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Dang, really need to learn Mallorquí.

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  1. robert says:

    Found Mallorcaesports online, in Spanish. Here’s a short recap of the interview:

    A couple of Toni’s quotes translated:
    “It was a great season at first with the title at the AO, but the most important part of the year came and he could not be there. Definitely, I think the year was not bad, I would sign to have it in 2010, although admittedly we have been below the previous three.”
    “The important thing is not to suffer injury setbacks. And I wish he could win Wimbledon and for the first time the US Open.”

  2. mary says:

    A friend of mine from Madrid translated this as best as she could. As tio toni speaks in Mallorqi it’s not easily translated. It goes as follows;-
    “It´s hard to understand Mary, he´s not speaking Spanish, it´s Mallorquin.

    What I have catched is this: Toni does not think it has been a disaster year for Rafa, he has won in 2009 : 3 Master Series, A Gran Slam : Australia Open, The Davis Cup, he ends the year again as Number 2. He is sure that many players would love to end that way too.

    His health problems did not start in Madrid, he already had serious problems in Rotterdam. Rafa is wearing in his tennis shoes special insoles to help him.

    Each year that passes he is very aware that ending the season as a number 2 is going to be more difficult.

    He would love for Rafa to win again of course Gran Slams, for him (Toni) it would mean a lot to win the US Open.”

    It makes you wanna reach out & hug him forever. He ended the year well, so I hope this will be a positive omen for him & 2010 will be a winning year for him. He deserves to have everything go right for him.

  3. An says:

    “The important thing is not to suffer injury setbacks. And I wish he could win Wimbledon and for the first time the US Open.”

    Ok Toni, i’ll put that on top off my Christmas list!!
    So, please Santa…..

    Dunno if i have time to comment tommorrow so may i take the oppurtunity now and here to all wish you: Bon Nadal!

  4. mary says:

    I used “bing” to translate the written interview. I have to ask my friend to confirm about the “insoles” as according to her translation, Rafa has been suffering since Rotterdam. It is heartbreaking to know he played in pain for months.
    No point speculating wether he should have rested & sought treatment way before RG or not. As they say it is history now. Anyway here is the translation:-
    “Coach and Rafael Nadal, Toni Nadal, uncle was the protagonist of the edition of JOC Fora. The mentor of the number two of the world already prepared the 2010 season with his pupil, and is the Majorcan will leave the next December 29 for the first tournament exhibition of the year in Abu Dhabi. Toni Nadal said that despite injuries and the second half of the year, where Manacor tennis has not been able to add any tournament, signed achieve the achievements of the 2009 “was a very good season at the beginning with the title of the Australian Open, but I get the important time of the añoy could not be. “Ultimately, I believe that the year has not been bad, I signed this 2010, while recognizing that we have been less than the previous three”.

    “Then coach of Rafael Nadal expressed his pupil calendar is not fixed by commercial interest and always predominates the sporting nature of tournaments, also reiterated that the option to play in Madrid was not the right one, but there were many factors that pushed this” Llegas Madrid, winning in Rome and is what you want to play and more if it is in Spain and also Masters Series. “Commercial interest is not in major tournaments and if in small, if so, jugaríamos exhibits behind of another”.

    “On injuries stated that not carried out any work specific to combat them and tennis is a very hard sport both mental and physical” is a sport violent, aggressive, but the preparation must be the same as last season. “The bears 7 years on the circuit and your game is different is not positive that has a mental and physical wear”. “Finally Toni Nadal expressed the wish for the next season is not suffer any injury and Rafael Nadal to play his best tennis” what matters is not suffer injury setbacks. “And I would like that it could win Wimbledon, and first US Open”.”

  5. CC says:

    Thanks for translation! I sincerely hope that 2010 will be injury free for Rafa and that we get to see him bite a few trophies. Who knows?

  6. Rafangel says:

    Thanks Mary, and Miri, as always.

    Ditto all the good will for Rafa to have an amazing 2010 after this hurtful year. I’ve been reliving 08 a bit tonight…

    Happy Christmas everyone!

  7. Rafangel says:

    – thanks Robert, too :)

  8. faeaki7 says:

    Hasn’t done anything to combat injuries? maybe toni should take this in to consideration! Rafa shouldn’t have played Rotterdam anyway, he had few points to defend so there was no point, it took him 12 sets to get to the final! after his exhaustion at A/O he should have been looking after Rafa to hell with the commitments to Richard. He pushed himself too far, I know he must have been on a high after the A.O and in awsome form but you can’t help but say why? Rafa why? be so foolish.. no point looking back now, just hope Rafa recovers and finds his awsome form again, it was so nice watching him against Berdych in D.C, the brilliance is still there… its just a matter of executing it.