AO practice photos: day 4

These photos are brought to you by: the Melbourne heat.

Photos by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images and AP Photo/Andy Won

36 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    ilu Melbourne heat :’)

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    HELLO, indeed. Does eating Quely cookies make one have no body fat? If so, can they be ordered online?

  3. jba says:

    gotta love it when it’s hot. :)

  4. sunset says:

    Rafa heard Atch2’s request and decided to get sun-tanned in no time!

  5. Eliana says:

    Kudos, Melbourne heat…I think I’ll go and bake you a cake in gratitude :)

    Now, maybe CC and An will get mad but pic#7 just give me the urge to lick some parts of that man *drool*

    • CC says:

      No, no, I’d never get mad about wanting to lick Rafa. I totally understand your urge. We all share, no? :D

      • An says:

        Oh Eliana….. How could i get mad about something that’s so completly natural for evry women that loves men;)
        We’ve learned and come tot terms with it that our Rafa is just not ment to be just for us, No? Lets all share indeed!

        Pic 2 and 4 are verry artistic but i wanna see the gorgeus, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, face!!
        The shirtless serie is simply TO.HOT.TO.HANDLE!

        • An says:

          Oh and CC, you still think the tummy is as pale as yours??

          Well mine is a lot more pale in the moment, i will be glad to have a pic taken off Rafa’s tummy and mine together on a white sheet to prove how different is Rafa’s olive tanned skin against mine! ;)

  6. arwen says:

    picture seven is to die for.the tummy that yummy tummy….

  7. Emma H says:

    Miri, you are providing a public service here, and I just want to say it’s much appreciated!
    Gawd, #7 is drool worthy. *dies from the hotness*

  8. sia says:

    Thank god he finally took off that (any) shirt!!

  9. sia says:

    verdasco just won the kooyong exo

  10. Rafangel says:

    Last night I dreamt Rafa skipped naked down my high street. (He went into the supermarket, if anyone wants to find him).

    I wasn’t going to post that because it’s off topic, but then I realised Rafa naked in your neighbourhood is never off topic. I might put it in my essay, in fact. Do you think aRafaelite’d give me a distinction?!

  11. aRafaelite says:

    I hope he was wearing sunscreen…!? Love how he’s getting into the Australian spirit – great imitation of a cockatoo in pic 3!

    • Rafangel says:

      In Britain in January?! The snow’s just melted!

      • aRafaelite says:

        Ha ha, I meant in Melbourne, not your dream Rafangel!!! He said in a previous blog that he doesn’t use sunscreen – tan is good :) melanoma not so good :( Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer per capita in the world.

        Hmmn… maybe I can give you a Distinction if your ‘Rafa in the Raw’ essay also incorporates ‘Verdasco Stripped Bare’? I may even stretch to a Higher Distinction if you can include ‘Tommy Derobes’ as well?! ;)

        • Rafangel says:

          Hmm, I have the Cosmo pic of Tommy Derobes but I didn’t know about Hott Sauce in time – so just a Distinction for me then. Oh, but I could put in some ‘Carlos Revealed’, if you’re a fan of Rafa’s beloved Moyini.

          Hmm, a bit worried about Rafa’s skin myself. Will just have to hop on a plane and make sure he’s wearing suntan lotion.

  12. Carol says:

    7 + 9-12 make me feel raather faint… I can’t believe Rafa even has the 7% body fat he’s said to have.

    Edible, totally edible… bringing Aussie sunshine to a grotty UK morning… (goes to get a paper towel to wipe up drool from keyboard…)

    • teejustice says:

      He is totally edible. I can’t recall any other man that almost every photo I see of him takes me to that very thought. I. Would. Totally.

    • Karen says:

      If Rafa has only 7% body fat he needs to take care.Seriously, tennis players should ideally have 14%-17% body fat. He must know this as will his team and I’m sure he’s sensible enough to make sure this doesn’t have an adverse effect on his game. Perhaps we should all make and send him double choc chip muffins for him to devour!!

  13. Necitas says:

    Miri, Please post an article about the exhibition matches tomorrow in Melbourne. It is for Haiti and its people. We all know how they badly need help after they were hit with a very devastating earthquake. The event will be participated by Roger, Rafa, Novak, Llyeton, Rafa posted about this in his FB page.

  14. Atch2 says:

    Thank you mother nature 4 the heat source. Thank you Mel 4 the location & thank you Miri 4 sharing. Is there no clip of this practise?

  15. faeaki7 says:

    Lovely pic no.7 and finally some shirtless, thank god for the heat! So Verdasco won the Kooyong classic, mmmm interesting but not surprising!

  16. Isabelle says:

    Oh My God! Thank you Miri!

  17. Atch2 says:

    Wonder if the AO has a heat policy that would allow Rafa to play shirtless.