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  1. faeaki7 says:

    Translation anyone, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaase thanxxxxx

  2. Marica says:

    Hi, I’ve translated the subtitles and what I could understand of the conversation. Hope it helps!

    In Rome he was getting treatment and after there was a week of rest and he went to Madrid. Madrid is a Masters 1000 that theoretically you are obligated to play, but it’s always complicated, what you want to do is play, you come to win, something that motivates you and you go with that winning momentum (or the drive for victory) and you imbalance (hurt) your strength.

    What we should have done, looking back on it, was to stop after Rome because we had three weeks before Roland Garros [The other guy says something about how he thinks that three or four years ago Rafa wouldn’t have wanted to played if he were hurt, Toni and another guy disagree, then I think the other guy says that the 23-year-old Rafa plays more than the younger one, they again disagree]…Before, four years ago we were less careful, which is normal, you’re a player and you want to play. Rafael is used to playing with pain and he doesn’t know until what point the pain is harmful or not.

    And the fact that it is a tournament in Madrid [and in Spain] makes you want to play it more. We decided to play and it didn’t go well. We got to the final [They say something about the semi with Djokovic]…The fact is that Madrid isn’t good for you in your preparation for Roland Garros, Madrid’s problem is the altitude that makes you play much worse and it’s no good for RG preparation.

    In the 2005 Madrid Open, the one with the final with Ljubicic, where Rafael also had problems I told him not to play and then Rafa won the tournament.

    [The commentator says something like he thinks that there is both an athletic interest and a commercial interest. He asks if they go together, if they are separate, if one drives the other, and Toni just says no no no… ]
    If Rafael had a commercial interest it would be more in the small tournaments than in the big ones because if Rafa goes to a small tournament they organize an exhibition for him beforehand and he earns more money. Rafa is a very sought-after to play in places like Bangkok, South America [but he doesn’t go]… The commercial interest to play in Madrid doesn’t exist, what Rafa wants is to play in big tournaments that make him a better player.

    And if you look at his calendar he plays very few small tournaments, that is, tournaments in which he’s not obligated to play, just Barcelona, Rotterdam and Qatar, which are helpful in his preparation.

  3. Rafafan says:

    Marica – thanks for the translation. This gives a very detailed insight and we are learning more and more about Rafa’s problems. I never knew that in 2005 Uncle Toni told him to withdraw – we see how there is the stubborness of our Rafa (not listening) quite often. I bet Rafa decided about Madrid and Uncle Toni was against it. In the FO interview he said “I have made some mistakes” perhaps referring to this, or not withdrawing from FO when the pain was too unbearable. I think we can clearly bet he will not play Madrid this year even if it means losing all those points. Maybe there is another tourney suitable to prep for RG. It’s so difficiult really coz all his best tennis and his points pick up is on the clay – first half of the season which was his best last year as he and us fans know so what does he really do? I think if Rafa does well in AO he should certinaly skip Rotterdam and Qatra – are they both on hard court? Also Barcelona (which I know he won’t – going for his 6th?). Whatever happens the knees comes first and he knows to retire/quit/not play if there will be any suffering like last year.

    Vamos Rafa for a healthy winning season xxx