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  1. Lou Lou says:

    The match was SOOOOOO close. Rafa played beautifully. Yes, it’s sad he retired but I don’t think it’s gonna hold this amazing kid back too long. He’ll be back on his feet in no time!

    Is he gonna be like he was in 2008 or start of 2009? I dunnu but will he come back(SOON) and WIN WIN WIN.. Errr…. HELL YA!!!!

  2. faeaki7 says:

    Love your optimism Lou Lou. Rafa will never be what he was, but that could mean we get to see more explosive, aggressive tennis like today, wasn’t some of it spectacular? he is somethin to watch when in full flow, god tennis seems so flat – Rafa!

    • Mjnanny says:

      I so agree!! He is something to watch when he us on!! I have been watching tennis for 35 years ( good lord!!) I have never seen anyone lie him…pretty sure I have never cried a large part of day when anyone list, even my beloved Sfefan Edberg!!

  3. Mjnanny says:

    My phone is malfunctioning, please forgive my typing errors!

  4. Maja says:

    Is this his first retire in his career? :( :sad:

    • Ch F says:

      No it isn’t bit I think it’s the first in a Grand Slam.

      • faeaki7 says:

        Yes Ch F I think it is his first in a GS. Its terrible, but from one point of view, Rafa has played through pain on too many occassions and if by doing things the right way even if it pains him mentally, it keeps him in the game, then so be it. What I am trying to say is maybe the ole Rafa would have played on, like mind and heart over matter and caused further damage in the process, and us fans would be none the wiser until something happened like last season, so prehaps this is a good thing?

        • reemo says:

          yes, but one must wonder, he played through USO with abdominal tear vs JMDP .. and this retirement is just ???

          I mean what are the motivations,
          Did he want to complete career grand slam with USO ?
          Is the injury harder this time ?
          Was he struggling to find his game back then and didn’t want to quit while there, where now he found it so he can rely on coming back once he is better ?

          I dont know, I just wish that the injury is worse than the USO one

          • reemo says:

            Obviously , I meant the injury is NOT worse than the USO .. please GOD , let it be a small one !!!

            • reemo says:

              One last thought came to my mind … I think we have been a really spoiled fans .. I mean, he goes on and on and pushes on himself and now we believe, he can do magic and get though all .. play with injuries …

              On a second thought , well done on the retirement when injured Rafa, I am really just concerned about how bad it is given that he always fought ..

              • k says:

                I guess that is because a torn abdominal muscle is painful, but it is not as bad as a knee injury. Even if he tears his muscle 15mm like he did in US Open, a few weeks of rest would heal him. But a knee injury takes a lot to heal and is too risky. That is why he quitted immediately i guess, not that it was that bad but it could be a lot worse if he continued.

        • Ch F says:

          Totally agree. Or the doctors might have warned him against playing on if he felt any pain. There’s just so much we don’t know. I could think of many scenarios but I decided not to go down that road since we will know, eventually, and there is nothing more we can do right now than hope. And support him, of course.