AO 1st round post-match presser

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The full presser transcript can be found here.

Q. What are your thoughts after the game?

RAFAEL NADAL: Happy. Happy always starting Grand Slam. Winning in three sets is good news, so very happy to be in second round.

Me too!

Q. What were your thoughts maybe through the first set, because it didn’t look like it was all going to be as easy as you thought it might have been.

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I never thought it was going to be an easy match before going on court. And, sure, playing the first round of one Grand Slam, you know, you know always the first round is a little bit more nervous and you have to start. First rounds are always difficult to play very well.

So I thought gonna be a tough match. First set was tough. Later was easier.

He always seems to start a bit slow in slams, so I don’t think the first set is something we should worry about.

Q. Did you step it up in that tiebreak? Did you find something in that tiebreak and go on with it from there?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I think, well, Peter was playing really well in the first set. I was playing shorter than usual. I played with more mistakes.

So late in the tiebreak he had three mistakes, so he helped me. And I was serving well, so I won the tiebreak. After that I started to play longer, I started to play more aggressive, so I started to play more my tennis.

Q. What is the difference, when you say you started to play longer, more aggressive? Is it just confidence and getting more belief in the second and third sets?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, when you relax a little bit. The first set I had the chances for the breakpoint. One breakpoint I played well, but I had the passing shot mistake to the net, very close, and he played well.

So you start always. I said before, a little bit more nervous than usual. When you win first set you relax a little bit more, you can play more your game, no?

I think I did. I was playing really well, practicing before in Doha and Abu Dhabi, too. I think I’m always in the right way. I told you before, when you relaxed, you have the chance to play more your tennis.

It’s just not as much fun when they say “longer” instead of “deeper.” Oh well. I shall relax and not worry about that.

Q. Were you having some problems with your shoes or the grip on the court sometimes?

RAFAEL NADAL: No. I think the problem my shoes was a little bit more used than what I thought before the match. I was slipping a little bit more. I gonna change for next one, new ones.

Q. A bit old, were they, the shoes?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, wasn’t old. But here the court, yeah, I started to play with the new shoes two days ago, but the court here is aggressive. Behind the foot was thinner than what I expected.

Behind the foot was thinner? The heel? I’m so confused.

Q. Are you in favor of this World Cup of tennis that people are talking about?

RAFAEL NADAL: We will see. We will see what’s going on. I think ATP wants to do something. Sure, World Cup with all the players, best player of the world and playing for your country, with good organization and a big event, for sure I am in favor.

But…but…DAVIS CUP!

Q. You seem a bit slimmer than last year, a bit lighter.

RAFAEL NADAL: Can we bring scales tomorrow? Everybody ask me the same. If we bring something here, I gonna put… I have the same weight than last year. I weigh the same five years ago. I didn’t change.

Public weigh-in for Rafa tomorrow!

Q. After the match, Jim Courier was asking you about last year, reflecting on the semifinal, the final. Coming back to Melbourne, have you been thinking about that a lot?

RAFAEL NADAL: No, I am thinking about try to play good tournament. Sure, when I walk around and I see my picture there, being on the floor, so always is a very nice memories.

You know, was one of the more emotional victories of my career, semifinals and final. So always when you come back in a big event like this, you remember the matches.

I’ve heard other people also call it “the floor” when Rafa falls to the court at the end of the match, but it always makes it sound like he’s lounging on a living room floor when they say it.

Q. Is it an advantage having the feature match at night now being the earlier match? You know when your starting time is going to be.

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, sure is good if you have exactly the time what you’re gonna play. But it’s true we play indoors, too.

But anyway, I am happy to finish. I feel lucky to finish my match today. That’s important. I was a lot of times in the other situation than the rest of the players. Is not easy wait all the day to play.

The fairly set start time is good for fans too!

30 Responses

  1. An says:

    “Public weigh-in for Rafa tomorrow!”

    Yeah, weigh-in’s should be held naked, No?
    Wait until i get there with my camera Rafa! I wanna make a study off you naked, No?;)

    • CC says:

      “Yes, Rafa…underpants off too. We know, you’re a little bit shy for this, but a weigh-in is a weigh-in. There’s a good boy…”


      • sia says:

        You know as a working artist … I feel I should be there to help … quite comfortable with the nude male body …oh Rafa’s nude, male body … hmmm typing those words made me feel a little hysterical inside. Is that normal?

        • sia says:

          Oh and by the way Jim Courier is so hot!

        • CC says:

          *comes to*

          Well, I’m definitely comfortable with the nude male body in general, Rafa’s in particular. I am from Sweden, after all. ;)

          Be with colm, sia. It is normal to feel hysterical inside when thinking about Rafa naked. Hysterical? Comfortable? Are we contradicting ourselves here? I’m confused now. :D

          • sia says:

            CC I think the difference is ‘the nude male body’ and RAFA”S nude male body … oops it happened again when I typed those words. I’m in a state.

          • An says:

            Ah CC, don’t be confused….. Comfortable with the nude male body but hysterical happy inside with Rafa’s nude male body is’nt contradicting, its all only perfectly natural, No?

            Altough i’m pretty sure, comfortable with the nude maile body as i am, i should need to use the image stabilizer for shooting pics off Rafa’s nude male body….

            Is it too obvious that i just cant get enough of saying nude male body and Rafa in one sentence? :P ;)

  2. faeaki7 says:

    Who will be the lucky lady then? who weighs Rafa! *visializes Rafa naked* phew must be the best specimen ever.

    Oh dear looks like I am getting as bad as the rest of you on here!

  3. CC says:

    “Behind the foot was thinner than what I expected.”

    Heh, I think he meant that UNDERNEATH the foot, the shoe had worn thin quicker than he thought. No? ;)

    Oh, and can’t wait for the public weigh in, Rafa!

    *rubs hands in anticipation*

  4. aRafaelite says:

    “It’s just not as much fun when they say “longer” instead of “deeper.” Oh well. I shall relax and not worry about that.”

    He he. Jim Courier always talks about “penetration” in relation to those long, deep shots. Cracks me up every time. Haven’t dared to use the term myself on this site, as I’m not sure what it would unleash…!

  5. Emma R says:

    I do wish they would leave the weight question out already. I mean every bleedin interview – and he is hardly likely to change his story now. At the start of the match before they came on court the female commentator on Eurosport was talking about, “Ah well, of course he has lost weight to take the weight off his knees, he used to be very muscular but it’s all about the knees you know” like she was the world’s expert on the subject. Gawd.

    Sorry, just needed to vent on this as it’s doing my head in a bit.

  6. Atch2 says:

    Trust Rafa to challenge the press.

    To the AO organisers, u better have a set of scales there for Rafa tomorrow, or else there’ll be trouble.

  7. arwen says:

    underpants off?…can it be true?Oh my god…

    • Emma R says:

      When he is on court, does he wear underpants, or is it a jockstrap? I have thought, when he bends over, that he has the mother of all VPLs, so surely it’s pants? Andy if he did the wedgie thing with a jockstrap surely it could run the risk of serious injury from the catapult effect?

  8. ejl says:

    have never read such cute comments:D ))yeh ,would love to know if he keeps his eyes on what happens here .really upsets if he has no idea about such a great strive for him whether on court or off court naked or dressed up..and this is where he has to seek the keys to his confidence

    • An says:

      ejl, what a great idea, i’m sure we could help him get verry, verry confident!;)
      But than for sure he is gonna be a little bit shy again too…:D

  9. ejl says:

    i’d love to see his eyes then.. expressing timidity alongside pleasure and who knows even indulgence :O)