Nadal on Nadal

Last year, a special was run on Spanish TV about Rafa on Christmas day and it looks like they are showing another one this year. Perhaps it’s the start of a new tradition.

Google translates the title “El Passat No Es Etern” to “The past is not eternal”.

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  1. CC says:

    Oh, those eyes… Like two currants on a ginger biscuit man. Bon nadal!

  2. mary says:

    My friend from Madrid asked another friend from Valencia to interpret this as Valenciano is similar to Mallorquin. I was quite saddened to hear what Rafa had to say, but happy for the wins he did have. Lets hope by next year his injuries of this year will be in the past & he has excellent chances.

    Here is the translation. Not sure if it is word for word:-
    “I had a lot of things that were not positive in my life, my parents separation and troubles was for me the worst of all. I do not understand how I won some matches playing so bad, I was very lucky I guess.”

    • CC says:

      I guess we were all, well I was, stunned at times to see that he got through some matches. That’s Rafa, no?

      What saddens me a little is that he should have to sit and talk about this on telly.

      • mary says:

        Yep CC, I feel the same way. Maybe it’s Rafa’s way of dealing with the stress’s he’s had to endure this year. Way back when his injury came to light, infact prior to it, Rafa wasn’t one to openly talk about personal & physical issues.
        I believe he has found a way to let it go by talking, as he seems to have done a lot of it since his return. Well thats my belief.
        He has always acknowledged his fans, but he has shown more & more appreciation in recent times (another reason maybe for his openness).
        The harsh reality of what happened in his personal life coupled with his injury would have accelerated his maturity. And as they often say, when you talk about it, it helps improve your welbeing.
        And just think if he wins while injured, what can he achieve when he is fit?

  3. Rafafan says:

    Gosh – does he mean on clay? when he won all those matches in the first half of the year? or does he mean at the hard courts – you know Robreado, Almargro. I have been watching the Ausie Open on DVD and seeing all the best match of the year in a grand slam. You know what – they all said the AO final against Fed. I thought it would be Fed at the FO or Wimbledon or US. Well doesn’t that say a lot about our boy/man! – you just can’t leave him out of the picture!! – even if he was injured still got the match of the year. Well what can you say abour Rafa apart from Rafadorable and he gonna get so much better in 2010. It has been a horrible year for lots of people too. Happy Xmas and New year to all Rafa fans from Rafafan! xxxx

  4. patzin says:

    Don’t know, but he looks sad or perhaps reflective. Emotionally, a tough year for the man who values family at the top of the list. Hard on him. As time goes by, all will be well again. The heart heals.

  5. faeaki7 says:

    I wish I could see this, it would be a real insight to how he is feeling right now, his whole world must have come crushing down when his parents seperated poor lad and yet he shows such courage throughout, god bless him I wish him much greatness in 2010! time heals thats for sure..

  6. patzin says:

    There is a comment on Rafa’s website about the special being aired tonight. It says the tv team followed him for a year and it contains an intimate Rafa, both on and off the court.

  7. Zoez says:

    Until Miri has a chance to post the links, you can find video from the special posted in three parts on You Tube by meriko100. I sure hope someone can translate it for us.