Doha QF match 1st game

Including a little sitting dance from Marc! (at 2:54).

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  1. Emma R says:

    What is on the plate that he puts to the side of the bench at the start? It looks like red apples or tomatoes – or am I going snow crazy??

    One other obs: I think if I was an opponent of Rafa on court – before I ran for cover – at the coin toss I think I would be very tempted to be ready for him and say, “No, no, after you Mr Nadal”. Just to see what happened.

  2. CC says:

    Rafa Maymo is so cute. So cute. And Xisca is so pretty! But OMG Marc!… Oh. My. God.

    Anyways, Rafa and his Babolat bag seem to have a special relationship. It doesn’t always do what it’s told! ;)

  3. Atch2 says:

    Can’t believe the commentators are commenting on Xisca’s hair. LOL. Suppose this is better than the commentators at Abu Dhabi that thought Xisca was his sister.

    And Marc! a sweetie. Again you can tell the Nadal posse seems more relaxed when Uncle Toni isn’t here. Never seen Maymo laugh so hard.

  4. Mary says:

    Aw, Jason and Robbie are the best. It’s such a treat to listen to them during a Rafa match.