Jan 10th mini press round-up

Photo by Beth Wilson

The ATP write up of the Doha final has some great quotes from Rafa:

“Sure, it’s better to win, especially when you have the chance,” said Nadal. “But, that’s tennis and probably this match I needed a little bit more calm. But playing at this level I am sure I’m going to win [a title].

“I think I did the most difficult thing and that was playing all the time at my best level. I’m probably playing better than ever, for the moment. There was one moment in 2008 maybe where I played like I did today in the first set. So that’s a very positive thing for me. I don’t know if I will win in Australia, but I think I’m in a very, very good way.”

patzin sends in this story by # Leo Schlink of the Sunday Herald Sun. (Why is evey sentence its own paragraph? Drives me batty.) It’s mainly full of quotes from Rafa pressers late last season and this past week, but some of them are good ones.

Next up is an article that jimmy linked to in a comment thread: Rafael Nadal heads for Australian Open after Qatar defeat by Richard Jago from the guardian.co.uk.

“I needed to be a bit more calm,” Nadal said when asked about a startling forehand miss from inside the baseline on the second of his two match points in the second-set tie-break against Davydenko. “Probably because I have not won a ­tournament for a few months I did not win this one.”

Quite the catch-22 situation, no?

“I am not saying I am going to win the tournament – you never know before a tournament,” he said. “I have played well enough [here] to have a positive result [at the Australian Open], but I don’t know. You have to see the conditions. I am ready to win the tournament, but I am never going to say that I am going to win it. The only thing I can say is that I am playing well enough to have a positive result. I am very competitive against all the players in the world. And I am happy.”

Always cautious, that one. Now, if he’d just be a bit less cautious in the right moments of his matches…

A couple of general articles:

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  1. Mama Coco says:

    My prediction is that Rafa is going to really want to win Wimbledon. I think it hurt that he was hurt and couldn’t even play there. I that will be his goal more than defending the Australian. I just hope he picks the right tournaments and gives his body a rest so he can be at his peak to win some grand slams in 2010..

    • mary says:

      My hope is that RAfa will win the AO. He needs to get his mojo back. Remember he hasn’t won a tourney since what May 2009. Thats 8 months now. I know it’s a GS but this is the best opportunity for him to gain momemtum & try bloody hard to re-gain his stamp of authority in this game(tennis).
      Will be willing him on & hexing everyone else. lol ;-)

      • faeaki7 says:

        Everyone rattles on about this 8 month thing but seriously this includes the off season and a long injury time out, others have a near the same, (Federer was an example), when they have been playing constantly so its hardly fair to say 8 months if we say from May till the French then pick it up again say mid August wasn’t it in Montreal then it is less than this, what I am saying is we shouldn’t press the panic button just yet. Its really 6 months while he was active not 8, he did win the exho and help take home the Davis cup with straight set wins! its not all bad yet…*gulps*

    • faeaki7 says:

      I agree Mama Coco, Wimby would mean more to Rafa and also before most the French which is his baby! I don’t think he expects to win the A.O necessarily, this time last year he reigned supreme at the other 2 so Australia was a goal as a h.c slam. This year is different, I don’t think he will be putting such pressure on himself at least I hope not. For sure he will when it comes to the clay season/grass period where he has loads of points to gain and most importantly where he excels usually.

  2. patzin says:

    Rafa and Toni have always been cautious with their words. It is proper I think not to assume victory, although they have strong chance to be successful. Rafa speaks with a sense of truth- he doesn’t come off boastful as other have; confidence in tight moments will come as he experiences success again. We know he has this in him.

  3. Amberfan says:

    I think Rafa can win the AO but I’m not sure he is going to because he seems to be still not 100% there in terms of confidence. I think it may come down to the draw he gets.
    In any case I really believe he can win both RG and Wimbledon this year if he is fit. Although of all of them I would want him to win the USO the most (to complete his career grand slam) that is the one I still see as the most difficult to achieve.
    All that said, many positive signs in 2010 and I believe we’ll see Rafa get even more confident and start collecting trophies as he did in the past.
    Vamos Rafa!

  4. CC says:

    “Federer, Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Fernando Gonzalez will be among Centre Court regulars at Melbourne Park this week.”


    I can’t wait! Let’s hope we get to see Rafa munch some of those chocolate muffins, like he did last year. They will no doubt help him! ;)

    • An says:

      Oh hell yes…. that was HUGE!!

      If he can’t find them he’ll give me a call and i will go over and bake them for him;)

      • CC says:

        Yeah, because chocolate is maybe not so good for the tummy, but very good for the mind, no? Hm, who said something like that…? ;)

        • An says:

          Uh, let me guess, i’m sure it was our precious Rafa, No?

          If you have a tummy like Rafa and you burn that much calories a day a huge chocolate muffin would’nt harm the tummy at all but could do wonders for the mind:)

          O: and to think off anything else i could do with chocolate and Rafa and his tummy…….;)

  5. Rafangel says:

    “The only thing I can say is that I am playing well enough to have a positive result. I am very competitive against all the players in the world. And I am happy.”

    That’s so wonderful to hear. And the last bit is all that matters – and is the most influential element for his game, I suspect. How long has it been since we heard him say he’s happy?

    Personally don’t think he’ll win the AO – too much too soon – but he always stuns me, so who knows….

  6. Rafangel says:

    From the Leo Schlink article (yeah, heinous paragraphing): “Throughout it all – and this a true measure of Nadal’s quality – the baseliner never once complained.” – Crap, never thought about that properly before. Phenomenal. Most of his life crumbles and not a little grumble anywhere. He is extraordinary.

    • jba says:

      i know what you mean. remember what happened at AO last year when he went into the final after that insanely long game against verdasco and still ended up winning. he truly is a great player that brings surprises all of the time. i hope that he’ll prove all of his critics wrong very soon. :)

  7. Mama Coco says:

    Looking forward to the Clay season absolutely my favorite because there is lots of Rafa during that time.

    I would love to see Nando do well in AO (my daughter is in love with him… lol).

    If Rafa wins AO it will be the icing and the sprinkles on the cake. I just like to see him play. Makes Tennis more exciting to watch. It is just not as exciting without him. Nando is fun to watch and a lot of the Spanish contention. The US needs some more players in the top 20 lol.