AO quarterfinal presser

Video here and here.

Transcript: here.


Photos by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images, GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images, and AP Photo/John Donegan

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  1. CJ says:

    thanks for posting this. i caught it on espn, but was wanting to share it with friends that missed it.

    get well, rafa.

    • Saravanan says:

      You are the real champion Rafa!We all know that you will bounce back and conquer the thrown at Paris

  2. rafael3 says:

    what a hard work and then this;) i can’t believe it;) but you are our champion rafa, so you’ll come back even stronger than before;) we love you and support you through this hard moments;) you’re the best;)

  3. teejustice says:


    Have to say that I agree with Rafa’s take on it as far as match play. It was closer than the score may read, but Andy played better on the big points.

    I felt a little better after reading the transcript. But watching him helped more. He seemed disappointed, but more colm than I expected given the look on his before he left court. Here’s to a speedy recovery so you can get back to playing the way you want!

    • miri says:

      Have to say that I agree with Rafa’s take on it as far as match play. It was closer than the score may read, but Andy played better on the big points.

      It was definitely closer than the score looked, but I admit to being a bit worried that he was still having trouble controlling some of his shots – too many UFEs.

      • teejustice says:

        That is true. Maybe part of finding his rhythm still. I think Murray pressed him more often and more consistently than he anticipated and that’s where the colm was lacking on those shots.

        • Rafangel says:

          John Lloyd in the Times: “I don’t think we will see the best of Nadal for another few months. I am not going to write him off yet, even though a lot of people have. But it will take him time.”

          Sensible man. Not least because I agree ;)

          • Rafaligion says:

            Good post from Lloyd. Yes, wait till he’s back on clay to make any dramatic statments. Animo, Rafa!

  4. Rafangel says:

    I think you’re gonna do soon too, angel.

    He’s so chivalrous, bless him.

  5. Kate says:

    I saw some of it too on ESPN – he looked disappointed tho – not the way you want to finish in a grand slam but I am glad that he was wise enough to retire rather than make it worse. We will see him again, the hard courts are not kind to Rafa’s style of play but I would rather him take time out to get fit for the rest of the season.

    • Emma says:

      yes finally he’s made a wise decision in his best interests – a decision that’s right by himself. people who don’t understand him will always want to interpret it in the worst possible light, but rafa, your fans are with you!
      And he has such a long season ahead, and with the clay season coming up, that’s really the best time for him to shine.

  6. GB says:

    I’m so sad for Rafa. The part where he says he didn’t see himself playing ‘his tennis’ again after the WTFs broke my heart to pieces. It’s just not fair that he has to get kicked again, just as he was trying to get back up.:(((((((((((((

    huge, huge hugs Rafa

  7. Emma says:

    it says video is not available?

  8. nic says:

    gorgeous. calm. accepting. optimistic. strong. realistic. steady.
    and tough on the journos when required without being mean. this is why i love rafa so much. what strength of character. it is when we are at our lowest that our character is tested, and rafa always comes out of these situations with grace and honour.

    he doesn’t seem too down. i think he just made a wise move to not push his knees anymore when there are warning signs. he will listen to his body these days. and that will be the key to his longevity. he will gain his confidence again in time, when he’s ready. his game is there. we saw it today. he had a game plan and stuck to it. he just needed a bit more calm, as he said, in the important moments. i think his match with karlovic also showed that he had the mental focus and toughness when it was really required. rafa will be back, stronger than ever. let’s just be there for him, and believe in him, believe in the victory. soon enough rafa, soon xxxxxxxx

    • Rafangel says:

      Every word spot on. Soon…

    • Rafafan says:

