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  1. patzin says:

    My first impression was – the lonely life of a tennis pro. Repetitive actions are needed for a tune-up.

    • Rafafan says:

      Yes he does look very lonely there. Good to see him practising his serve and looks like the serve/volley tactic. That would be great if he can use it in the matches but somehow as good as he looks impressive in practice, he doesn’t always deliver in the real thing and reverts to defensive. Somehow I wish he he was playing in the Koogig exhib or whatever they call it. I think Rafa really needs right now is match practice – and getting rid of his nerves on the “big points” so he doesn’t fail like he did in Doha on match points. I don’t think any amount of practice here is gonna help overcome the “not with calm” – he needs to deliver in the real thing and to get the confidence back he needs to be those situations again and deal with it.

      He does look hot – as in hot hot! Hope Nike have learnt their lesson and doesn’t produce those hideous brown chequered shorts on him (wors than the navy ones!). God help us and him. Mayb we could just let them know the see-through white is much cooler for our Rafa in the Melbourne heat and will do much wonders for his game.

      • CC says:


        I think practice, practice, practice is what really matters now. Rafa always says that if he practices well and hard, that gives him a lot of confidence in matches.

        Hopefully he’ll get some good match practice in the first rounds at the AO to then take on the tougher matches as he gets deeper into the tournament. IF he gets deeper into the tournament… :)

        • Rafafan says:

          CC – where is your confidence in him? IF he gets deeper…..(in the tournament I mean, but could be interpreted for something else not related to tennis!). Don’t you mean WHEN he gets deeper. There is a difference in the saying – and that breads confidence.

          We are all confident that the niggly “not with calm” can be overcome and he will win

      • Rafangel says:

        Ah, but the more he practises, the better he’ll know it, and the more he’ll be able to produce it in matches.

        I could eat him for dinner. Or breakfast. Or any other time, Rafa, just let me know.

  2. CC says:

    I just came home from work, angry as a bee about something. Now I don’t even know what I as angry about any more! Watching Rafa serve-the best therapy in the world. :D

  3. Nic says:

    My gorgeous gorgeous Rafa. How fine do you look in red. Keep working on that lovely tan, but don’t burn under the crazy Melbourne sun.

    • Nic says:

      oh and erm, yeah, keep workin on that serve too :D

      • CC says:

        Oh, Nic… You didn’t get distracted, did you? :D

        • Nic says:

          who, me? no, of course not. not when that red hot blooded spaniard is looking so fine, no? :)

          sigh, i sooooo wanna go to the AO.
          wish i could catch rafa’s 1st match.
          and cheer him on like crazy.

          • faeaki7 says:

            I think that if Rafa is practising well he has confidence in his game, this is the beginning he can work on the big points in the early rounds, why last year didn’t he do the same after losing in Doha early he went to Melbourne to get in some extra practice? Its a good way for him to get used to the surface too.

            • Rafafan says:

              Yes I know but he was coming off the back of fully breaming with confidence after the 2008 – his best ever season. So it’s different really

              • k says:

                But he had the injury at the end of the season, and press started talking about how he couldn’t win anything since Olympic Games..When i look at the Doha doubles trophy video of 2009 on youtube, comments are like “i hope this will give you the confidence you need..”.. so i think it is not that different at all..

  4. faeaki7 says:

    Well I hope you are right K coz the media just love to kick a dog when its down. Rafa has said so himself, if you win they talk alot and if you lose its the same, Rafa’s version!”just don’t pay any attention to the press period!”

    • k says:

      I also think that grand slam should be a whole different atmosphere. Every single player will be there, competing.. So he may just get himself lost in that competition atmosphere and critisize himself less. If he plays a match like last years semifinal with Verdasco, there should be no time for critisizm, so there would be less confidence issues and no overthinking, i hope..