit his forehand (at that time) was just ridiculous.

It’s instructive to see:

– How Nadal changed over the years from 2006-2007 to 2008/2009. Starting in the 2008 clay season he made some changes. He started hitting his inside out forehand a little more, starting taking the backhand a little early hitting it flat on the rise and through the ball and finally improved the placement of his serve.

These seemingly minor tweaks won him 3 slams in 8 months.

– Comparing Nadal’s matches in 2010 (and late 2009) to his earlier matches: It shows the little things he’s not doing as well these days and they are making “all” difference for him.
Unfortunately, for the worse (not better).

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  1. patzin says:

    Nice find, thanks

  2. Isabelle says:

    Home with a cold, this was just what I needed, thanks Miri. I have gotten completly invoved in watching the Nadal-Murry QF Wimb ’08. Rafa is soooo georgous!

    • faeaki7 says:

      Hey me too, just finished watching the murray v. Nadal match, after a slow start in the first set, the 2nd set was awsome, some of those low backhand passes were so flat, a dream to watch, he was so quick too, his footwork on the grass that year was phenomenal as well as his confident shot making. His amazing to watch, its 1.00am here so I will be watching some of those Djokovic matches tommorow Miri! and thank you for this,it certainly makes up for Rafa blues at the moment!

  3. Rafafan says:

    Jimmy/Miri – thanks for this.

    For those who have just become Rafa fans – I have say for the last 3 years – we feel we are robbed. We don’t want our Rafa to go down hill. (I used to like Jimmy Connors et al and then got bored with Sampras etc.). I can’t even remember how now I became so obsessed with Rafa – something triggered it off). And dunno coz I lost all that time with Rafa since 2005 and before, I had to get all the dvds (thank god) and have been watching them since. But now I am getting so worried that our Rafa will ever hit the dizzy hights again. I am playing catch up and watching it all now but when I watch it live I am so so a nervous reck. God help me. I just hope that he comes out of the traps at the clay and the grass (that’s the two his goal this year no?) and sets the tennis alight again. Please Rafa – I have missed you all those years and am catching up but I have to say when I watch you live now I have to hide behind the pillow or swear or nearly chuck the television out of the window. What do you do to us! Please get yourself an easier serve and we, your fans might not have so much of a heart ace. Chow x

  4. Ch F says:

    Thanks a lot! I hope we’ll soon have the 2010-2011 achievements to add to that, and comment on the adjustments that will have won him those. I also hope that soon we won’t have to go back in time to admire Rafa’s great play!

  5. faeaki7 says:

    “I also hope that soon we won’t have to go back in time to admire Rafa’s great play”

    Whats scary is, we are already doing that! god I miss powerful, intense Rafa, and Macenroe’s commentary during the Murray wimby match was great, the way describes Rafa as a powerful specimen, his energy and desire, what we all love him for and feel deprived of, I hope he can find some of this back and win some more trophies, I too am hoping that the clay tournaments onwards will help him find his rythum and remind him of who he is and how well he can play!

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    Heh. So, apparently Rafa shouldn’t only be rehabbing his knee, he should be working on a time machine for his fans.

    • faeaki7 says:

      No he must rehab his knee of course, its just the idea of never seeing Rafa successful again that worries me. I was at a family lunch today, and both my brothers in law are Fed fans, all they kept saying was how Rafa is finished or Nadal, as they like to call him, that his knees etc etc you know what they all say, I so much want Rafa to prove them all wrong!

  7. sia says:

    Thanks for this site … I just watched the match with Gonzo from last years Rome tournament this afternoon. So nice and cozy here on a Sat. aft. with my computer on my couch watching Rafa on clay; especially when it is -13 with a wind chill of -23 outside. Sure it’s sunny but ….