      Gosh all the negative I had has just evaporated with your comments. So thank thank you very mcuh Nic. This nearly tipped me over the edge, especially i didn’t even watch it. Got it taped ready to play and had at least 5 people texting me or ringing me with the scores by set when I was at work. God dunno whats worse – not watching the match or watching to see how it all unfolded. His interview is so heart wrentching – I could seriously cry and hug him. I really do think (but he won’t say – this is serious stuff his knee business. God if he doesn’t win the french and still has the same problem will he survive? – will his fans survive? I am feeling even worse than what happened at the fo or when he pulled out at wimby last year). Thank you Nic for trying to brighten it up

  9. CC says:

    Hm…I want to say something sensible, but not quite sure what. Just like Rafa says here, that he can’t speak about the knees when it only happened half-an-hour ago, I guess we can’t comment until we know.
    I will anyway.
    I think it’s the tendonitis. I think he needs to learn to deal with this pain. I think he needs to learn to rest to make it better if he wants to carry on playing. I think he knows this. I think he seems to be making some changes already. So I will stay positive.

    • miri says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised – tendonitis is chronic and can often only be managed, not done away with entirely as long as one is still engaging in the activity that brought it about in the first place.

      • CC says:

        Yep, and if it is the tendonitis bothering him again, I cannot help but think that sleeping with cables and “lying on the sofa” for two months might not have been quite enough to help the situation. Add to that going back playing a full on rest of season and training like a maniac in the off season.


        But that’s just me… :)

        • k says:

          I think he will be like Gonzo..Gonzo also has tendinitis, when he feels pain in his knees he rests for 1 or 2 weeks and comes back again. This year he retired in 2 or 3 tournaments because of that. I guess the reason Rafa had to stop for 2 months is he kept playing with the pain for 2-3 months. If i’m not wrong this also was the case in his previous injuries. Now that he stops immediately, i think he will ger better faster.

        • GB says:

          I’m really, really scared if it’s the tendinitis, because the season has barely started. I knew Rafa’d always struggle with it, unfortunately, but was hoping that, with schedule management etc, he could avoid it happening before Wimby. Now, it just kinda feels like a crap shoot: the season’s barely started, he had all that time out last year and Cahill etc had apparently been talking about how Rafa wasn’t training at full strength at the WTFs etc. So, I really don’t know what formula he can use:(((((((((((((

      • faeaki7 says:

        Thats excatly what it must be,the patella above the knee again and the only cure is rest, well lets hope he has nipped this one in the bud rather than pushing himself to the limits!

    • Rafafan says:

      Hi CC

      I agree but heah this is just the beginning of the season! Look it happened last year at the French Open, now this. It happened the previous year (’08)towards the end and in ’07. It seems to be getting progressively worse. As much as I hate the media getting on his case – they all love him to bits and want to hear that everything is OK – even if its not, coz they know without Rafa the sport of tennis can be a very dull place. I will try and stay positive like you but is the writing on the wall? I am so scared and frustrated – would rather Murray won a few times against our Rafa then see Rafa like this. I have to say I feel sorry for Murray in his interview. I know he likes Rafa really well and he seems as bemused and devastated as the rest of us

  10. g says:

    I’ll refrain from reading anything in the press or blogs cuz most of them are so unkind to him. They’ll engage in kicking someone when they’re down. I need inner peace.

  11. miri says:

    Presser video here; if that doesn’t work, try this.

    Why does the little, “No, no but…” (or something close to that) when trying to sort out a translation tug at my heart strings more than anything else in the video?

    • reemo says:

      You read it so well, I didnt really notice the first time but I watched
      again and I thought there really was a moment there …

    • Ch F says:

      Miri I managed to watch this and I’ll translate as much as I can so please bare with my essay. It’s worth the while to read it, really. Especially what he said in the beginning was just great. Sorry my Spanish isn’t perfect and I can’t hear the questions very well.

