Spain repeats as Davis Cup champs

Photo by REUTERS/Juan Medina

Photo by REUTERS/Juan Medina

It took Feli and Nando just 3 sets to clinch the Davis Cup for Spain. It’s an impressive win given Berdych and Stepanek’s DC record. It was another emotional affair today – that mood was helped by a pretty tight score until the third set when Spain started to roll. Match score: 7-6(7), 7-5, 6-2. Tie score: Spain 3, the Czech Republic 0. Spain wins it’s forth Davis Cup. The first win was in 2000. It too took place in Palau Sant Jordi and featured players named Albert Costa and Juan Carlos Ferror and a flag boy named Rafael Nadal.

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  1. Rafangel says:

    Yee-ha can I chase Rafa out of the locker room with a bottle of champers?

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VAMOS ESPANA CAMPEONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Streaming was so bad today that I caught one or two shots in total, plus a cameo of Rafa nostril-grooming, yawning, and finger-picking. Curious choice by director; me, I have a perverse pleasure in seeing Rafa in all his human condition (back to the locker room). Looking forward to hilites.

    Let’s hope this gives Rafa the boost he needs…

    • CC says:

      “…Rafa nostril-grooming, yawning, and finger-picking.”

      Yep, apart from Spain winning, that shot of Rafa made my day! :D

  2. jlf says:

    Now that Spain has won, what happens on Sunday? Will Rafa and David still play?

  3. mary says:

    Looked like a bunch of cornered rats. Not knowing which way to run. lol!
    What a squatty little change room. could they have found a smaller place to crowd in. God to be amongst all of that hot spanish blood. Phew! I think I would have been grabbing arse everywhere as they ran passed!!!!
    I’d be only too happy to wash that champaign off you in the showers Rafa!!! When everyone else left of course. ;-)

    • Rafangel says:

      Really? cos if, say Ferru and a couple of the others wanted to hang around the showers with Rafa and me, I’d not kick em out…

  4. mary says:

    2 games will still be played jif, but in only 3 sets not 5. They are called “dead rubbers”. Mmmmmmmmmmm sounds a bit like another rubber I’d like to…………. with Rafa…………… Awe, I think you get the gist of it. *faints*

  5. mary says:

    Just a quick rap up vid of the doubles.
    Congrats espana!!!

  6. mary says:

    Siento, just found some more pics. miri’s will be far more special though, but these will suffice until we get to see miri’s.

  7. mary says:

    Here is a copy of interview text with Rafa, Nando & Albert Costa. I hope you get the translated part as well.

  8. Isabelle says:

    Hi everyone, this is an awesome website Miri! I am a newcomer (been reading all your comments for a few months and decided to get my nickles worth in!). Can someone please HELP ME?! I live in the mountains of California…no tv reception. Need to know a reliable and consistant online site to subscibe so I can watch tennis live. Please let me know your reccomendations. Makes me sick I din’t get to see Rafa win and cheer on Ferrer yesterday :~(. Sure hope somone out there will help me and thank you sooo much!

  9. CC says:


  10. Rafafan says:

    I know that the next two rubbers are “dead” but I understand they will still be played. I really want to see Rafa but they are not showing the rest on Sky coz there is not point! (How cold they say that when Rafa is up playing!) And I couldn’t see any mention on it on the free live webstreaming

    Due to be played 11am English time (12noon local). Can anyone help?

    I know it’s the best of 3 rather than 5 sets.

  11. An says:

    Rafa wins 6-3,6-4.

    Pretty uninspiring match imo to end the difficult 2009, glad tough that he could end it on a high by winning the Coppa Davis for his beloved Espana!

    In the end he deffinitly grabbed his back a few times, seemed that it realy bothered him….. Give it a good rest Rafa, train well!
    On to 2010!

    • Ch F says:

      Yep I only saw the second set but it seemed that Rafa was bit sloppy again, definitely less into it than on Friday, and definitely bothered by his back in the last two games. He wasn’t too happy either. Good that he served it out.
      I’m worried about this back thing. I’m sure he’ll get over it physically, I’m more worried about the mental effect all these problems have on him when he’s striving to find his form.
      Great job armada!!!

    • k says:

      His back bothered me too, but i think it is not something serious, Rafa just didn’t have time to rest after London as he had only one week to practise on clay.

      Maybe Feliciano Lopez would be a better choice for this match, but surely people liked to see Rafa, so he played. It was like an exibition match and I’m kind of glad that Rafa didn’t trash Hajek, no need to do that at this moment. Rafa did just enough and it is ok for me.

      • An says:

        Yep he was deffinitly doing just enough, looked like he easaly could up his game at the end off the 2nd set to earn the break despite the sore back…
        Shall i come over for massage the whole week Rafa? You jut gotta say, Ok?!

        • nic says:

          I only just realised that Rafa’s match was already done! Aw poor thing, grabbing his back. Makes me a little nervous to hear that. I hope he will have a good rest for the next few days now. Go home to Manacor and chill Rafa. And yes, wish I could give him a hand with a massage too. You take the right, I take the left, An :) If he needs us to stay for more than a week, I’d gladly oblige. I’m just glad that he won in 2 straights, and not too complicated a match. I think his first match would have given him lots of confidence that his game is still there. Just wish he didn’t have to have this little niggling thing to dampen the last one :( Poor thing. Anyway, the high of Spain winning the whole thing would be enough to make him happy I hope. Take care Rafa. All the best for a good year end now that your final match of 09 is done.

