AO Rafa blog & Q&A day 2

Photo by REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

New blog and Q&A is up here.

Hi everyone. Well this blog is going to mainly an Australian audience so I hope that today you guys are not too upset with me

I have to feel happy for defeating Peter Luczak last night. I know he is a proud Oz, as you say here, and the support in the stadium to him was very fair and well deserved. I also felt a lot of support so really the atmosphere was great.

Peter played a very good match specially in the first set where he was up a break and did risk a lot. I feel I played very well in the next two sets and managed to, in the end, have a great win.

As I say I hope not many of you are upset with me for this… :-)

Well, I’m sure not.

It is almost 1:30am and I am just about to go to sleep.

Need a tuck in?

I came back to the hotel around 11:30pm after doing the press conference and having some white rice and a piece of salmon at the tournament site.

Good to know.

I was a bit hungry after the match (in the end it went to almost three hours) and wanted to grab a bite on-site. It is actually great that we can get something to eat that late at night at the tournament.

This is one more detail (details are important) of this great event. Not just because of the food, but for many other reasons too!

And those other reasons are…?

So i just finished my recuperation with Maymo, my physio, and I’m ready to go to bed.

If you don’t need a tuck in, maybe a bedtime story?

My Tuesday practice is scheduled at noon and I will come back with more inside info and answers to your questions then.

Many thanks.


I think Rafa’s definition of dish means what’s in his dish.

And now, the questions.

Q: WHEN you come to Australia for the Oz Open do you do anything in your extra time? Do you go sightseeing? Also, do you have a favourite colour? Good Luck!

Jayde Page

I don’t really have time to go sightseeing. To be honest we don’t have much time to even go out of the hotel.


RAFA, when and how did you begin your traditions before and during a match, for example, putting your drink bottles in the right spot etc?

David Cristiano, Melbourne

I’ve always had something and they increased with time. Now i am working on decreasing them …

Uh-huh, sure.

WHAT is the hardest element of your fitness to keep up when you’re getting ready for big events like this? Good luck, you are my favourite player and I hope to go watch you at the Open.

Mickey Daly

The hardest is to do all the work to get here and maintain the condition during all the year.

Nice details there, Rafa.

WHAT are you’re thoughts on the idea of a tennis World Cup to replace the Davis Cup? Thanks!

Lisa Grebe, USA

I like the idea to play a World Cup but there is a lot of work in front to make it happen.


HEY Rafa, Just wondering, as you grew up did you just star at tennis, or was there another sport in your life?

Mat Snegegrail

I also played soccer/football.

Wow, first time I’ve heard that question/answer.

WHICH player do you most look forward to playing?


My next rival. To try to play another match after, and another …

and another and another and another…

HOLA Rafa! I want to know if you take notice of fans who dress up courtside? And if so, do you like it? Good Luck!


Sometimes i do. Like last night, when at the warm-up some Aussies were saying funny things. I also saw the way they were dressed.

So, what was it that caught his attention? What they were saying or what they were wearing?

IF you decided to return to school, just for fun, which subject matter would you want to study?

Amanda, USA

Uffffff. Not sure … I never enjoyed that much studying. I always wanted to play and do sports.

Ufff! Heh.

RAFA, I’m eight years old and you are the reason why I play tennis. You are a great inspiration to me. I just wanted to know how many hours a day you would train each day when you were eight.

Good luck for the tournament. I cant wait until you are No.1 again.


Two hours of fun!

I love how he always tells the young ones it should be fun.

HI Rafa, How does your body feel like compared to this time last year going into the first slam of the year. You appeared to have stripped down, less weights, more cardio. Would that be right?

Adam Dean, Townsville

My body is the same, believe me. Same weight, same height. Don’t believe everything you read!

I’m telling you, we need a public weigh-in.

HI Rafa, I enjoy watching your games. Who was your tennis idol when you were growing up ? Good luck in the Australian Open.

Sharon, Queensland.

I never had one.

Yep, never heard that before either.

14 Responses

  1. CC says:

    *Tuck in* and *bedtime story*. Yeah, yeah, miri. I know what you *really* mean. ;)

    Sweet and adorable as usual! Great that he included what he had to eat as well, I’ve missed that. Heh.

    The questions though, seriously? Same ones again. I thought maybe the Aussies would be slightly cheekier and include some more exciting ones.

    • mary says:

      Hang on CC I haven’t had a chance to ask mine yet!!! The problem is is he ready to fess up on the question I have? Will they even ask him?
      Maybe that paper isn’t game to present the tough or shit stirring one’s we colloqual people’s like to ask. I’ll have to submit that challenge to them.
      Just doing it now. Won’t hold breath waiting for answer!!!

      • Emma R says:

        What on earth are you asking?? Go on, tell….just in case they don’t put it on.

        Trying to think of something original to ask and drawing a total blank.

        • mary says:

          Think short, simple, stupid. I do & it comes easy. lol
          I asked about the towels. I think if he gets asked the question, he will know who I am as I asked him at the WTF & I bet I’ll get a sarcastic answer, cause the question is cheeky

  2. Atch2 says:

    Two hours with Rafa would be Two hours of fun!
    Good tip for the tots. That’s why both mothers and kids luv U!

  3. Susanna728 says:

    Miri – You’re a riot – love your comments.

    • killian says:

      Truly, Miri, your comments are hilarious! Thanks so much for all this AO work you are sharing with us. !VAMOS! Now, if you can just link us up to that public weigh-in. . . ;D

  4. Imp says:

    “I hope that today you guys are not too upset with me…”

    Wow, really? I can’t imagine anyone would be! He plays with such integrity and respect for his opponent, it’s a pleasure to watch even if he’s beating your brother.

    I loved the match and I’m glad it wasn’t it walkover – makes it much more exciting to watch if there’s a hint of tension. I don’t get to watch any live tennis unless it’s the Oz so it’s such a treat to watch every moment. I guess I should probably hop on a tram and watch in the flesh …

  5. aRafaelite says:

    RN “I came back to the hotel around 11:30pm after doing the press conference and having some white rice and a piece of salmon at the tournament site.”

    Yup, Miri, very good to know! I hope the public restaurant is as good as the player’s restaurant, ’cause I’m not looking forward to 6 days of the usual deep-fried junk!

    RN “Sometimes i do. Like last night, when at the warm-up some Aussies were saying funny things. I also saw the way they were dressed.”

    Miri: “So, what was it that caught his attention? What they were saying or what they were wearing?”

    It would be hard not to notice the mob of red-blooded Aussie males in full Green-and-Gold regalia chanting “Let’s Go Luczak! Let’s Go Luczak!” at the top of their lungs in between Rafa’s first and second serves. It’s okay between games, or during Luczak’s service games, but to do it in between his opponent’s first and second serves?! I was NOT impressed.

    Still, Rafa got the bigger cheer when he came on court, and that made me very happy!

  6. Rafangel says:

    Ugh, I wish people’d stop asking the same questions. Or at least, that the papers would put some new ones. I know there are new ones cos I keep trying to ask them (they’re not all obscene ;)). He must get so bored answering them all again and again – it’d drive me completely insane. but then, he’s a good boy.

  7. faeaki7 says:

    Non imaginative questions deserve these answers, still great that he bothers any way.

  8. sia says:

    I wonder if Benito will come back …

  9. Susanna728 says:

    Have you all seen this photo on the Herald Sun