AO 4th round presser

Photo by AP Photo/Andy Wong

The presser transcript is up on the Official site.

Q. Are you playing as well as you would like to at this stage, with a view to playing the final? Is your form to your liking?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, sure. I started the season well. You know, today the match is probably one of the most difficult matches to play well because is without rhythm all the time.

So the victory is the only thing in this kind of match, no? I did. I think I returned aggressive. When I had a chance to touch the ball, I did well. So I happy for that.

Yes, Rafa – you touched the ball well.

Q. How difficult is it to imagine where the serve is coming? You study the serve of an opponent before or you guess.

RAFAEL NADAL: No, no. You try to see where he put the ball, where he tosses the ball. But you know a lot of times he change, so… I thought was there, and was there (indicating the other side).

So just, you know, is like a penalty. You go to one place.

Total crap shoot, but sometimes Rafa guessed well.

Q. You always play every point very strong. Against that kind of player, is it more important, every point is more important, than any other player?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, sure, no, because first thing, if you lose one time your serve, probably you lose the set. And second thing, when you return, you have to be focused, hundred percent focused all the time, because you have to wait your chance. If he had some mistake with the first serve, try to be there all the time. Or if you can return well a few first serves is the only chance to have the break, no?

If you are not focused all the time, is impossible.

And the good new is that you were concentrate well today.

Q. How were you feeling at the start of the third set?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I was a little bit unlucky in the end of the second set, in that game, with two nets and one return, strange return. Anyway, I had mistakes in that game.

Later, he was playing a little bit better, no? But I was there and just wait my chance, be focused on my serve, try to not have more mistakes in my serve, and wait the chance on the return. I think I was returning really well when I had the chance to touch the ball.

The game that won Ivo taht second set was totally weird. A miss-hit winner for a break? Sheesh.

Q. Andy was pretty impressive tonight. Do you feel like this is a really big test for him, where he can play you when it really matters instead of in smaller tournaments? Is this a big moment whether he can stand up or not?


Q. Yes.

RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t think Andy have to show nothing to nobody, no? He have enough results to be confident of win a Grand Slam or win everything. No, for me is not a test for him, no? He can win, he can lose. But, anyway, he gonna have a lot of chances to win a Grand Slam, and he gonna do for sure.

You go, Rafa.

Q. Is it a more difficult test for you than you would like at this stage of the tournament?

RAFAEL NADAL: No. That’s the draw, no? No, I happy. The important thing, I am in quarterfinals, losing only two sets. I think I am okay. And I have to play better next match if I really want to have chances to win. That’s what I gonna try. Is one of the more difficult players to play against, Andy. I have to play my best tennis.

And that’s the way it should go: you have improve each round. Yes, Murray is going to be a tough test, but it should be an exciting match.

Q. What do you think of your record against top‑10 players over the last eight months?

RAFAEL NADAL: Let me know what do you think?


Q. You tell us.

RAFAEL NADAL: The numbers are the numbers. So probably is not the best moment in my career against the top 10, no? But two weeks ago I was one point away, no?

You aren’t going to get him to go there, so why try? :)

Q. Is it an issue with confidence at all?

RAFAEL NADAL: You know, you have some up and downs in your career. And probably the last eight months or six months, I had more problem than usual with my knees, later with the abdominal. And I don’t know what’s gonna happen after tomorrow.

But, you know, I am here to fight. Nobody can ask me more when I try all my best all the time, no? So, you know, if I lose another time in two days, I gonna try in next tournament. If not, next. And if not, next.

So the important thing is don’t have loses against the players that you have to win. So I did very well that last eight months, too. I didn’t had bad loses outside of top‑10 players. So when you are there all the time, finally you win.

See? He won’t go there.

Q. Which would you prefer, for you to win the Australian Open or for Spain to win the World Cup?

RAFAEL NADAL: What kind of question is that? Is no chance to answer this question, no?

I think, yeah, first of all, is yourself, so after is your team. And the Spanish team for sure is very important for me. But I think is one of the more strange questions I answered in my life.


