DC wrap up

Photo by LLUIS GENE/ AFP/ Getty Images

Photo by LLUIS GENE/ AFP/ Getty Images

Thanks to everyone who posted links to vids and photos in the comment threads while I was enjoying the loveliness that is Barcelona. Many of the items in this post were culled from your comments and for some, I chose slightly different versions since I figured you’d already seen the others. Be sure to read through all the DC comment threads to make sure you don’t miss anything – this is just a sampling of DC goodies out there.

Pre play

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Post DC

8 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Good to see you’ve arrived home safe and sound Miri. Thanks for this summary. I will visit this post again and again later during especially the off season.

    In one of the qu Rafa and Daveed are asked how difficult is it to be a good example, to work hard every day on and off the court …?
    Rafa says “… The day when I wake up and I don’t feel this thing, I going to go to play golf or another thing”.
    Then Feli and Costa seem to tease him, Feli says “Beach, beach, Mallorca”, Costa “Malaga, fishing, golf”.

    Rafa’s right hand fondling the Cup is a beautiful sight and funny too. I ignored Nando without meaning to.

    And there’s food in the room at Marca, but Rafa’s not seen eating? Very unusual indeed.

    Way to go SPAIN!

  2. sunset says:

    Welcome back miri. Glad you had a good time. Things are getting a bit quiet now that it is off season, and we sure need these good memories to see us through.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you for these great links! Sure is nice to relive everything :)

  4. CC says:

    What?! So much to watch and I need to catch a train!

    Rafa rooting for Ferrer clip is just the best. Check out Feli’s “Hombre, he’s completely loco that Nadal…” look at the beginning of it.

    BTW, haven’t we been well behaved when you were away, miri? ;)

    *waits patiently for gold star*

  5. An says:

    Good to know youre back home safe Miri! As said before.. you brought the DC atmosphere so much more closer for us trough youre blogs and pics, you realy got us all in to it and it was a joy to find links to video’s, articles, pics or interviews to share with all of us Rafanatics! Great that you did enjoy, we all agree that you deserved this great experience only for all you do for all off us here!

    Give CC her gold star! ( Appart from a naughty comment here and there where we couldn’t control ourselfs after Rafa drove us jet another time crazy with his unbearable hotness ) I think all off us can indeed be proud for the respect we showed for each others opninions and meanings, No?:)

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    Ahhh, these boys in red and bouncing around. <3

    Seems like the team was kinda peeved (http://www.marca.com/2009/12/10/tenis/1260445713.html) when Zapatero singled Rafa out for a lovefest during a team event. Don't really blame them (it's a bit awwwkward), but it also gives me a glimpse of how not-easy it must be to keep the Armada united and the fragile balance of egos intact – one word here or there can set off tension. Have to admire Rafa for somehow managing to keep his profile from swallowing the team up.

    Rafa's started his pre-season training! He's going to have a busy holiday.

  7. Isabelle says:

    Thank you Miri for this wonderful site and all the work you do for us! I am so happy for you that you got to attend the DC. This compilation of goodies will be savoured… :~) a lot of Rafafix here!

  8. bergo says:

    Congratulations, miri ! Very well done indeed ! And this will keep all of us happy for weeks to come… Thank you.