Win a chance to train with Rafa

Live or planning on visiting Abu Dhabi on December 31st? You can enter a contest to win the opportunity to attend a tennis clinic with Rafa.

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  1. rebel naughty says:

    Hey Miri, How cool it would be if one of us won. I’ve submitted my entry, even if its just for a laugh!!

  2. CC says:

    “The National has places for four readers to be coached by Rafael Nadal on the morning of December 31.”

    Hang on now, it doesn’t actually say it’s tennis, so…coached by Rafa to do what, I wonder? If it’s tennis, I’m not interested. If it’s how to play strip playstation, then I am.

    *submits application, just in case*

    • miri says:

      Maybe it’s cheerleader training.

      • CC says:

        Or golf. *yawns*

        Or how to enjoy Phantom of the Opera for the eleventh time in a row.

        • An says:

          Hey, whatever is fine with me!
          We can always do something else on the next meeting, No?

          Seriously, i would love a tennisclinic with Rafa, sure for all the obvious reasons…. but i also wanna know how it feels and if i can return some of that buggywhip forehands! So…

          *also submits application*

          • CC says:

            Yep, An. I bet as a someone who plays tennis it would be an amazing feeling to have a hit with Rafa. I would just be totally scared of his buggy whip forehand!

            • An says:

              Aaawww. I’m sure he would be verry careful with someone who doesn’t play tennis tough and only hit at full pace iff you challenge him to do so, No?

              • CC says:

                I’m a bit scared of balls, but would be happy to play with *his balls* if I got a chance. They don’t scare me. ;)

                Shame the trip to and stay in Abu Dhabi isn’t included, or you could have entered and won! :D

  3. dutchgirl says:

    I have entered as well, and have absolutely no idea how I would organize things if I’d win. But this is a chance I don’t want to let go.
    Funny how it says that you have to be over 8 to enter this contest, I’m more than 5 times older than that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one – imagine Rafa having to deal with 4 middle aged women on a tenniscourt, LOL.

    • mary says:

      Oh dutchgirl mi amor tu!! Just think he could out run us & still have enough energy to accommodate us on the art of manipulation of the balls, when & where to strike & how to utilize your body for maximum performance!!!!!! Oh, btw we are talking tennis tactics using tennis balls of course. Nothing immoral here, my thoughts are pure as the driven snow (?Que?). ;-)

    • An says:

      ” imagine Rafa having to deal with 4 middle aged women on a tenniscourt, LOL.”

      Oh, how i would love to see his face!!;) No, seriously he would be verry polite with you all off course!

      I SOOOO hope we both winn, Dutchgirl, wouldn’t that be fun??
      I also have no idea how i sould arrange it, the more because i’m playing a tournament myself in that time, but hey, if i winn, i’ll find a way!

      • dutchgirl says:

        That would be great fun indeed! But reading the following comments, I’d have to do some serious re-thinking as well.

        • An says:

          Hmmm, yes.
          Dubai will be a no go i guess….
          I came up with a better idea tough, Rafa should give us a clinic in Rotterdam!!

          * starts typing letter to Krajicek *

          Dear Richard!

          My Rafanatic friends and i have a great idea for a nice event you could organize during the next ABN World Tennis Tournament, off course we will tell you more but you do have to assure us first that we will be invited for this event…..;)

          • An says:

            Oh and CC! Yes, lets just kidnap him in Rotterdam then.
            Off course… tying him on a bed belongs to kidnapping, No?;)

  4. natch says:

    Hold on. Is this the same place that denied Peer entrance because she’s Jewish? If that’s the case…Sorry, not even for Rafa would I go there. Not for Rafatennis, not for Rafa’s balls, not for sex with Rafa, not for anything with Rafa. Natch no likey discrimination.

    • An says:


      Yeah, youre right Natch, forgot about that….. Me no likey discrimination either….
      Hmmmm.. have to re-think!):

    • mary says:

      I forgot the same as An. You are sooooooo right natch.
      It is sad this happened in the first place. Didn’t they back off in the end? But by then the damage had been done!!!

    • Rafangel says:

      “Hold on. Is this the same place that denied Peer entrance because she’s Jewish? … Natch no likey discrimination.”

      No, it was Dubai, because she’s Israeli. I don’t know how widely known are Peer’s racial profile or religious convictions, it’s not the sort of information the WTA publishes. But not all Israelis are Jewish; not all Jews are Israelis; and not all Arabs are the same.

      You’re right, discrimination is ugly and dangerous, and usually derives from being poorly informed.

  5. nidserz says:

    Hey Miri,
    Thanks for this. I am actually going to be in Dubai over Christmas and planning on going to the tennis in Abu Dhabi so this would be amazing.
    Entered the contest.
    *fingers crossed*