AO 1st round video fest

While waiting for the second round match to start, thought I’d post some first round vids that I didn’t have time to get to while on vacation.

Spanish TV coverage:

CC pointed out the following vid with these comments:

So much goodness in that clip. Love it that he does a shadow forehand with the left hand and then totally rules spinning that racquet in his right hand. And the game face he has on whilst doing it.

The willy fiddling is hilarious! He’s so entertaining. :D

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    Oh this is hilarious, I just love watching Rafa warm up prior to a match in the lockers he is so funny with his racket spinning and the adjustment before he walks on cracked me up! bless he looked nervous there didn’t he.
    I remember the warm up before RG 2008 final, he didn’t intend it to be but it was a complete intimidation, he looked so confident and focused, Roger didn’t know what to do with himself, it was almost match over there and then I felt. Happy times, I know he will get there in the end. Even here infront of his inferior opponent he has so much charisma, and he just doesn’t know it, thats what I love about him the most, his so sexy in a complete modest kind of way.

  2. MS says:

    On second video at 1.57 what was rafa doing ??? LOL