          • CC says:

            Awww…poor Rafa. I woke up with a bit of a sore back myself this morning, so if you guys rub Rafa’s back first and then send him over to me, he can give me a nice rub down… Mmmm… ;)

            • k says:


              He was saying he would be training to improve his physical condition during the break. So this kind of little problems (like spasms maybe) seems to be normal. You should stay alert if you want to help..:)

              • Ch F says:

                Yep if it is just a minor strain, I think some rest is required so the back problem doesn’t become worse, but Rafa wouldn’t want to stop practising now that he has gained some confidence. Plus mentally it wouldn’t be good for him to stop practising again, in view of the new season. He’ll go for careful regular training I guess. Now if it is more serious I guess he’ll take some time off.

            • An says:

              I will ask after i’m done with him and he’s done with me… dunno how long it will take… don’t hold youre breat, OK? ;)

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, I saw costa gave him a a tablet to eat (if my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me) and I think I saw the same during the Friday match too. And during one of the breaks between points, he was bending his back foward while sitting down, seemingly to give it a stretch.
      Today’s match was ok – I think he did enough to get through in 2 sets and just doing enough for each match should be the way I think just so that he doesn’t over-strain himself. But he needs to keep an eye on the short balls – please no short balls.

  12. Emma says:

    And rafa couldn’t stop grinning during the trophy presentation and he looked so so happy!
    And I could see him making a conscious effort to bite the trophy for the team picture. And when they were doing the lap around the court, he took the opportunity to take the trophy and bite into it for a solo photo (and it’s cute in the way he looked as though he really wanted to have a solo bite moment with the trophy but didn’t want to hog it for too long and just wanted one pic to capture that one moment before he quickly ran after the rest of the armada to let them have their moments with the it)

    Look how fastidious he is about taking a customary bite into any trophy he wins. It’s too cute – I hope I put it across in the right spirit – doesn’t take anything away about his team playing spirit but just how adorable he is to make sure he does that customary bite!

  13. Emma says:

    And hairdasco really looked lovely today. One time when the camera panned across to him, he was carrying this toddler and letting the little tot have his way with him – just squeezing dasco’s face, eyes, pinching his face, prying open his mouth – nothing more endearing than a grown up manly man letting someone only one-eighth of his size to manhandle him like this!
    Am I the only one that thinks Birdie really grows on you the more you look at him?
    Of course, Rafa is still number one – everyone else comes after him!

    • Ch F says:

      Well, I can see Verdasco’s good looks but can’t really appreciate them cause sometimes I feel there’s something arrogant about them or the way he carries them. Whereas I think Rafa behaves more naturally, like his good looks are there, he can’t do anything about them, but he doesn’t make an issue out of them either. Beauty is so much more…captivating when it’s pure and effortless, I think.

      • Emma says:

        Maybe it’s the swagger in his gait when he walks – but I quite like it. And he has really black hair.
        Again whatever do they feed them in Spain to churn out men like this?

    • Carol says:

      Oh yes, Snr Christmas can come down my chimney anytime …;-)

  14. Kathy says:

    The British commentators were saying there are signs everywhere in Barcelona saying “bon Nadal” — they seemed to think it had something to do with Rafa. Actually, it means Merry Christmas in their dialect. I got into all that on wickipedia after I had to google “calgaers” when she mentioned them and showed the one she bought of Rafa. Funny funny tradition to any not familiar with it, but very serious for them. They hide one in every nativity scene it seems. So maybe that (the “bon Nadal”) is where snr christmas comes in? I live in Florida in Key West so I really don’t know. However, there are LOTS of latin guys down here, mostly Cuban. How come NOBODY looks like Rafa?! sigh.

    • Dolcefuga says:

      Rafa is not considered Latin man, he is European. Spaniards look totally different from men from Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico, the Latin countries.

      • mary says:

        Yes I agree with you. And I know what that difference is, spaniards have less body hair. ;-) Thank christ!!!

      • Rafangel says:

        Ah, but my Spanish friend told me that Rafa looks more Latin than Spanish….

        I’ve loved watching his chest hair sprout over the years – bless!

        • CC says:

          Yep, that’s one development I’ve followed closely over the last couple of years. Intriguing. ;)
          (OMG, I seriously need to get a life… :D)

          • mary says:

            You, me & about 2-3 million other people. The spell he weaves on us is contageous. I’m lost in Rafamania. Well if I had to go tommorrow, at least I’ll go with a smile on my dial & some heat down you know where!!! ;)
            As to his chest hairs they are perfect. Not too much & not to little, just perfectly lickable & munchable. *faints*

  15. shani h says:

    Really well done to the team and wasn’t it lovely to see Rafa play so well on Friday! It was like his old self, and i’m now hoping that this will lift his spirits and carry him through his training over the next couple of weeks. I know we all want to see him back to his best and please god he gets through next year injury free.

    As I’m going to Monte Carlo and Rome next year, I would like a fully fit Rafa to be there and biting a trophy at both tournys…here’s to 2010!

    Miri…thanks for the DC reports…It’s great to get all the little bits of info that you don’t see or hear about otherwise.

  16. faeaki7 says:

    Omg this vid is awsome, *thoughts of all these lovely spanish guys in the same locker room* and yeah what excatly was!??? Rafa and Davy doinh in the showers? good point Miri!