Doha draw

Photo by KARIM SAHIB/ AFP/ Getty Images

The singles and doubles draws are posted…and Rafa’s on both of them!

On the singles side, Rafa will face Bolelli in the first round. Seeded players in his half are Troicki, Youzhny, and Garcia-Lopez. Seeded players in the other half are Karlovic, Davydenko, Montanes and Federer. It’s actually a pretty nice draw for Rafa.

He and Marc! Lopez will be defending their doubles title. They will face 3rd seeds Fyrstenberg/Matowski in the first round. Nestor/Zimonjic are in the other half of the draw…could we get a repeat of last year’s final?

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  1. Maggie says:

    Seems like a great draw for Rafa. I wonder why, in the US, Tennis Channel has Chennai and Brisbane, but not Doha. I guess Roddick in Brisbane, but…

    Oh well, I’m sure there will be feeds.

    • Emma R says:

      We have Doha and the AO on Eurosport for some reason – don’t really get it as obviously isn’t Europe, and in fact the channel carries no European tennis at all as far as I can see, but whatever as long as I can watch it. The only one I was totally without was Beijing, though got some helpful suggestions about live streaming from this site.

      Liking the draw. If Roger and Nik can knock each other out in the SF (should be a super match) then I don’t see why Rafa can’t be biting again. Just printed it off for the office wall – my first of 2010. Other people have photos of their kids, I have tennis draws. Go figure.

      • dutchgirl says:

        I have photos of my kids AND photos of Rafa on my office wall…

      • CC says:

        *runs over to turn on telly*

        OMG, thanks Emma R! I didn’t have a clue that Eurosport broadcasts Doha. Hooray!!!

        • An says:

          Aha!!! Here too!!
          Best “new” off the day……. Thanks.

          I could use a good “new” today since i’m feeling a little blue, missing BF now he’s gone home again to work after living here since christmas eve and the excitement off the tennistournament is done!
          Good to know i will be able to watch Rafa on the big screen…;)

          Anybody got news already when he’s due to play?
          For some reason i cannot get the tournament website to work the way i want):

          • An says:

            Duh Anna….
            You must know by now that Miri always links to the OOP!

            Sorry, forget i aksed!:)

          • CC says:

            A bit of Rafa will always cheer you up, no?

            I know, that Doha website is ridiculous! Impossible to get anything decent from it… So no, don’t know when Rafa’s playing. Hoping it will be one of the later matches, so that I can hurry home from work to watch!

  2. rose says:

    I checked the tennis channel schedule. From jan 4th to friday , it shows Capitola mens’ singles 8.00 am to 10.30 am (PST)

  3. Holly says:

    Marc Marc Marc!!!

  4. patzin says:

    It was nice to see the vid of Marc and Rafa on Marc’s site from last year. They sure seemed happy and having a good time.

  5. CC says:

    Wohooo!!! Rafa and Marc! defending their title! That was one of my favourite moments last year, when they won. Seeing Zimonjic’s pissed off face was priceless. Start writing another speech, Marc!.

    • An says:

      :) Yeeeeeh!
      I loved that too! And it was so nice that there where verry good feeds for the doubles matches, hope to see them both having as much fun as last year,this time around!

      • mary says:

        This ain’t fair. There is the Hopman cup & the Brisbane Int next week but no Doha on either commercial or foxtel channels. And I can’t watch it on the net thanks to one considerate son. I’ll just have to get update from you guys. Thats why this site is the best!!
        And to think he is defending his doubles as well.
        Just curious does anyone know if it is it on the same surface as the AO?
        I think this is a great draw for Rafa. Hope this will give him lots of practice for down under. ;-)

        • mary says:

          Just think he could actually meet up with Fed in the finals. Except Fed has a tough draw. We’ll just have to wait & see.

        • aRafaelite says:

          They weren’t even showing Brisbane International today on FreeView… (was hoping to catch the Clijsters match) and if they can’t even show a tourney in Oz, we’ve got no chance of them showing Doha! I’m annoyed that TennisTV doesn’t resume until Rotterdam. We’re missing Moya’s return in Chennai as well. However, on the plus side, Tommy Robredo helped fill the temporary Rafa gap with two very classy performances in the Hopman Cup today. He does have a beautiful game. Looking forward to more mixed doubles this week.

  6. Emma says:

    Next week is exciting! Hope rafa continues to improve!

  7. Carol says:

    Ha, so Rafa gets a decent draw at last… perhaps I’m biased, bit it’s seemed that draws have not gone Rafa’s way for the back end of last year…???

