AO practice photos day: 3

Today’s photos have been brought to you by the color blue.

Photos by PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/Mark Baker, and Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

27 Responses

  1. jba says:

    love. absolute love.

  2. GB says:

    Lots of Rafatummy = win!

    In love with #11: is classic Rafa ‘Whot’

    ‘Very concentrate’ in 9, no?

    Still wish his hair was longer though…

    And, is Tio Toni still not there? WTF?

  3. Courtney says:

    This is one of the best sets of Rafa!faces I’ve ever seen! Fantastic <3

  4. Isabelle says:

    Love the belly shots. Have to say I like the red shirt better with his gorgeous skin!

  5. CC says:

    Yuck…what are these boring looking t-shirts he’s suddenly resorted to? Fugly red first and now pale, fugly blue. Luckily Rafa inside looks delicious! I need to go and make breakfast!

    • johanne says:

      Fugly red? You crazy, CC ;) I think he looks s-s-s-s-smokin’ in that red. Don’t mind the blue either, espesh when it shows that treasure trail. Giggity.

      • CC says:

        Rafa himself of course always looks smokin’ hot. The t-shirts in themselves are fugly. Maymo’s is nice!

        And don’t get me started on that tummy, I need to be concentrate for work today, no? :D

        • An says:

          Aaawww CC, you asked for blue and now he puts on blue espacially for you and you find the shirt fugly…. :)

          Show more off the treasure trail was my request;)

    • mary says:

      CC I’ve given this alot of thought & I’ve come to the conclusion you are correct. That blue & the red dont’ quite do it for him. But then I scrutinised further into why those shirts were’nt doing it for me & then it dawned on me, they are sloppy & not skin tight. They don’t have that X factor we’re use to seeing on that bod. They look almost generic. Please RAfa wear some generic pants so they fall off. ;-)

      • Carol says:

        just guessing here, but I’d have thought a tight shirt in the Melbourne heat would be pretty uncomfortable….

        If he’s comfortable, I’m happy…, but yeah, maybe elasticated waist shorts would be better, hmmm? ;-)

  6. sunset says:

    What? CC? too bad to hear you don’t like these shirts…I love them. Also agree with GB that long hair would be more desirable visually, but with this heat! better stick to the short hair, which is still so hot on him.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Can’t believe Rafa looks almost pale. Rafa, you must practice shirtless to get back that bronzeness. Luv him in any colours though.

    And how come Fed gets all the fun t-shirts?

    • An says:

      Don’t worry Rafa isn’t pale, look at pic 8 and 9!

      In the oter ones the color temparature off the pic is the cause off the pale colours, there’s to much blue in the pics!

      But i do like the idea off shirtless praticing off course! Good one!

      • CC says:

        No, I think his tummy in pic #1 looks almost as pale as mine at the moment. Rafa, come over here NOW so that we can compare! :D

        Oh, I want to EAT that treasure trail! *nom nom nom*

  8. Ch F says:

    Much better than yesterday. ;-) No7 is funny.

    • Karen says:

      I’m loving the blue. Reminds me of the Indian Ocean; warm and inviting!! Now who doesn’t like him in blue?

  9. mary says:

    I gotta hankering for skin tone myself! Rafa’s skin when it’s toned. ;-)
    Give me some skin Rafa & the rest to go. lol

  10. mary says:

    pic 11….”Que? You speaking spanish or something?”

  11. Kim_Rafa says:

    lovely pics gracias! xx

  12. dutchgirl says:

    A bit like the man from Atlantis, with all this blue. Loving the concentrated look in #9!

  13. faeaki7 says:

    I prefer Rafa in acidic brights and tighter fitting shirts pleeasse! loving pics 1, 3, and 9 Rafantastic!

  14. Suzanne says:

    Let’s allow Rafi to wear his favorite color…he says his favorite colors are orange, red, and pink. Let’s face it, though, our man would look super in a muddy burlap sack. I have my favorites, like you all, (the tight sleeveless comes to mind and I was always partial to the clam diggers) but he’s growing up and expressing himself as he wishes. Good for you, Rafi, but the most important thing is the AO title defense. I’ll watch you with joy, no matter WHAT you wear!!!

    • jba says:

      awwww, he likes the colors of the sunset. :)

      • sunset says:

        Then I am really glad I picked this nickname, since it represents Rafa’s favorite colors. :P
        (Seriously, it was meant to be referring to a neighborhood named Sunset in San Francisco which I am very fond of.)
        I think I actually like white, green or blue in different shades on him the best (the Davis Cup red-yellow combo is also a winner), but am not surprised to hear that his personal picks are those colors with more warmth–they perfectly reflect Rafa’s hot presence and radiant personality don’t they?

  15. jba says:

    holy crap! i just noticed that everytime rafa wins a title he’s wearing some shade of blue or green or atleast has a hint of it somewhere on his shirt and he started losing when he wore the pink shirt in RG!!! i think i’m being really superstitious about this but this is a bit nerve-racking. rawr.