Rankings: Feb 1st

Deep breaths, people – we knew this was coming.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Federer, Roger 11,350 0 19
2 Djokovic, Novak 8,310 +1 21
3 Murray, Andy 7,800 +1 18
4 Nadal, Rafael 7,670 -2 19
5 Del Potro, Juan Martin 6,400 0 21
6 Davydenko, Nikolay 5,290 0 26
7 Roddick, Andy 4,150 0 20
8 Soderling, Robin 3,375 0 26
9 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 3,235 +1 24
10 Cilic, Marin 2,970 +4 23


48 Responses

  1. MissusNadal says:

    Sad, sad, sad. It’s gonna go downhill from there if he misses more tournaments. But, this is better than risking his knee injury. I  Nadal, nonetheless!

  2. Mary A says:

    NOOOOO! Why did this happen to us?? Why Rafa??Why??? You are a much better player than Murray and Djokovic, just get back on your knees boy!

  3. Nic says:

    So sad to see Rafa leave his rightful place of top 2. Not since 2005! Such staying power. Such an amazing feat. Seems like such an injustice but like ge said, this is normal when you are out of competition. So it really doesn’t ‘mean’ anything. Just not used to seeing it I guess.

  4. groundstroke says:

    no 4.. i hope he is not on the way down, important is that he need to recover well on the 4 weeks and to get back from there. got a lots more things to do and to be worry, his opponent all catching up especially the top 10 players and just hope that there will be no further injuries.

    with the things going now, i am really wonder whether he will be as dominent as before in the clay, winning all the titles he participated in clay? or still trying hard to win a title on his favorite surface?

    take good care rafa.

  5. dutchgirl says:

    Well, it isn’t the ranking we all like to see, that’s for sure. But a number is only a number and the most important thing is seeing Rafa winning big matches, and the rest will follow.
    I’m sure he’s capable of finding the way up again (but if not, I still love him!)

    • CC says:

      I agree, dutchgirl, I hope he can see this as a challenge and that it can put extra fire on his coals (can you say that?!) this season!

      • An says:

        If you can say it or not…. I agree too!

        I’m not going to tell you it don’t hurt… but the rankings follow with the results, so…
        Onward and upwards from here, because Rafa can!

  6. Stf says:

    I don’t worry too much about the rankings, what matters is that he gets healthy and plays more tournaments. Places 2-4 seem to be very close, points wise. So I suppose that there will be lots of ups and downs in the next few months. Rafa has Indian Wells to defend but Murray has Rotterdam and Miami, which should be interesting to see.

    Let’s not forget it’s clay season pretty soon, less painful on the body and more of his comfort zone so he could play so much better there because he knows he’s the best on clay. And then, come RG and Wimby, he doesn’t have many points to defend, so that could be good for him. Not sure how Roger will be able to defend both GS, so it should be a very interesting year.

    • Atch2 says:

      Was puttg off findg the latest rankgs, but its not as bad as i imagined. 2-4 are close & within reach. I think its a positive motivatn for Rafa to climb bak up beside Fed. Also Murray is not defendg Rotterdam.

      • Stf says:

        Not defending, as in not going to play at all? Because if that’s the case and if I’m getting the rankings point system right, Murray will lose 500 points, Rafa will lose 300. The difference between them is just 130 points, which means that after Rotterdam…Rafa will be number 3, just 70 points ahead of Murray?

        Or am I just mistaken somewhere?

        • miri says:

          I just looked and Murray’s not on the player list for Rotterdam. Interesting. On his website, however, he shows Marseille (a 250 he didn’t play last year) and Dubai (a 500 that he didn’t make quarter of last year) on his schedule before Indian Wells.

          • Stf says:

            So he’d regain his number 3 spot anyway before Indian Wells…well, just checking anyway. ;) Still, both tournaments will be interesting to watch. In the Marseille tournament, Delpo will be there and Dubai…well, it looks tough. Should be interesting to see how these affect the rankings.

