Wacky stats Wednesday

Do you know what happens when I have an hour left at work and no small projects to fill in the time? (I needed to start tackling one item, but it was at least a 4 hour task that would be difficult to stop in the middle.) Well, for some reason, I compiled the stats. Nope. I have no idea why… I think I got started by following a link on a tweet and it just escalated from there.

The stats are for over the course of their careers – from the year they turned pro. The titles and money per year don’t include this year since we are just in February. The other stats go right up until the end of the Australian Open.

Federer Nadal Djokovic Murray Del Potro
Titles/yr 5.5 4.5 3.8 3.5 1.75
Earnings/yr (in US $) 4,851,097 3,435,020 2,664,016 2,480,123 1,669,968
Winning % Over-all 80.9% 81.5% 75.9% 74.6% 66.9%
in slams 87.83% 85.34% 77.78% 73.34% 68.89%
in slam finals 72.72% 75% 50% 0 100%
in finals 72.09% 75% 59.26% 66.67% 70%

(Stats based on figures found on ESPN.com, the ATP site and Wikipedia.)

18 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    What are the years being tracked in the above stats?

    • miri says:

      Well, that would be helpful to know, now wouldn’t it? Silly me. It’s over the course of their pro career. So Federer has the most years, Murray and Del Potro the least.

  2. kefuoe says:

    I feel you on this. I love a good number-crunching time waster, and you’ve definitely carved up the data in some interesting ways. Looking at titles and earnings per year makes Federer’s and Nadal’s accomplishments even more impressive when you consider that they are over 12 and 9 years respectively.

    • miri says:

      And Federer’s over all winning percentage in slams helps show how he’s maintained that amazing semi-final streak.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Awesome stats! Federer’s numbers are incredible, duh, but I honestly had no idea that Rafa’s win percentage overall in slams was almost as high as Fed’s.

        • kyukee says:

          i guess let’s just put it this way…

          whenever rafa and fed reaches a grandslam final the chances of them winning it is really really good.

  3. CC says:

    That “0” for Andy in slam finals kinda stands out a bit at the moment, no?

    I like Rafa’s stats. They look good. And I like the fact that I can pretend the stats are for other things like…85.34% of the time Rafa is more than ten minutes late for his match. Or 3,435,020 is the amount of times Rafa…oh, you know that one! ;)

  4. GB says:

    I’m probably wrong, but I thought Nole had a 50% slam final winning percentage (having lost the 07 USO final and won the 08 AO).

    • GB says:

      Sorry, I didn’t refresh and see the above comment before I made mine.

      • Karen says:

        The only think that depresses me when reading these stats is the thought that I may have missed Rafa’s best years having only noticed him at Queens in 2008.Since then I’ve stuck with him through think and thin. My biggest wish is that he will prove me wrong & make this year his best to date!!!

        • GB says:

          At least you were clued in for Wimby 08, though –that was definitely something to see!

          Absolutely hoping Rafa has a great 2010! Vamos!

        • Karen says:

          Just noticed,meant to say ‘the only thing’ &’through thick and thin’. Don’t know what I was thinking of! Rafa’s stats must have scrambled my brain!!!

  5. faeaki7 says:

    Wow thanks for your time, Rafa’s stats are looking pretty good along by feds, shows the dominance over the years.
    It is a shame for those who haven’t witnessed Nadal in his earlier years thus seeing him progress and define his game to the excellence of 2008, his French,Queens, Wimbledon, triple was all in all pretty much a master piece especially RG where he never dropped a set! and when he won his gold medal after arriving shattered in Beijing, well that just summed up how wonderful he really is. I was upset when he lost to Murray at the US open, what a beginning of another rivalry that was.

  6. Missy says:

    Rafa’s stats just prove what a consistent player he actually is.
    So many things get overlooked by the bruha of injuries and the current “slump”, but when you actually take a step back, and look at the whole picture, Rafa is an EXTREMELY consistent player.

    How else do you win so many titles? How else do you become the youngest ever to reach 400 victories, and the first to ever do it in less than 500 matches total.

    It’s astounding what people forget or fail to notice. That is why half the time interviewers and critics cannot comprehend or accept Rafa’s colm, belief, and rationality. Rafa knows what’s up. He lived/living it.