4 Responses

  1. Ch F says:

    The second video is what I saw on my computer screen when I came back from work! That smile, so big, so long lasting, like if they’d been showing a screen shot of it. That’s why I was surprised to read about signs of discomfort during the match. The highlights suggest some backhand success and some vintage Rafa shots. But then again I didn’t watch the whole match.

  2. emir says:

    well the way he played in my book still ten times better compare second part of lasy year….but yeah there is some concern,i hope we all are wrong….

  3. Rafafan says:

    Yep concern all right (no wonder he said he was 100% fit to the presser!) camoflauging what is really the big deal. Pleaaaase let it not happen. Would rather c him lose with a “bad day at the office” than be bloody injured again.

    Anyone see the watch come on , the cookies being seen, the water bottles turned round in front of the cameras in the promos at the end?

  4. faeaki7 says:

    I didn’t think he played bad at all, too many errors due to him tweeking his game,(I said this before), but all in all quite strong, he was grimacing though and seem to lean on that right knee while waiting for serve, (way too far behind the base line).

    We could be paranoid, but you never learn from a Rafa presser when he is injured during a tournament, I would hate to see him in pain again! He’s shots have that sting on them again and I have been less nervous watching him, but he hasn’t faced strong competition yet, Starace is far better on clay actually.