          • Atch2 says:

            I saw Murray at Mel airport when I was departing too and asked if he was ok with yesterday (final’s match) and he mumbled something (stupid question I know). My Dad then said that he is a champion and he will a grand slam soon. I then asked if he was defending Rotterdam and he said no, he was going to Marseille. His skinhead trainer then took a photo with of us with Murray and he gave a little smile (he looked Gandalf sized and my dad and I looked like little hobbits standing beside him). Looked really still down in the dumps, but he still signed autographs and took photos with people.

            Then an hour later the Federers came and checked into the same counter as Murray. Big queue for Fed. People took lots of photos of him behind the rope and he signed autographs. I got one too and told him he might be on the same flight as Murray (to Doha or Dubai), and Fed said smiling, maybe we can play tennis on the plane, continue the tiebreak. Then Mirka and Fed’s mum came thru carrying the twins. Sweet looking babies.

            • CC says:

              Sweet story, Atch2. Thank you!

            • nic says:

              Awesome way to cap off your trip! Can’t believe you got to see both Muzz and Fed. Sweet timing. And got a word in to each of them. Good on ya! :) They both sound pretty nice, giving their time at the airport. Must have been crazy when Fed was there. And with the twins too. Wow, so Murray not defending Rotterdam. Wonder why the switch to Marseilles.

              • Emma R says:

                He’s swapped a few things round this year eg the prep for the AO, must be trying new things to boost his chances of Slam success.

                Hope the poor thing didn’t end up sitting next to Rog on the plane, that would have been a bit much after being so upset on Sunday!

            • annabelle says:

              I thought Federer had his own private plane that he and his family flew in. I can’t imagine that he would have given that up, especially now that he has the twins.

              • Emma R says:

                I think I read somewhere that Roger has an arrangement with an airline that he can basically ring up and get a plane provided on request – as opposed to actually owning one. I remember discussing it last year at Wimbledon when Mirka was about to pop, and wondering how she coped with flying that late on.

            • faeaki7 says:

              Oh thats awsome Atch, thanx for the update!

  7. Courtney says:

    Hard to believe he had a distant shot at regaining #1 back during the WTF and only two months later is #4. Sigh. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t slip to #5 or lower after the American swing and the clay court tournaments if he doesn’t defend his titles–imagine the possible draws for RG! That will probably scare all the other top players (I mean, to have Rafa in your quarter), but it could be bad for Rafa as well. We’ll see…

  8. Isabelle says:

    I guess it may sound trite or stupid but he is always my number 1, and his health comes first. He will be back, there is too much desire and fire in him to keep him down!

    • killian says:

      Not trite or stupid at all! I am totally with you, Isabelle. He is #1 in our hearts and #1 in ‘smarts’ for taking care of his beautiful body!! He will be back, stronger than ever!

  9. VamosRafa says:

    Number 1 or 10 this will be in several years unimportant but GS will be in memory for ever! He should save his knees for Paris and London. The most important in the history are GS!

  10. faeaki7 says:

    Yes this is hard to see, even harder than Rafa would like to admit prehaps, but we all knew this after his withdrawal and prehaps before hand since defending Australia was going to be a push too soon. I agree vamosRafa, I want him to stay healthy for the RG and Wimbledon period when he has few points to defend.

  11. ejl says:

    this year aussie put me out a bit.. first rafa ..then another hope failure from henin but still think she’s made a great comeback..well in a nutshell, none of my favourites succeeded. now i’m fairly looking forward to possitive affairs..loved cc’s comment and agree that this ranking result’ll serve like a challenge to him. well,put ur best foot forward man! and throw cold water on them who gonna to size u up according this ranking :))vamoos

  12. tiemyshoe says:

    In the grand scheme of getting draws, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the top 4 – they’ll all get their own quarters anyway.

    I just hope he can stay in the top 4 until RG, which might be iffy considering how many points he’s got to defend. So … wishing for a solid defense of points by Rafa (I think Miami and Madrid are really the only places where he can gain points at all), and a crap spring for DelPo.

    • miri says:

      Exactly. The worst problem with being 4 instead of 1 or 2 is that he doesn’t automatically know half of the draw he’ll be in and thus his start day. But…5? That’s a big change.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        It’s all contingent on Rafa’s form anyway. If he wants to win again, he needs to be able to beat top-10ers, period. If there’s a scenario where he drops to 5 and ends up meeting, say, Federer in a quarterfinal, BUT he’s playing well and is healthy, I wouldn’t feel less confident about his chances than if they were meeting later. If that makes any sense.

