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  1. miri says:

    EuroSport interview with very out of synch audio

    • CC says:

      Pretty funny with that audio, when it’s like Annabel has Rafa’s voice and Rafa has Mats’ voice. They both want to do him. I’m sure Mats and Rafa are playing footsies under that table when we can’t see. :)

      Oh, and Rafa’s legs…


  2. faeaki7 says:

    great practice vids, glad Uncle Toni is around now. He is important for Rafa more mentally I feel.
    Rafa looks so shy here being interviewed by Matts and Annabelle, he never reveals too much, I hope he isn’t going to be nervous tommorow, its another big top 10 player at a crucial time for him, I am going to be so nervous watching, gonna need something to colm’ those nerves, anyone got any suggestions on getting through matches like these, my heart races so much, I find it really hard to watch and yet I can’t help myself, saying “why do I put myself through this” oh the stress of being a Rafa fan!!!
    Well maybe the only cure is a Rafa win? *sighs*

    • Rafafan says:

      What would you rather watch it or be at work and not watch it wondering ………… U R so lucky!

  3. CC says:

    Fuzzy haired Rafa dealing with Scottish accent:


  4. CC says:

    O-M-F-G… Have you seen the vids Rafa has put on his facebook page today?! If not, check them out!!! I think he overslept. I have NEVER seen anything cuter or hotter in my life.


    *comes to*

    Forgot: VAMOS for today, Rafa!

    *faints again*