AO Rafa blog & Q&A day 5

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Today’s blog and Q&A are up – but Rafa mentions playing tomorrow? So confused.

Hello everyone. The highlight of my day today? Me and Juan Monaco defeating Moya and Marc Lopez playing soccer at the PlayStation!

That’s a lot of cuteness playing at once.

I know it sounds bad saying this for many reasons … because tennis is why we are here and that is the priority, because it is not nice to promote your own victories, because Moya is older than me and … but it was such an important match, so much tension in it and everything that I had to mention it!

Not because Moya usually beats you? ;)

Moya is known for being the best but Monaco and I are a magic team! We even had spectators in my room: Carlos Costa, my father, Rafa Maymo, Benito, Tuts … they had to go down to the lobby and “pay” by doing push ups! Too funny!

Whenever Rafa’s playing PlayStation, people need to camp out in the lobby with cameras at the ready. Seriously. (Or, you know, not seriously…but…)

For the rest, a good day with a nice practice with Marc Lopez in the morning. Had lunch at the tournament site and then back to the hotel.


Not much to tell today. Still excited about the PlayStation match and, seriously now, thinking a lot about tomorrow’s match.

Hope it goes well!

Me too…even if it means I get no sleep and will be pitiful at work tomorrow.

Q: RAFE, Who is your favourite soccer player?

Lavia, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Right now, mainly the ones in the Spanish national team, specially Casillas, Xavi and Iniesta. I also like players like Kaka or Cristiano Ronaldo

Token footy question!

HOLA Rafael, I think you are an amazing player and hope to see you live in action one day. My question is, do you ever get a cold or flu and feel like not practising or playing a match? And you are constantly following the summer/hot weather too. Do you miss winter?

Heather, Sydney

I try to stay healthy and avoid colds and flu, especially since we cannot take anything in case we get it. I don’t really miss the winter!

I can’t imagine playing tennis with the flu. Hell, I can’t imagine walking briskly with the flu.

RAFA, You’re a great man, on and off the court; thanks for the inspiration.

My question: What would you most like to change about yourself?

Emma, London

Many thanks. I feel I am a very lucky person so I should not be thinking about changing many things.

Just want Karlovic’s serve, right?

RAFA, Is there is ever a time when you are on court that you feel like you want to be somewhere else?

Scott, Melbourne

Sometimes I want to be on the previous point that I won. I like to compete so I have to say I enjoy playing, win or lose (better to win obviously)

Cheeky, that first sentence is.

RAFA, IT was funny when the lady in the crowd asked you to marry her. I saw it on TV and loved your reaction, you couldn’t help smiling!

How do you feel knowing that so many ladies of all ages would love to marry you? Your girlfriend is very lucky!

Juliette, UK

Hahahahahahahaa. I can only laugh. It was very kind. I suppose we would need to know each other more to go that much further, right?

I don’t think that would be any problem for anyone offering…

HOLA Rafa, You’ve often said that after retirement you want to lay low for a while, buy yourself a boat, take your time and go fishing and play golf.

But I’ve always wondered, since you make for SUCH a great model, if you’d ever consider taking up modelling, maybe as a part-time thing, after retirement. It would be an absolute treat for us fans!


NOPE, never. Not me, that’s for sure…

Something tells me he really hates doing photoshoots…

HI Rafa,
My name is Marina. I am Serbian but I live in California. I met you in Indian Wells last year. You are amazing. I love your game and your charisma. I will be in Indian Wells again. I hope I see you.

My question for you is, will you attend Serbia Open this year? Much love from your biggest fan.

Marina, California

HI Marina. Unfortunately I won’t be able to since my calendar is really full and I can’t play every week. Imagine, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome, Belgrade and Madrid all back to back … too much indeed.

Yep, too much.


HI Rafa, Ever since youve come on the ATP World Tour you have had long hair. It is your trademark, but I would you would ever consider cutting your hair short?

Deidre, Sydney

It is much shorter now!

Indeed. And, as long as the ear section isn’t mucked up (either cut bad or sticking out in a big bump over the ears), it looks good.

HOLA Rafa!
I know you like sweet things, but what is you favourite type of chocolate? Milk, white or dark?

Kim, London


The sweeter kind, of course.

RAFA, What do you do with the gifts from fans? Do you have a favorite gift from a fan?

Daphnee, UK

IT depends what they are. I actually eat the chocolates. :-)

Heee! So, remember – milk chocolates.

