Abu Dhabi photos

A few photos from a presser and Rafa/Rog promotional hit session (I’m sure more of these will pop up later).

Photos by KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty Images, REUTERS/Karl Jeffs, and AP Photo/Capitala World Tennis Championship

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  1. Yaritza says:

    WTF? All these guys look miserable.

  2. patzin says:

    Love #8 – Grumpy old men. They all look either tired or bored or both. Let the new tennis year begin! They are all paid well, I would imagine, to participate. Sometimes money isn’t enough motivation to be happy.

    • Yaritza says:

      I don’t think they’re doing it for the money. Don’t they have enough as to make them not worry about it?

      • Denizen says:

        OK, you made me LOL at work. Good one!

        • patzin says:

          Why do they look so bored??? No not about money – most of them I would guess have good finances. Good beginning to any season, but these photos capture another side of this event. Perhaps just the administrative stuff which may not be as pleasurable as actually playing their sport.

  3. dutchgirl says:

    What was the promo for? Was it just to promote the exhibition? Strange effect that there’s not a single person in sight besides Rog and Rafa. Makes me think in pic #10 Rafa’s saying: “hey Rog, why don’t we sneak out? No one will notice…” :)

  4. Manahil says:

    Yeahh we finally have pics!! Ive been refreshing the site since yesterday like a maniac hoping for some news. Anyway Raf looks great-as usual!! Looks a bit bored but when have we ever seen him enjoying such events :) Gorgeous stadium i must say, Abu Dhabi has outdone itself! Coming to the great news….Ferru won 2-6 6-2 6-4! Shocked to say the least, considering dav’s psychotic form recently but this might just give us a Raf-Fed final which I’ve been craving for soo long..Vamos Rafa..kick ass!!

  5. Eliana says:

    Photo #1, how funny the lady-mannequin is lusting after Daveeed

    Photo #3 made me LOL! those faces are priceless…I want to know what stupid thing the reporter was asking.

    Also, I think Fed is starting to use Rafa’s clothes because that t-shirt is way to tight for his style :)

    • faeaki7 says:

      Tight tops wouldn’t complement Roger, besides Rafa’s physique is far superior! then again I am a biased Rafafan!

  6. mary says:

    I gotta ask, whats with the all white except Rafa & Rog? And those promo pics of them both practising tennis, It looks surreal almost fake (I know they’re not).
    I heard that the surface of the main court is exactly the same as the Rod laver arena. Good one Rafa, getting some practice in, getting paid for it & a couple of matches to warm you up. Jesus, I may not have been able to provide the money, but honey I sure could have warmed you up!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  7. mary says:

    Ain’t it cool that David bet Davy. This will do wonders for Davids confidence. I think he’ll give Rafa a difficult time but Rafa plays David much better than David plays Rafa.

  8. mary says:

    Btw, no wonder he wears all those bandages on his fingers, it’s not because of the racquet, it’s to heal his fingers after Rafa rips off his nails & pulls his skin.
    Rafa you gotta start chewing on something else. ;-) Hmmmmmmmm, I have several things in mind!!

  9. mary says:

    Also, I was glad to see Rafa take his head phones off for the “promotional hit session”. He would have been too distracted by the music otherwise. lol

  10. Rafafan says:

    In case people don’t already know Rafa is on second tomorrow (not first)as what had been seen originally. Not sure why they swapped round – does anyone else know? In English time it will be on Sky 11am Fed against he Sod and then Rafa against Ferrer.

    Looks like in picture 3 they have all got a hangover – had their New Years Eve celebrations yesterday! Glad Rafa has ditched those hideous navy chequed shorts and using white now with the lime green – let’s not mention the horrible brown chequred we have seen for hte possible AO.

    • faeaki7 says:

      Thanks for the update Rafafan. This is one set of unhappy looking tennis players, what happenened! Its cute how Rafa and Roger are stood side by side being the same height and all… the 2 best champions stand out amongst the rest. Go Rafa! I agtee though he could give Rafa a hard match and will have the benefit of having played a match already!

