Training session with Moya

Thanks to fatos for pointing this out.

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  1. An says:

    Uuuhhh, Rafa… Could you lift me like that too? I promiss to put my head there where the 2nd tot puts it;)

  2. miri says:

    I swear there’s a second where Rafa has a look on his face like….crap! This little guy is heavier than the last time I did this. :)

    And does Maymo have to tape Rafa’s shoes now too? The various body parts aren’t enough to tape?

    • CC says:

      Yeah, what the heck’s that tape all about?

    • tiemyshoe says:

      I think “Rafa Turns Tot Upside Down” is one of my favorite recurring things EVERRR. There’s another vid where he does it, that I’m too lazy to scrounge up. And miri, didn’t you take a pic at DC where he does the same thing? He’s such the perfect big cousin – I had one exactly like that as a kid. Human amusement park ride.

      I bet you anything the taping of the shoe was Rafa’s idea, and Maymo knows enough to go along with these things now. ;)

      • miri says:

        I think I have one of Feli doing that with one of the Costa twins, but yeah, I’ve seen Rafa do that often in vids. I think there’s an established procedure that starts with the head between the legs. At least, that’s how I’m justifying that last bit.

        And hee to the taping thing. “Maymo? I need to you tape my shoe here because it’s noisy.” “Yes, Rafa.” “Maymo? My water bottle is leaking, tape?” “Yes, Rafa.” “Maymo? There’s a draft in my shorts. Tape?” “Yes, Rafa.”

      • Carol says:

        The thought of Rafa as an amusement park… I need a cold shower…*thud* :-)) … Hmm, thinks of Moya as an amusement park… yes please ;-)

        What a good job I don’t have to work today…

  3. CC says:

    Whenever I see Rafa in ‘sleepless’ nowadays…


    …I always get the urge to lick the sweat from those arms. I cannot help it. ;)

  4. jimmy says:

    Interesting. Rafa is hitting with the new aeropro drive gt – probably a paint-job on his older racquet. (OR maybe he was just trying a new frame?). Oh! I wanna get one too!

    Also the strings – they are black! Is this the same duralast or has he switched to the new Pro hurricane tour? Perhaps that could explain the different. I don’t think Rafa would make such a drastic change. This too looks like a paintjob or babolat came with a new color on their strings.

    Well, in the long run I hope Rafa shifts to new 100% poly luxilon strings. Those things generate 30% more spin, or so I’ve heard.

    Anyway hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Have a very RAFA new year :)

    • miri says:

      Yeah, he’s supposed to be getting a new racket in 2010. Whether it’s actually new or a paint job of the racket that was a paint job to look like his last alleged racket, I have no idea. ;) No idea about the strings, though.

  5. jimmy says:

    Thanks for the video. That racquet is probably the Aero Pro Drive GT (grand tour). So either Rafa is trying out the actual racquet in a practice session or maybe Babolat made a new paint-job for him already. I don’t know if this frame is available here at all.

    I was puzzled by the string color because they look like the new PHT (Pro Hurricane Tour), but Rafa has always used the Duralast 15L all his career so maybe that’s a paintjob too. In any case they don’t sell the duralast in the US (yet). I’ve been trying to get hold of ’em for sometime now.

    Anyway I like that Rafa looks lean and fit. Glad he lost some weight. It will put much less strain on his knees and decrease the probability of knee injuries big time. Even a little less load makes a huge difference.

    For those who think bulk is necessary for his shotmaking: Here’s a video of a Nadal match against Hewitt, when Rafa was a kid (17 perhaps?) and half the size he is now. ( watch especially after 1:00)

    The depth, pace and penetration of the forehand is almost Federer like. Looking at him these days (even when he was at his peak), it’s staggering to see how flat and effective his shotmaking was a few years ago. There’s even a backhand (the only winner in this clip from that wing) which was hit close to 100 mph! Shows you exactly what Nadal is capable of. And size has got nothing to do with it. He just needs to be injury free IMO and he can go far..

