AO 4th round studio interview

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  1. CC says:


  2. k says:

    I like how he says he has proven himself he can do it (stand close to the baseline and return better). Karlovic match was a good opportunity to test himself, as he had nothing to lose, if he didn’t break Ivo’s serve that was quite normal..:) I was very scared about today’s match, as in their previous matches it was nearly all about tie-breaks. It’s nice that he could break serve 3 times.

    • Ch F says:

      Yes that nothing to lose thing, I was wondering myself whether he was calmer because of that. But I’d rather think he was more focused than usual because he knew he had to. He needs that against Murray, he cannot afford to insist on one game plan, he has to mix well and adjust. He did react to Karlovic’s shots, especially those that landed inside the service box that weren’t exactly drop shots but had a very low bounce. After having some trouble with those he anticipated more and got to the ball faster.

  3. mary says:

    Looking cute & adorable as usual. Does anyone know when he is playing next. Is it tuesday?

  4. faeaki7 says:

    Rafa you are the epitomy of cuteness.

    Nice relaxed interview, he sure was missed at Wimbledon, the tennis world was really flat during that time, we all felt his absence, it certainly is good to have you back Rafa!

    I wasn’t so worried about this match, I had the belief that Rafa would expose Karlo’s lack of movement on the court, and even the he used the chipped slice to Rafa’s backhand side to effect it eventually broke down and so did his serve, Rafa was on to all of them.

    Its the match against Andy I fear, Andy is a very clever player, and his defense like Rafa is phenomenal, has good serve, good volleys, drop shots to be expected when playing Rafa, lobs and so forth, Rafa will have to hold strong here and not get beat up about mistakes, stay focused like he did today and attack the 2nd serve of Andy’s like he did Karlo’s, there will be no room for slip ups or mental walkabouts here. Its going to be stressful thats for sure. Murray has spoken of how he believes he can beat Rafa in this match.

    • Stf says:

      Murray is pretty confident these days but I do think that Rafa can beat him. I watched a bit of Murray’s match with Isner, I honestly didn’t think that he played superb tennis, he is beatable. I think he played just enough to beat Isner, very few unforced and quite a few winners. Good match but he’ll have to do tons more to beat our Rafa.

      I think Rafa needs to be completely concentrated like you all said he was in the match with Karlovic. It’s a really important match and if he manages to beat Murray, then I think that it’ll be a huge confidence boost for him, enough for him to beat anyone, I think. I have faith in Rafa. It’s a potentially epic match and I hope our Rafa prevails. ;)

      • ava says:

        i think if rafa beats muzz he’s gonna win the whole thing. but beating muzz will be very difficult

        • dutchgirl says:

          It will be difficult, but somehow I feel very much *at colm* about the upcoming match. Maybe because Rafa showed us today that he can concentrate the entire match and focus on what he has to do to win. Also, because in the interview with Jim Courier he seemed so relaxed about competing with Murray.
          Vamos Rafa!

    • Ch F says:

      Murray is always confident and always says he can beat his opponents. Like Rafa always says his opponents are dangerous and difficult to play against. I do believe Murray can beat Rafa if Rafa plays a Kohlschreiber (sorry if I slaughtered that) type of match, but if he is as focused and sensitive to the opponent’s game as he was against Karlovic, he can win. In that match, after being a bit tense and slow in the first few games, he did everything right: stepped it up when he had to, conserving his energy levels up until then and channeling it perfectly. And finally, he served things out easily, with the exception of the second set where he got broken.
      The level of focus against Murray, in my opinion, is important because Rafa has to both surprise and irritate Murray, who doesn’t like it when you mess up his game. He has to use all the weapons he used against Karlovic and a few more, since Murray isn’t the kind of guy who will choke in rallies or succumb to scoreboard pressure.

      • Stf says:

        If anything, Murray is good at rallies and can even outplay Rafa. But I think that Rafa knows that he has to concentrate and that this is a very serious match. I think his lack of consistency in previous matches came from the fact that he had no real challenge and that maybe he knew that eventually, he would prevail, hence the loss of concentration. He knows that he needs to be 100% there if he wants to beat Murray but if he manages to irritate Andy by spoiling his game, victory will be his.

  5. Rafafan says:

    Miri – not sure what site to put this on? I will copy it on to the main one too?

    This is a blinder with Jim and Rafa interview. If anyone knows about tennis playstation game – I have one too! My son is always Fed and I am always Rafa (I always lose coz Rafa is just running 2 metres behind the baseline. How true is this. Can’t wait to show my 12 year old son – he will laugh his head off.

    And with the rest of the interview – I am just gobsmacked how so funny, hilarious he is and how so much the crowd love him. Jim – what an interview! 10 out of 10

  6. nic says:

    This is the most adorable Rafa interview. He’s so relaxed and freshly showered and glowing from the victory over the tough game (or more like serving) of Karlovic. I like when they showed him pumping his fist so dramatically and he agreed he was really excited at that point haha. Too cute. Also love that they brought up how he was missed last year, aaww made him feel pretty emotional I think. What a sweetie pie Rafa. Great job today!!!

  7. Nada H T says:

    WOOOOW RAFA looks amazing ! :)

    So confident, excited, and .. !! everything !

    Sorry I couldn’t see the match because of the timing :( it sounds

    that it was a very good match. I hope I will be able to see the

    next match :)

    Good luck for Rafa against Murray

  8. hesitation says:

    My head says Murray will win over Rafa. He’s a real tactician. good luck for Rafa though.

  9. Missy says:

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! Most charismatic player on tour! Can he BE any cuter?! I mean, REALLY!

    I cannot stop beaming! :D

    Also, I really like the effect they used in the highlights (with that marker following Rafa around). It makes him look like a video game! :))

    Rafa….you are such a gorgeous honey-pie, I just can’t…..
    Fantastic tennis today. Keep it up! Everything that I said about your serve here:
    was proven to be true.

    VAMOS! You are a Champion! <3

  10. kalliopeia says:

    He sometimes seems to get lost in English. Like he talks for awhile and then pauses, and it really seems like he isn’t sure what he just said and starts wondering if he said it correctly and then that derails him completely and then he’ll end with a stock “So I have to play my best, no?” hahaha.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Heh. I get like that when I’m speaking English, too. And it’s my first language.

      Well, minus the part where I say “I have to play my best, no?” Usually.

      • kalliopeia says:

        Well I do too, but when I do it it’s just embarrassing. When he does it it’s endearing.

        I think you should add “I have to play my best, no?” just for fun.