  11. sunset says:

    Setting foot on a court sure works like true-love’s-kiss to awaken Rafa and Rog from their sleepwalking/daydreaming mode during the presser. And how the presence of this fine pair breathes life into the otherwise lifeless stadium.

    Congrats to Ferrer for another important win. Didn’t have a chance to view the match but given the form Davydenko was in and taking away from the WTP, the match must have been tough for Ferrer but he did it anyway. Hope Rafa gets inspirations from his good friend’s (can’t shake from my mind the image of them boys skipping to candy shop together) recent two matches and starts to win some of his own like those!

  12. rafandready says:

    Heehee, love those grumpy men photos – Roger looks like he’s carrying a little extra holiday weight, but aren’t we all LOL.

  13. Chantal says:

    I’m going on a “digital cleanse” starting tomorrow morning and won’t be using the internet… any idea if Abu Dhabi will be televised on TTC? I haven’t seen anything about a time slot for Rafa…

    • Chantal says:

      Ah, scratch this whole comment. The official site just revealed some info.

      • aRafaelite says:

        I can’t find a live feed for Rafa’s match on Tennis TV or ATDHE and I don’t have satellite… does anyone have any other online suggestions?

        • aRafaelite says:

          Ignore the above, Fed v Soderling has just started streaming (a couple of hours later than expected) on ATDHE, hopefully Rafa’s match will follow.

  14. Atch2 says:

    Great pics of grumpy, bored looking men that are being paid to spend New Yrs together.

    Fed looks like he ate too much at Christmas and now has a little beer belly to show for it. And you can tell Davy had a holiday bec he has a George Hamilton tan. Rafa looks pale standing next to him.

    • Nic says:

      Hahaha George Hamilton tan. Nice one. Yeah, they all look so grumpy or bored, particularly in the presser pic. Boys, hope you had a nice new year’s eve together. Probably separately. Am curious now….

  15. shani h says:

    The reason Rafa and Rog look so miserable?…Look who’s on either side of them…I wouldn’t be too chuffed either! Rog is obviously eating baby leftovers!!

  16. aRafaelite says:

    Could someone please ask the official photographers to start placing Soderling on the edge of the group so it would be easier for us to crop him out of the pics? ;)

    • Nic says:

      hey you, when did you say you’re going for the AO again? still haven’t decided whether to go. can i have your email add again please :)

      • aRafaelite says:

        Hey Nic! You know you want to!!! I’ll be there for 6 whole days and nights :D from R3 (Friday 22) through to the QFs (Wednesday 27) arriving MNE evening of 21st departing morning of 28th. Getting very excited – my first Grand Slam! Planning to catch up with Mary when she arrives for latter stages of the tourney on Wednesday evening. If you want to join us, send me an email – use my comment name followed by @gmail.com

        Likewise other RafArmada/NN fans – happy to meet up with other fans at the Australian Open as long as no-one gets upset about me supporting other players like the two Fernandos and Nole and Tsonga and Murray, etc (when they’re not playing against Rafa that is)! And the Aussie, Belgian and Serb women, esp. Sam Stosur and Kim Clijsters! Feel free to email.

        • mary says:

          I think we practically support the same players. I’m on the fence with Murray, but I love tennis & intend to enjoy every minute of my time there. Next year I intend to go for the entire time

  17. Nic says:

    btw why is rafa wearing the same lime green outfit? time for a new outfit new year and all. well, maybe today he will have a new look on court since it’s Jan 1.

  18. mary says:

    Robin Soderling won his match against Federer. Lucky 13 for Soderling. The next match is a toughy but vamos Rafa, love to see you win!!!

  19. CC says:

    Gosh, Rafa looks wonderfully dorky here!
    The third pic had to go straight to my desktop background. Priceless.
    And where did those headphones suddenly come from? They’re not his Bose ones, so maybe he was listening to somebody translating?