    • faeaki7 says:

      Yes I remember watching Nadal for the first time at Wimbledon, he was about 17 I think, but I was absolutely mesmerized of his power and accuracy, but most of all his intensity, he even makes the gritty Hewitt look weak, it seems ages since I have seen him generate that power, I do believe its him afraid of exerting himself nowadays, and of late, the lack of confidence, when Nadals nervous he always plays conservative until his behind his fighting instinct sinks in. When he was younger he was far more confident within his game, but he is developing his game (or tweaking it as some like to say) and like you say has lost weight(bulk) to relieve the pressure off his knees, watching Rafa at the A/O this year was a fine example of how great Rafa is and how he has gone from being a counter puncher with a big forehand to a player who can produce both power as well as finesse in his tennis thus more interesting to watch..
      He needs to get a couple of good wins over players in the top ten and his confidence will grow again, I am sure!

      • jimmy says:

        I agree. I posted that vid to show what Rafa is capable of. He can hit flat and hard like most other players.

        The thing is that somewhere along the line (probably in 05-06) Rafa adopted to hit with massive spin and heaviness and his playing style has evolved in that direction. Obviously you can’t argue with the success he’s had (6 slam titles) playing like that.

        That does not mean that he doesn’t have the capability to play fast and aggressive. He needs some confidence, a few big wins and then he can start marching in the direction that he was during Australian Open 09 (before his career was derailed).

        Looking at his performance in the Year End championship and his hardcourt season after the UsOpen, I think Rafa would be well served to hire a supplementary coach who can hone his attacking skills and make him confident to hit through the ball. ( Brad Glibert, the guy who coached Agassi, is a good candidate).

        • aRafaelite says:

          I agree three. I liked Tignor’s take on his playing style – when Rafa plays “one dimensionally” it’s by choice, because it’s effective and has served him well, NOT because he can’t do anything else. He can, he does when he needs to, and I hope we’ll see more of that in 2010! Vamos Nadalek! Force the doom-saying, one-dimensional sports journos to eat their words this year!

        • faeaki7 says:

          I agree, not to take away Toni but to bring in someone just to spice things up a bit and introduce something new, a fresh approach from someone else would do him good, Rafa though is a man, it would seem, of habit and likes to stick to what feels safe or has done up until now, if I am right I think it was 6 or 2007 there was a discussion about introducing a new coach but Rafa declined insisting that only Toni was right for him, he has matured though and if he doesn’t reach his goals he may see things differently who knows, we will find out soon enough. I am always nervous watching him nowadays, it would be so nice to see him dominant again! tennis is a better place for it.

  6. mary says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm head between legs, the thought of being in that position, priceless. *faints*

  7. Rafafan says:

    Hi Jimmy watched the vid 2. But what a difference from a few years ago! He wa fantastic. Can’t c our Rafa doing that again. I think the knees and the fact he older and is also no confidence is gonna be the problem, Hate to say it x

    • Necitas says:

      You are very worried Rafafan. We cannot say yet if his back on his best form or not. But Rafa is looking good physically. I think he looks stronger and more muscular than the previous months. I can’t wait to see what’s coming, maybe better. We must help him regain that confidence, you so long to see from him and not take a little from it. Let’s all keep cheering for Rafa as he keeps on going!:) BTW, I still remember very well the best tennis moments Rafa shared us.

      • Rafafan says:

        Hi Necitas.

        Yes I am indeed worried – I have to be honest having watched the Hewit Rafa vid and some past DVDs. I actually think he is going backwards, not forwards in improving / tweaking his game. Most players can read his game now and are running to the spot where he will place his whippy forehand getting it back time and again. The backhand down the line seems to have deserted him and only getting loopy ones in court. The Rafa of 17 in that vid was astonishing – his flat powerful 100mph forehands just wicked. I haven’t seen any of this since the AO and from watching his practices etc. can’t see he will do this in the future. He def needs a coach with Toni by his side and get that confidence to go for every shot flat and hard and in agreement with someone else on the site he will then win many many more grand slam titles.

        • mary says:

          You may have a point, but I doubt very much if Fed plays like he use to at 17 either. Rafa has evolved his game. I guess maybe sometimes like in a production company, sometimes to improve in some areas your have to forgo others. Rafa himself mentions when he stops playing golf he loses his golf savvy. So in order for him to improve there has been changes. Remember he became numero uno when he was 22 not 17 when you say he was playing his best.
          Be patient Rafafan, Rafa knows what is best for him, especially after what he has been through!!!

