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  1. Atch2 says:

    Great hilights. Rafa looked in control of the points. His vintage winners are back. He also looked like he was standing by the linesperson when returning some points.

    The infamous finger gesture is also there for further scrutiny.

  2. faeaki7 says:

    yep plenty of vintage Rafa here! He was a little too far back returning serve for my liking, against the Sod he was far more aggressive when returning serve, not to take anything away from his performance here there was some great inside out forehands going on and that back hand down the line was a flat penetrating shot, his tactics against Storace should be interesting, the Italian can be a handful even though his ranking doesn’t show it.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Anyone catch when someone fm the crowd shouted something at Rafa before his service? he stopped for a sec, grinned then continued to serve. Would luv to know what was shouted.

  4. Ch F says:

    No, it isn’t just you, miri, I noticed that too when watching the match. I think it wasn’t throughout the match though, just every now and then.

    • Isabelle says:

      I wondered if the “grunty” seemed more due to (what seemed to me) an unusually high amount of echoing on this court?