      He said he felt his knee towards the end of the second set and from that moment on when the points were a bit longer he felt he had to stretch or that he couldn’t move well. Then in the third he couldn’t even serve well, he couldn’t do anything. So he repeated he’s not the kind to retire but it made no sense to stay there when he couldn’t play well etc. Then someone asked if it’s even more painful to retire and he said when you have to retire after having done everything in your power so that the injury doesn’t come back it’s really sad, but he said you know, other people are in a much worse condition than I am. He said he did as much as he could for the injury never to come back and that if it has come back it’s a little bit of bad luck again, but bad luck isn’t eternal. (He’s great, really)

      He then said all injury is cause of concern (I think someone asked if he thought he will carry this through the whole season) but that he thinks it won’t keep him off court for long, at least he hopes so. (he added that looking down, not very convincing there, and very sad).

      Then he said that during practice he didn’t feel anything and that it could be a strain because he felt pain immediately. Whereas last year in the beginning he didn’t feel it that much and then it hurt more and more every day (for some reason he seemed to be saying this is good). He also mentioned he’s not even certain if it’s the same part of the knee, it could be somewhere close to that area but no, it’s not entirely the same thing.

      He said the next tournament is in Rotterdam in two weeks. He hopes to make it, if not, the one after that. What’s most important is that he played well throughout this tournament and especially today; he was happy with the way he played and was almost at the same level with Andy all the time. He played at his maximum level at times and it has been quite some time since he had done that, so it’s too bad he has to end it like this.

      Last question and he said being No2 or 5 doesn’t mean anything, the most important thing is for him to play the way he did and to be able to win every tournament he plays. What’s sad is to lose and to have to retire with injury. He said he feels sad to go home like this but that in terms of tennis he’s more than satisfied.

      I stand corrected by people who speak Spanish better than I do, but I thought this might help. I thought he was more emotional in the Spanish version of things and seemed more worried.

      • GB says:

        Thanks for that.

        “he added that looking down, not very convincing there, and very sad”. My heart really, really breaks for Rafa:((((((( He may in part be trying to convince himself, but he definitely always tries to minimize injuries for the media. I don’t think he ever walks off that court if he doesn’t think it’s serious, or potentially serious.

        I have fingers and toes crossed for him, but it is very, very scary.

      • miri says:

        Thanks for the translation.

        • Lou Lou says:

          Thanks so much for the translation Ch F. Rafa’s always more vocal & emotional with the spanish press.

          I dunnu, I’m not an expert… but I really do think, this time, his knee or “injury” is not that serious. I know as fans we worry so much… its tough seeing him withdraw coz of the knee, esp after last year when he had to sit out so many months.
          But I rather he sit out one (important) match/tournament than suffer a serious ailment that would keep him away for months, again!

      • Ch F says:

        Oops just noticed the typo there…I meant to write bear with me and not bare, obviously. I used Word for that doc and the autospell obviously worked its magic :-/

  12. CC says:

    Pffft… “A tearful Rafael Nadal…” Well, kiss my arse, Yahoo! I think he sounds pretty confident and pleased with the way he played in the video. That makes me feel with more colm, for some reason.

    Classic Rafa: “I can’t go down, after that, no?”

    Oh, that’s OK, Rafa. I’m not too bothered about that anyway. ;)

    • Ch F says:

      Yes where on earth did they see that? Sad yes, but tearful? They must have been watching another presser.

  13. reemo says:

    Any body noticing, the confidence where he said “and I think I gonna do ,soon ” about winning big matches again .. I am reading into this too much or does he really maybe believe now he is gonna do next time ?

  14. Rafafan says:

    Actually Reemo, I read it the wrong way. I think he said that to keep the press at bay. I wasn’t convinced at all. Sorry – I really really do want to be with positive aktitude. But …..and when he came out with guys heah – the knees happened only half hour ago. Also when he was questioned he says whot or in spanish to give him time to phrase an answer without shooting himself in the foot (or knee?)

    Gosh I am so so low feeling at the mo. I wish I can believe but we all thought this was the end of it the knees….. wouldn’t have minded if Rafa lost fair and square or was slaughtered or off day but the knees coming back this is massive for us fans and the media no?