Q. You spoke about your knees giving you trouble. How are you physically? Are you fine for right now at this stage?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I’m perfect, yeah.

Perfect, indeed.

Q. You talked about Murray being a very difficult opponent. What is the hardest part about playing Andy Murray?

RAFAEL NADAL: First thing is he is very good. Yeah, he’s one of the most talentest players on tour. He can play offensive, he can play defensive. He can do a lot of things during the same match. So that’s a most important thing.

Later, he’s a big player and he’s a winner. Yeah, is important. Is very important player.

Talentest. :D

30 Responses

  1. CC says:

    F-ckin ‘ell! Are NO other questions these guys can ask, than the football and the top 10 ones?! They’re not very “talentous” these journos, are they? ;)

  2. Suzanne says:

    Good new; Rafa is with colm, handling this soofrace very well, and as you said, Miri, perfect indeed. Every two days I feel better about my poll vote…a big “W” and a wombat, or a koala, or a kangaroo will be there for him to snuggle on the plane ride home!

    • Suzanne says:

      BTW, I just love his ripping the “strangest question I’ve answered in my life.” Cute and sweet while putting these goobers in their proper place.

    • Ch F says:

      Well since we saw camels in Doha they might as well bring out the kangaroos in Melbourne. Why not (ok, kidding).

  3. rubik says:

    Lord! That was a heck of a lousy journalist, that one! It’s really hard to believe that the no 2 tennis player in the world had to put up with such lousy questions from a journalist at an official presser after he has just WON an 1/8 final match at a grand chelem event! Don’t they have any screening procedures for journalists at these official grand chelem pressers?

    • Ch F says:

      Rafa just doesn’t care really, no? He is so true to himself and honest he sort of disarms everyone. For a person who has to deal with press conferences in a language he doesn’t handle 100% I’d say he really comes across as being firm and in control but not as being blunt.

  4. arwen says:

    the real TORUC MACTO of the tour.

    go rafa we believe in you…..

  5. kefuoe says:

    You know some of the fan questions from the blog are more interesting and insightful than the ones these journalists come up with.

  6. nic says:

    This has to be the most frustrating ****ing presser ever!!! Sheessh, I’m so pissed just reading it I can’t imagine how Rafa goes through the whole thing with a calm head and such good nature. He is just too gorgeous beyond belief. Omg it annoys the heck out of me reading the whole darn thing. Stupid stupid questions. Yup, football again, yup, how you feeling physically, record against top 10 players, etc. Give us a break and give Rafa a break, c’mon! Love how he said that stupid question about the world cup was the strangest he’s ever answered. Sigh Rafa, if only I could absorb some of that colm from you.

    Sorry guys, just had to vent.

  7. faeaki7 says:

    Yeah they annoy me as well with their lame questioning! its always about his knees, like he needs reminding, “leave him the heck alone will you?” then the reminder about not winning over top10’s or not having a trophy, talk about rub ur face in it.

    I love how he handles them though, he doesn’t give a shit and just gives as good as he gets, and looking drop dead gorgeous while at it.

  8. ejl says:

    it is said that there aren’t silly questions , there are only silly answers but this turns out not to be always true after this presser.. if i’m candid i’ve to say that Rafa’s chewing or munching slightly irritated but not more than the plotless questions.. that journalist with that soccer quest tried to do a kind of original thing but got into Rafa’s trap of ‘mockery’
    as for Rafa, does it seem that he’s going to do a kind of classification of loses: loses against top players and then to the rest..Rafa for the player of ur level beatdown shouldn’t be acceptable even from top 5 seed and don’t even think about having a good flight back home.obviosly u know it won’t be good anyway(somehow i do think that he states this stuff because he is not willing his fans to be exaggerated with confidence)
    Vamos Rafa..keep up offensive game against murray trying to give him as much headache as possible..u can do it ..ur cute as Dickens

  9. Isabelle says:

    As ever, the gracious adorable Rafa answering some of the most moronic questions. He must get so bored with this crap!

    • Karen says:

      Totally agree. He’s adorable beyond belief, both on and off court. Can’t imagine anybody surpassing him in my opinion.