  8. faeaki7 says:

    Yes and no Carol. As many difficult wins Rafa bags the better, it will all contribute to his confidence reaching the skys limit.. Last year he got knocked out by an inspired Monfils in the quarters so he can improve this year for sure. Great to hear his playing doubles again with Marc how cute!

  9. Stf says:

    It’s actually a really good draw for Rafa, he can definitely get to the final fairly easily. If he does reach the final, I almost hope he will play against Fed because that could be the push he needs in order to play his best tennis. Not to mention that it could be a really good match.

    On a sidenote, I’m following this Greek tennis site and it’s really frustrating when Roger is hailed as “the king” who’s extremely unlucky to have Davydenko on his half and Rafa is the “rusty” player who has lost his touch but is lucky enough to get to the final without batting an eyelid. Care to guess which player this really objective site supports? ;)

    • faeaki7 says:

      Stf could you tell me which Greek tennis site this is? I do speak greek, read and write it, so I could comment on it. thanks..

      • Ch F says:

        It’s I hope sibling Stf can forgive me for answering this, I couldn’t help it :-/

        How come you speak Greek, faeaki7? That’s great! Just one tip though, don’t rely on the site’s grammar and spelling too much, they can be really poor…

        • Stf says:

          Sibling Stf forgives you. ;) faeaki7, it’s awesome that you speak Greek! For some odd reason, I was suspecting you did. :)

  10. Wooffie says:

    Interesting that he’s opted to play doubles again.

    The Rafa dissenters will be bashing their keyboards in outcried disbelief regarding his fitness/schedule issues …

  11. CC says:

    Is there any easy draw at this level? I guess it can look easy on paper, but you just never know what’s going to happen, no? I also think Rafa would like to play as many higher ranked players as possible before going into the AO.
    A final in Doha against Roger or Davydenko would be great! If he gets there.

  12. faeaki7 says:

    I agree with you CC. Its stiff match competition that Rafa needs right now not a cake walk through, but sometimes its harder when you don’t know your opponent very well, haven’t played them much and as /Rafa says no draws are easy nowadays..

  13. Ch F says:

    I’m a little late on this, obviously, but better late then never. I’m thrilled Rafa had such a good start by winning the exhibition tournament. I also thought he was much fresher. Didn’t watch him play but the difference is obvious even in the short videos and pictures. He looks much calmer. Soooo happy!!!
    As for the draw, I think Rafa has been through a lot worse and under much more difficult circumstances. I only wish he can keep up the good job!!!

  14. xta says:

    does anybody know when rafa plays ??? i swear i saw something saying that he’d begin doubles tomorrow, but the OOP that i saw for tomorrow doesn’t show him for either singles or doubles…i guess i should just be patient…but it’s TOUGH !!!

  15. sia says:

    xta I think Marc has been injured, so perhaps no doubles tomorrow.

  16. sia says:

    Sorry I meant Marc!

  17. miri says:

    Youzhny lost today. That could be nice news for Rafa.

    • johanne says:

      Yep, he seemed like the biggest threat in Rafa’s half. Maybe now it’s Stakhovsky!

    • Atch2 says:

      But Rafa has never played Stakhovsky, so it may be a bit of a challenge to figure out this guy’s game at the beginning of the match, but I’m sure Rafa will get thru it well.

    • CC says:

      But…but…isn’t he playing Bolelli today…? One match at a time, please. ;)

      • Atch2 says:

        Sorry, u’re right. I forgot.
        A singles and doubles match in the same day.

        • An says:

          Yep, first up is Bolleli, around 5 pm Qatar time wich is 3 pm in europe…. a little to early to watch live): Stupid work…..;)

          Second the doubles with Marc!… i’m already looking forward to the pics and lets hope they broadcast it somewhere around the net!

      • jimmy says:

        Bolleli gave Nadal a tough match in Rotterdam last year in which Rafa finally prevailed 7-5 in the 3rd.

        And Starace – scheduled to meet Rafa in the second round -pushed Nadal to 3 sets in the Olympics 2008. Furthermore (surprisingly) they had a tight match in Hamburg as well last year.

        While I expect Rafa to beat these guys, it’s definitely not a cupcake draw.

        • mary says:

          Lets hope it’s a muffin draw, as you know our Rafa likes to eat muffins. ;-) ;-)

        • Ch F says:

          I agree. I also remember the Bolleli match in Rotterdam, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. So Rafa needs to have a game plan and be confident about his tennis, which I think he has been doing a lot more in 2010.

  18. sia says:

    So maybe they are playing doubles?

    • mary says:

      According to the draw they are. I guess we’ll have to wait & see. Maybe I’ll be able to watch by then

  19. Nana says:

    Anyone has links to live streams? thanks!