Australian Open draw

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The draw for the 2010 Australian Open was announced today even if the promised live streaming feed was late and caused the tennis twitterverse to go into an all-caps fretful frenzy. Then, when they finally did stream, it kept buffering so that I couldn’t hear the line numbers and players. To make it worse, they didn’t show the draw sheet on the screen…so it was virtually impossible to follow. JMac’s shirt didn’t help matters. Bottom line: the other main seed in Rafa’s quarter is Murray; the other main seed in Rafa’s half is Del Potro. Also in his half are Roddick, Ferrer, Berdych, Wawrinka and Ljubucic. I’ll put a link up as soon as it’s available.

And, here’s the link.

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    Well said naaz!

  2. Emma says:

    i say to whoever he faces throughout the tournament – bring it on! Rafa needs to get over those demons at one point or another and the sooner he faces them the better and even better if he beats them all in one tournament. I know rafa can do it, he just needs to string a few good wins together and he’s back to his top form.

  3. Marley says:

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share a bit of Roger’s interview with a French newspaper when he was asked about Rafa:

    Q: Nadal has not won a tournament since Rome last year, in May. Some think he’ll never be what he once were.
    RF: This is bullshit [‘conneries’ in French]. It reminds me what people said about me last year. I’ve seen Rafa play in Abu Dhabi and in Doha: he lacks absolutely nothing. Granted, he’s not won in a long time. But look at those who beat him: Del Potro, Murray, Davydenko, Djokovic, Soderling… They’re not bad! Think about it: had he played Wimbledon last year and not lost 2,000 points from his victory in 2008, where would he be right now? He came back from injury, so it’s normal that he lacked confidence. But to me, the really great Rafa is still to come.

    Read more:

    That last sentence just made my day.

    Vamos, Rafito!

  4. miri says:

    Rafa needs to get over those demons at one point or another

    Exactly – and I’d prefer he face them first in best of 5 set matches because he seems to be more with colm in those.

    • faeaki7 says:

      Nice to here Fed supporting Rafa like Rafa did when he had mono, way ta go guys really sporting of him. Love the last bit, the real Rafa is yet to come. I hope so!!!

      I agree Miri, the only way for Rafa to face his demons is to face them head on and in a five set format it would seem the best way, so lets hope he finds this inner colm again! bring it on I say.

  5. Rafafan says:

    Wow – not that I like Fed much – normally so cocky – but loved how he spoke about our Rafa to the french press (funny it’s the french press after they crucified him at the fO, sort of trying to slag Rafa off in front of Fed?!). Fed, I am proud of you for sticking up for Rafa!

    Getting back to the draw. Sorry guys but it’s the worse draw. Do not want Cilic, the hard hitters of Isner or Lubici and Murray (OK might accept Murray – though Rafa lost in the ’08 US to him but mayb coz Rafa wasn’t as fresh as a daisy he is right now). Del Port – demons indeed and on a hard court! USA et al – er destroyed. OK Rafa wasn’t the ticket then, but 3 times lost, a bit like Davy the confidence thing. I would have preferred Djok for sure and he always seems to fail in the heat. Who did Djok play in the AO 2008 to win?

    Funny enough. Fedascao could be a handful again. He seems to peek at the beginning of the year! – thrashed Djok recently.

    Anyway we will not know all the more fun. Can anyone tell me when Rafa is on court and what time (in English time) do I start viewing the Eurosport/Sky. I have already noted that gotta be up all hours in the night and sleep at work in the day!!! – Well worth it (not to get the sack hopefully!)

    • Rafafan says:

      One other thing, I think we love about Rafa – he is a person with so many differnt looks and characters. Just noticed from pics of the AO last year when he was hugging Fed and then the sorry/forelorn look when he had to make the speech and the handsome boyish/then manly look on the court.

      He is a character with so many different parts to him. If you look at all the other tennis players – Fed et al they all seem to have the same expression.

      Charasmatic Rafa or WOT!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • jba says:

      i agree with you totally that this a really tough draw. as i’ve said in an earlier comment, whoever ends up in the final from this draw would have really really worked hard for it. i’m really worried about murray. he doesn’t have any injuries, he may have lost during the hopman cup but i still see him as a player who’s determined to win a GS. rafa will just have to start dictating more points and he has to remain confident throughout the tournament. i really want to see him [rafa] in the final. i have this feeling that if he gets there he’ll have more than enough confidence for the rest of the season considering the number of people and the consistent quality of tennis he’d have to play against in the earlier rounds.

