AO 1st round photos

Photos by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images, WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images, and REUTERS/Tim Wimborne

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  1. CC says:

    #2, miri you do it to tease me, no? ;)

    The blow ones are sooo cute. #13 is beautiful, fluff and all. And the chest hair is sublime.

    I completely missed the fall, when did that happen?

  2. Kate says:

    OMG *thud* shirtless and those abs – Miri what r u doing to me?

  3. An says:

    LOL at the #2…. She deffinitly does CC!;)

    And Rafa!? After pic #2 its clear what he did in there in the tunnel, No? I bet he was thinking: Have to make sure that CC and An get a good pic of my…. :P

    • CC says:

      …balls. :D

      • An says:

        Right! :D

        The fall btw…. he took a run for a cross court backhand from Lucky and slipped of stumbled… he was looking totally pissed at the court but later told in the interview that the shoes wear off a little more quick then he tought they would and he was def. going to take new ones! It did scare the hell out off me but he was going on like nothing happened!

  4. An says:

    Oh, and not that i do care mucho, because since its Rafa he can wear whatever he wants ( or not ) and i’ll be perfectly happy just beeing able to watch him…. But i think the shorts are too much with the shirt!

    Deffinitly not an outfit i’m going to buy BF to wear it together.

    • dutchgirl says:

      I agree, the shirt is much better with the plain white shorts!

    • CC says:

      You’re kidding me!!! Did you SEE the arse in those shorts when he waits to receive serve?! Amazing. Absolutely amazing. So, bottom line is, I don’t care if they go with the shirt or not! :D

      • An says:

        I just said i tought it is too much with the shirt in combination….
        Nothing more, nothing less! And youre right, the short sure does look amazing on his famous ass, but what short does not, hey???
        And i already said that evrything is fine by me as long as i can watch him wear it:P

  5. ekattor says:

    who else did not like his new see-through jacket?? and they took off the ‘V’ from it…. I liked it on him sooooo much! :-(

    • jba says:

      jacket was definitely weird. kinda reminds me of a rain poncho. not good. the v was also something that i liked a lot. it’s a shame.

  6. faeaki7 says:

    Yep those shorts were made from curtains weren’t they? I was so hoping he wouldn’t! wear those ghastly ones.
    Anyway to hell with that, his performance is what I really care about and besides I love him in sizzling orange! A nice variety of pics to get things started, love the close up of him in pic 13, flawless complection! and the one at the net, he seemed to be really praising his opponent! gracious and dear Rafa!

  7. Maya says:

    My mother always told me you shouldn’t wear stripes with checks, or orange with red (even pinky red). Rafa breaks all the rules and I love him for it. Only he can pull it off. To me it just spells
    SEXY, one of kind, like it or lump it, he’s his own man. The guy is muy caliente.

  8. aRafaelite says:

    Ah, look… he’s blowing all his fans a kiss ;)

  9. Atch2 says:

    I volunteer to blow on your fingers while you towel off.

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