        • miri says:

          Yep, yep…I’m just thinking that the 1-4 ranking gives him one more round in the tournament to build confidence. Especially in 1000s – with a bye in the first round, he could meet a top 10 player with very few matches under his belt.

          But still, like you say, bottom line is how he’s playing. No matter what his ranking number is, it’s up to him to make it through a tournament.

        • Ch F says:

          I agree. It is very important that he doesn’t drop lower than No4 for the reasons you’ve mentioned. Therefore he cannot afford to skip IW and Miami. It took him so much time to get his rhythm and level of play back that I wonder what will happen in a month. Most importantly he hasn’t been calm when he had to, that’s the one thing he hasn’t found. He was close though and I hope he can take it from there. I don’t think he’ll have doubts about his game again, since he payed very well after his injury and now knows he hasn’t lost his touch, but I’m guessing he’ll trust his body much less than before.

          • Emma R says:

            OK. If he isn’t to drop to 5, what would he have to do in the US hardcourt tournaments, and what would Delps not have to do or vice versa? I cannot get my head around the points system enough. The memory of Delps knocking him out of Miami is all too vivid, so he would have more points to defend there, but what about IW – and is he definitely out of IW? Can he lose enough and Delps gain enough points to reverse the places before the clay court season starts? Help.

          • GB says:

            I don’t think he can afford to play IW & Miami for the sake of rankings, he has to listen to his body (if it turns out there are lingering concerns after this rest). I agree that all the breaks have interrupted his rhythm and that, in the best case scenario, he would play ASAP to try and not lose the ‘improves’ he’s made at the start of the season. However, the most critical thing is getting to RG in the best possible shape. Having to stop during the clay season/ or having flare ups there would be disastrous.

            • Emma R says:

              Yes I agree totally. I also think that re-starting after injury on the clay courts would be easier for him than going back onto the hards which has never been his best surface, and plus is more jarring on the body anyway.

              • Ch F says:

                It goes without saying that he should play only if his body can afford it. For me that’s a given fact. What I meant was that if he is healthy, he’d probably prefer to play some tournaments before RG so he can arrive in Paris with some momentum.

  13. xta says:

    the ranking system tracks wins, nothing else…not the caliber of play, not the player’s character or heart, just points for wins…
    so, c’mon rafa fans — over the last 12 months (with rafa injured, then sidelined, for some of that time) three people in the tennis world had more wins than rafa…
    it’s normal, no ???
    vamos, little buddy — be well !!!

  14. Mel says:

    Someone here made a good point, that in the big scale of things no-one will remember if Rafa drops down to 5 or what not. Can anyone remember where Aussie was ranked prior to the French in 1999? I bet not, but everyone knows (well should know) that he won the French and completed his career Grand Slam.

    Yep dropping out of the top 4 would make life a bit tougher but then who would be more scared? Rafa or his opponent. Henin has shown by getting through a tough draw as a wildcard at the Aussie that anything is possible (I wish she had won but Im sure she will the French).

    Rafa doesnt seem to be having much luck at the moment, and its those one of two points that can cost dearly. In the semi-final Murray had a ball hit the net and then go dead on Rafa’s side at a critical point. I have a feeling that it is all going to turn around.

    Vamos Rafa!!

  15. Mel says:

    Sorry I meant to say Agassi not Aussie – that was a blonde moment!

  16. Lou Lou says:

    Perhaps, it was weird for me, Rafa being seeded second at Australian Open, just coz it was his 1st and only Grand Slam he won as World No.1. The feeling only lasted momentarily, all I cared about how he played and how far he’d go. Same goes being #4.

    All I ask of him is he plays for however long he can. I’d rather have these gaps in seasons and low ranking, than see him over play and shorten his career.

