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  1. CC says:

    Practicing a couple of serve and volleys there, Rafa? I like.

    Rafa in that black tee is SO HOT, you just want to do all kinds of dirty with him. And then, the curly locks at around 1:10 are so adorably CUTE you just want to squeeze his cheeks. Oh, Rafa…once again you confuse my female instincts so much! ;)

    • justice says:

      please, enough. aren’t you embarrassed. everytime i browse this site there is some rafa love type stuff. It’s offensive to some people you know.

      it’s a shame his knee is troubling him. i wanna see another rafa – roger final

      • miri says:

        Then don’t read the comments or don’t browse the site. It’s that simple.

      • CC says:

        If I’m embarrassed? Not in the slightest.
        Hey, it’s not serious and meant as a compliment, if nothing else, to Rafa. :)

      • Korina says:

        You’re right, the site is interesting and hilarious without too much of the love type stuff. It is a put off.

        • An says:

          Yep, nothing to be embarrased about imo…

          Just some harmlous sharing of adoring Rafa, just good fun!Some see the humour in it, others are free to not like it, both opinions are fine by me!
          And trust me, i dont stalk him, wont molest him and never have bothered him in real, not even for an autograph or a pic!

          Furthermore, yes it is a shame that his knee is bothering him again and my verry best wishes for his health and happines are with him!

  2. An says:

    Yep…. He does it evry day!
    Making my female instincts go in overdrive!;)

  3. faeaki7 says:

    Not that I would ever complain about any video with Rafa in it, but its just I was shocked to see this when the A/0 is over, oh well better late than never! then when I watched I was thrilled especially the second clip its really clear and you get to see him up close, and I agree, loving the tightttt black tee, *phew * is he hot or what here, those strong cudable arms *sighs*
    When I saw him at the wtf’s practicing he looked alot thinner, but here he looks like the fit Rafa again and not so grumpy.
    thanks Atch for this, muchos appreciated!

  4. Atch2 says:

    The coach seemed just as excited as the junior about getting to train with Rafa. Great to hear Rafa chose a few Aussie juniors to practice. It will inspire and give them experience from the professional level. I think that’s what Hewitt was trying to do when he asked Tomic to practice with him during Wimby last yr which then started their conflicts.

    As it turns out Sean Berman that Rafa practiced with was the AO 2010 Boy’s Singles Finalist.

  5. Atch2 says:

    I also luv that the sign in the back said ‘We heart Uncle Toni’ then switches to ‘We heart Rafa’.

  6. Jinx says:


    I admit I don´t like moralizer :-(

    ***freethoughts*** :-) VAMOS chicas!!!!

  7. ejl says:

    thanks to fatos for the link.. D Young’s tough experience of playing on court wetted by ballboy who failed to hold back and peed amused me slightly but the last part thoroughly cracked me up…
    “Tell me Nikolay Davydenko isn’t going to beat Federer in the quarters? Davydenko may have been refreshingly charming in his press conferences. He may own recent victories over Federer and Nadal. He may be “the best tennis player on the planet for the past three months,” as the esteemed Richard Evans wrote on FoxSports.com. But compared to Federer — and most players — he’s an aesthetic disaster on the court. Send him away, Roger, if you don’t mind.”
    buut..now i have to upset ejl reminding her that being so called “aesthetic disaster” is relatively better than constant struggling against extra kgs:((

  8. faeaki7 says:

    I don’t think I have seen as many articles about Nadals knees as I have lately, boy its so depressing and the critics well they just love to be right don’t they. Comon Rafa, doooo something! shut these journalists up pleeeaase, my heads gonna explode.