    • reemo says:

      Well Rafafan , you are taking my only hope of optimism :( .. I really believed he meant it and I was really optimistic about how he played too

      I don’t know … We will just have to wait for the upcoming tournaments

    • sia says:

      Cheer up Rafafan … Rafa actually played a very hot, agressive hard court match today (yesterday ? I’m so confused about the time dif now). He is just going to have to learn how to manage the inflamation in his knees. He is a smart cookie and he will figure it out. I think he just pushed a little too much, was not relaxed so the tension probably aided the injury, he still needs to find his calm in big matches … it will come.

      • Lou Lou says:

        I think he’s going to be fine. Like he said… last year, he kept pushing himself to the limit. Even when he felt pain, he kept playing through it, didn’t let it rest or recover.
        His withdrawal was a precautionary step. He didn’t want to aggravate the pain which could have led to an impending injury, esp at the very beggining of the season!

        I’m so happy with the level he played. It was beautiful to watch. Toe to Toe with Murray!! And I am certain that he will be playing soon! (tho I’d rather he sit out Rotterdam.)

        • Rafafan says:

          Lou Lou – absolutely agree with u. Watched the highlights and I felt Rafa played well. But will have to ask Jimmy who is the xpert!

    • Ch F says:

      I think he just didn’t understand the questions, he tends to ask people to repeat questions in English. In Spanish he answered them immediately without hesitation.

  15. nereis says:

    Spanish presser can be found here, in case anyone is interested.

    • miri says:

      Bleah. Stupid region blocking. Not that I’d understand any of it, but still.

      • teejustice says:

        pffft…why did the spanish commercial play if the video was going to be blocked?!

      • Ch F says:

        Miri I translated as much as I could above, but I clicked reply on the wrong post, it should have been here. Sorry, what I posted above was meant to be here, for the Spanish version. Please find my translation above.

      • nereis says:

        Crap. I thought it’d play since i can see videos from Eurosport UK. Sorry guys :|

        • miri says:

          No worries – thanks for passing it along. I never understand why they limit things to certain region especially since this event is televised world wide.

          • Emma R says:

            Didn’t understand a word, but watched it to try and look at the body language. He seemed to look down more than the English one, and looked sort of “scrunched up” like a target. Maybe I am starting to hallucinate, though. Since Australia started, along with everyone else it seems, I have got such sleep deprivation that I don’t know if it’s 1am or 1pm half the time.

            Agree he did not look tearful so whichever sensationalist journalist wrote that can bugger off.

            Do not think anyone can be clear about the knees until he has been properly checked out – including him.

    • CC says:

      Dios mio! So beautiful. Thank you, nereis.

  16. Nada H T says:

    Just saw the videos :(

    It broke my heart :'(

    Rafa is so … strong to try to answer these questions


    We Will Always Be Watching For You ;)

  17. faeaki7 says:

    I have also thought about something that might not have helped Rafa either was the firework break, when you have been playing at such a high level with intense rallies like this then you have to suddenly stop for 9 mins, the body stiffens up, its no wonder, if Rafa had any pain this would for sure have made it alot worse. Just wanted to confirm that. This is all really hard for Rafa, but I will support him no matter what. There will never be another Rafael Nadal.

    • Karen says:

      When the fireworks break came I said to myself, why can’t they just stay on court and knock up? I’m sure both players would have rather done so instead of sitting and cooling down. Stupid fireworks! They could of had them at the end of the match.

  18. Rafa Fan says:

    rafael nadal had a hard match yesterday but he tried his hardiest to get more points.. He is still my no.1 tenniis player

    Get well soon <3

  19. Mel says:

    All the best for a fast recorvery Rafa, I was devasted after seeing him retire and thought that could be the end of the season for him, but reading hsi interview he seems pretty positive about the whole thing.

    Im really happy that he has learnt not to keep on playing when hurt and is learning to take better care of himself.

    Vanos Rafa – look after yourself and cant wait to see you biting some more trophies in a few months!!