  17. jba says:

    i read that muzz won’t be playing at rotterdam so rafa will be number 3 before playing at indian wells. anyway, i agree that ranking is just a number and that the only way for him to get back anyway is to win tournaments. so as long as he’s has the will to win then that’s all that matters. the rankings will just follow with that. i’m glad that he’s more concerned about his game rather than the rankings. he has been playing better in comparison to the last quarter of the year last year so i think that things can only go uphill from here. i know that a lot of critics have written rafa off but i honestly believe that 2010 will be a good year for rafa and if not then he has so many more years ahead of him. i’m looking forward to the clay season because i know that rafa would feel at home. vamos rafa!

  18. Amanda says:

    Deep breath peeps! All will be well again in Rafaland!

  19. emir says:

    i give a long break to watching tennis….but still the most important thing for me TO SEE RAFA FIT AGAIN…i think he shouldnt put too much pressure on him self like I HAVE TO WIN A MAJOR THIS YEAR….history shows great players can find form from nowhere and have amazing year after dissapoint times…maybe thats the road way of rafa,because if he puts too much pressure on him self like DO OR DIE I HAVE TO WIN FRENCH OPEN,thats not the right sycology….i hope he will reduce hard court events and concentrate on clay and grass and US OPEN FOR HARD COURT TENNIS….maybe a time come for rafa to have calendar like williams sisters..as i said before he shouldnt think like i have to win a major thing…djokovic doesnt win anything since 08 ao, murray yet to win a slam,roddich since 03 us open doesnt win a major,i am hundered percent sure they arent in a position like DO OR DIE POSITION…rafa already achieved so much shouldn put himself in a position like that…things might get even worse but i still beleive there will be some GOOD DAYS AS WELL….as he said bad luck isnt ENTERNAL…..

  20. Rose says:

    I believe that a very bad phase is always followed by a good phase. Just look at Fed he cried at AO 2009 and won FO 5 months later. I think Rafa is overdue for his good phase (WTF was the lowest point of the bad phase I think)


  21. faeaki7 says:

    I hope you are right Rose, and like someone else said Rafa needs to find his colm on the important points when he is playing the top tenners, if he can get a good win or two then things can turn round for him, injury paring of course!

  22. Rankings are not important when we are talking for someone that should have at least another 7 years of a tennis carreer. Fitness and an injury free body is the key. The rankings will follow if he is able to perform to the level we know he can.
    After Australia Federer solidified his GOAT status in the eyes of more fans. How he did it? Except his amazing talent he is there year after year giving himself a CHANCE. He has this chance because he is fit.
    Would someone who is injured or not 100% have a chance? Of course not. So don’t bother with rankings and focus on him finding a solution and a suitable schedule in order to be able to compeet and have a CHANCE.

  23. rubik says:

    Deep breaths, people – we know this is coming : Nadal will be no 1 again and for quite a while thereafter !

    In the meantime, he will have learned a lot of very important things about both tennis and life, and all of us along with him.

    Go for it, Nadal! We will all be here for you !

  24. jimmy says:

    While Nadal stands to gain several pts in RG and Wimb, he might be ranked very low at the French Open 2010. Following are the points that the top players are defending until F.O 2010:

    1. Federer 2,170
    2. Djokovic 3,090
    3. Murray 2,740
    4. Nadal 4,580
    5. Del Potro 1,285
    6. Davydenko : 460

    Based on the numbers there’s a chance that Nadal may drop below Davydenko (with 5290 total pts) because the Russian is defending only 460 pts this yr (he was out last yr at this time with a foot injury). #7 ranking would mean that Nadal will get a very tough draw at the F.O 2010.

    • Emma R says:

      Thank you for laying that out so clearly, this is the sort of thing I find so hard to get my head around.

      So basically, if he doesn’t have the same uber streak on the clay, and IW this year, given that Delps and Nik have so few points, unless they bomb, he will drop below them. I am sure that is what you just said, but I’m trying to sort it out in my own head.

      Nothing to be done about it, really. He just has to come back when he can and play as well as he can. If (and it’s a big “if”) he can stay injury free, he can hopefully build his momentum and confidence, and get back to form. I really do miss the old days. What struck me hard last year was how relatively complacent I’d been when he was winning everything in sight on clay. Carpe diem and all that.