Bon Nadal

Photo via the Times Online

Photo via the Times Online

Rafa posted a happy holidays greeting on Facebook:

Feliz Navidad a todos y muchas gracias por los mensajes y el apoyo que siempre recibo. Tambien aprovecho para desearos, a vosotros, lo mejor para 2010!!! / For those of you celebrating it, Merry Christmas! Many thanks for your support and messages, I also take the opportunity to wish you the best for 2010!!! In any case, Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday!

5 Responses

  1. mary says:

    He thinks of his fans even on Christmas day. How sweet & totally unselfish. :D

  2. Eliana says:

    Happy Holidays people!!!! And of course, Rafa!

  3. faeaki7 says:

    Happy christmas everyone, and especially our Rafa!

  4. Kim_Rafa says:

    feliz navidad Rafa!!! :)

  5. Carol says:

    Hope you all had a super Christmas and of course Rafa and Team Nadal too!

    Go and snuffle some Turron Rafa – you’ll soon work it off! ;-)