      • Rafafan says:

        Funny enough I don’t feel too worried about Murray. Rafa has to worry more about the attackers on a hard court – the flattys, all the people that have caused problems in the past. Murray is a defensive type of player and can be passive which we have seen in the past when it gets tight, so I don’t worry too much about him. But I could be wrong and 2 overly confident about that! Its the Davy, Potros, Tsonga, Cilic of this world I worry about especially on the HARD COURT which is the problem. But if Rafa plays like he did in Doha and then said fuc.. it – gonna drill this ball and take his lights off! – he will win!!

        • jimmy says:

          I think Nadal’s match against Murray will be a real dogfight. Murray matches (or even exceeds) Nadal in the athletic dept. and plays the kind of consistent groundstrokes it takes to stay in a point against Rafa. Furthermore he has the best 2 handed backhand in the game (after Safin, Nalby) and he’s 6-3 which allows him to tee off on Nadal’s lefty cross-court forehand. Hardcourt is the one surface where Murray’s had success against Nadal, and I’ve noticed he always plays “more” aggressive against Nadal than he does against other players.

          From what I’ve seen in the past few encounters (since Murray really became a genuine top player), Murray’s really played with confidence against Nadal. There matches have been very close starting from the Toronto 2008 Hardcourt match, through the USOpen 2008 SF (which Nadal lost) and even in their most recent encounter on clay at Monte Carlo 2009, Murray gave Rafa a big scare.

          Murray is coming into this tournament with a lot to prove and with the averages on his side after being unlucky at AO 09 and UsO 09 with injuries. He’ll be hungry for redemption and give it his all. I hope folks here saw the Nadal-Murray AO 2007 match ( ). That one went to 5 sets and both players played like there’s no tomorrow. I expect something similar in AO 09 QF. Nadal has to absolutely stay aggressive and try keep the points short to win the match. I’m sure even he knows that Murray’s best on hardcourts is better than his. So playing the match on his own terms will be vital..

          • CC says:

            Urm…I’m sure you’re right, but…and there is a big but, they’ve both gotta make it to the quarters first, no? :)

            • jimmy says:

              That much – of Nadal and Murray- making the QFs is almost guaranteed. The biggest threat to that showdown was John Isner who’s now taken Giles Simon’s spot because of the latter withdrawing from the Australian Open. So he’s no longer facing Rafa in the 3rd round. Other than that Karlovic/Stepanek (who Rafa could meet in Round 4) are the only credible threats to Nadal.

              For Murray the only big name against him is Monfils. However the Frenchman is very close to withdrawing from the AO himself and even if he plays is not likely to be 100%. So yeah, we’ll see a Nadal-Murray QF, and it will be a barn burner, no less!

              • CC says:

                It’s never guaranteed. Not even almost.

                • johanne says:

                  Nope, no guarantees!

                  Btw Ferrer took Simon’s spot in Fed’s quarter. Isner is now in Muzz’s section – he plays Seppi R1.

                  • CC says:

                    Yeah, I heard about lickle Gilles, what a shame!

                    Rafa’s match is first night match on Rod Laver on Monday, yay!!! VAMOS!!!

                    • jba says:

                      i read on the AO website that they’re going to play a charity match tomorrow for the earthquake victims. they’ll probably show this on tv, right? it’s great to know that these players can be such great ambassadors.

                    • Carol says:

                      Hope that the charity match gets loads of support and that TV viewers can donate online / by phone too! I’d also like hope that some of the top players give personal donations too (privately or publically), like Moya did with his winnings at Chennai.

                    • jba says:

                      i hope rafa donates some personally, too. you know, just from him. he did say on his FB page that he feels for the people in Haiti so it would be really great for him to reach out if he did [give money].

  6. faeaki7 says:

    God bless Rafa. Goodnight XXX

  7. An says:

    About the charity match ( its off topic but for this case i think Miri wouldnt mind ) Rafa wrote on his facebook:

    “We play an exhibition match at Melbourne Park tomorrow to help the victims in Haiti. Roger’s idea, he texted me and I thank him for that. It is at 2 pm so we hope that you can come so that we raise money also with your help”


    “IT’s a few of us, not just Roger and me. also Novak, Kim, Lleyton, Andy,… Roger’s idea, great one!. You have to come! Don’t forget!”

    Way to go Roger!
    I’m going to awnser Rafa that they should try to get it aired on TV world wide and maybe make it possible to raise money that way too… or i’m going to mail eurosport or so…