HI Rafa, I’m so happy to see you in Australia. I am a fan on your Facebook page. I really enjoy reading your status updates to see where you are and what you’re doing.

I also enjoy seeing your photos. Do you update your own Facebook page?

Bianca, Sydney

YES I do. I do get some help on the translations from my PR guy who makes sure that my English is decent (like here). But I like to do it myself.

Most of the times I do it alone and get the translations by blackberry messenger from Benito.

Blackberry messenger – heh.

RAFA, I am a huge fan of yours and my cubicle at work has your 2010 calendar and many colour photos on the wall. My co-workers tell me my cubicle looks like NBC sportcentre.

They ask me why the love for Rafa and I tell them he is an inspiration to all and always fights until the end with lots of passion.

Keep up the great work Rafa, you are one of a kind.

Geri Fisher, Bradenton, Florida.

Many thanks!!!! Keep it up!

Keep buying stuff!

16 Responses

  1. Yaritza says:

    So he does update his own facebook page? That’s nice..and it means he really did wrote to me, not Benito, no? Ohh, Rafa and chocolates, how yummy..I would always have chocolates for him in our house, and a nice little fondue set so we could melt and have fun with it..*blushing*

  2. CC says:

    I’ve always wanted to know about the cold/flu issue as well. So he just doesn’t get them. How the hell does that work?!

    Anyway, SO adorable. The modelling question is no surprise. I agree, I think he doesn’t like it very much. Too much fuss wiht hairspray.

    Now, I asked the question about so many women wanting to marry Rafa, but exchanged the verb *marry* for a *different one*, as I don’t want to *marry* him. Can’t help but wonder if his reply would have been the same to my question?! :D

    • Eliana says:

      “Now, I asked the question about so many women wanting to marry Rafa, but exchanged the verb *marry* for a *different one*, as I don’t want to *marry* him. Can’t help but wonder if his reply would have been the same to my question?! :D”

      Jaja, love it! Either of those verbs would make me very happy, although if it’s a *different one* it has to be on repeated occasions :P

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hey, Heather from Sydney got both of her questions answered! A rare treat! He is just the cutest human alive. I so love his honesty and innocence…Loved his answer about the proposal; “Hahahahahahahahah, it was very kind.” Reminds me of when that nutburger guy at the US Open ran out and kissed him. He thanked him for being a fan. What a pumpkin-head! I think I’d melt into puddles of pride if I were his mommy!

  4. Necitas says:

    I like KAKA and I love chocolates…Playstations, not much. ‘Glad you had fun yesterday…Good luck on the match later…’Hope you’ll do well! :)

  5. Eliana says:

    Kill me if you want, but I adore that he’s so into Playstation! It reminds me of my college friends some years ago. I also love videogames, chocolates, Cristiano, sushi, oh God we would get along incredibly well. Makes me grin that he was so proud of his V against Moya, I wish there was a video of that moment. I imagine Rafa writing the blog with the biggest smile in his face :)

    BTW his answer to the marriage proposal question, cheeky Rafa teasing us ladies!

  6. Sammy says:

    Does anyone have a link to Rafa’s facebook page?

  7. Amanda says:

    I love the jab at Moya about his age. Too funny!

  8. GC says:

    Am I an idiot? I can’t figure out how to send him a question. The “leave your question for Rafa here” page on the Herald Sun site doesn’t provide an email link or form for me. It is just a photo…Help. I promise I won’t ask a stupid question like whether or not he sleeps in the nude.

  9. Atch2 says:

    Too Rafadorable. Luv that he answers so many questions and the HeraldSun keeps the long question intros.

  10. faeaki7 says:

    Love the answer, “sometimes I just want to be in the previous point that I won”. Love this, his mindset is somethin else.

  11. Emma R says:

    I may be reading too much into it, but does that answer above indicate he is planning to play Madrid 2010? I worry about that a bit and just hope it isn’t a bridge too far again so near the FO.

  12. faeaki7 says:

    Yes I too Emma R, its a real spanner in the works having the Madrid tournament on clay and before RG. There was talk from Rafa about them moving Madrid before Rome as the adjustment of the conditions from Rome to RG would be better rather than the other way round, it really bothers me also, that tourny(Madrid) was a night mare for Rafa, sure he had a superb win over Djokovic but it also destroyed him physically, a step too far, unfortunately being in Spain is the problem, it would be frowned upon if he weren’t to play let alone how much of a fine he would get if he didn’t turn up. The whole thing sucks if you ask me.