          • Necitas says:

            Ok Rafafan!:) We all wish him the best then. I’m sure his team has thought of your observations and they made some adjustments. I agree with Mary, he was 22 when he was playing his best and that we should be patient.

      • faeaki7 says:

        well said, we have to stay positive after all Rafa isn’t just any ordinary athelete he has proved that time over again and again and for me he goes down as one of the greats already!

  8. Rafafan says:

    OK Mary and Necitas,

    I know I have to be patient but don’t want to see Rafa ripped apart again like he was towards the end of 2009 to the likes of Cilic, Davy, the Sod, Del Port. Even Djok is getting his number. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth just as much as his first FO loss, which in hindsight and having heard his interviews, he should never have played coz of the unbearable pain in the knees. But at least now we can put the FO loss into context and finally put “the disaster” to bed. So sad however, that the media has hyped it up as the most shocking sports tennis disaster of the decade – I think even Rafa can’t believe how his loss was blown up out of all proportion rather than the media talking about his great wins. I think this has hurt and destroyed his confidence. I am sure when he said he has made some mistakes – one of them was the decision to play the FO and wish he missed it like he did Wimbledon.

    For 2010 its a new year, a new beginning. Rafa must revert back to his aggresive play which is an awesome sight to see. This would be easier for him, help his longetivity in his career, help his knees, and make it easier for us suffering fans to watch (no hiding behind the pillow!). I think a New Year resolution, flatty forehands and backhands, fast powerful, deep to the baseline (no whippy, loopy short balls please), go into the net more and serve out wide then volley for the winner close to the net is the way to go. Rafa will be untouchable and he will do the grand slam. And please Rafa what you do so well in practice please put it in the match! No defensive play. Be confident in yourself, your ability and confidence with running with your knees. One other thing please serve first in your matches!! It makes it easier for us fans when you are a game ahead each time. So Rafa, if you are surfing the net which we know you do, all of us wish you a fantastic, exciting 2010 with the best of health and back to your winning ways with that beautiful mishievous smile and gushing teeth biting those trophies. We miss this about you so much xxxxx

    • faeaki7 says:

      I know excatly how you feel Rafafan, it has been really hard watching Rafa these last months with the exception of the Davis cup of course. Naturally the media did blow his F/O loss out of proportion but after all RG was his! domain he owned that tourney, and only last year he won his 4th without dropping a set his most dominant performance to date and prehaps after Wimbledon 2008 the one I enjoyed the most! who would have guessed that the ultimate king of clay, the supreme gladiator would succumb in the 4th round to no other than Soderling? it was the biggest shock in the tennis world for sure and of course the biggest upset! I was devastated but having watched Rafa I had a bad feeling that he was going to struggle to get to the final this year, he hadn’t been inform since Miami, I just knew something wasn’t right. The media on the other hand weren’t so aware of Rafa’s problems at the time and loving a juicy story they went beserk, I think Rafa is used to this though and the way the fans at RG treated him I think hurt him more than the press, he tends to take there remarks with a pinch of salt most of the time.

      • Rafafan says:

        Thanks faeaki7. I had actually forgot about how horrible the fans in Paris were to Rafa and you are so right. That with all the other combination it would have been far better for him not to have played.

        I think it it important more than any other GS for him to get his 5th F/O – for him, his confidence and for the fans to say sorry. I think the big shock for me was the fact he lost to the Sod – after the dislike at the Wimby ’07 for them both. (I think deep down this hurt Rafa the most). Your right about the media wanting the juicy story and now it’s “out” about Rafa and his knee problems I think the media have got egg over their face. Looking at some of the 2009 highlights they seem to have changed their tune over the “shocking” Rafa loss to putting it in more of an acceptable defeat. What a turn around. Anyway I am no tennis expert but any fan can see what Rafa needs to do and not to do to win his games. Please Rafa if you are surfing listen to your fans – we want you to be aggresive, know you have that aura and will win everytime and have that mojo and strutt xxx

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