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Hey, gang. I’m finishing up my packing and will be headed out for 13+ hours of travel in just a bit. I’m going to open up this postso that you guys can help our your fellow Rafa fans by posting links to videos, pictures and news stories you find in the comments – with one caveat: links tend to generate the moderation filter, so your comment might not appear right away, please be patient. It will be approved as soon as possible.

I’ve put a link in the side bar to a pay-for stream for Davis Cup, but note the caveat on the countries in which the stream won’t work.

Crap, the airlines just called and want to me leave on an earlier flight, like, now. I’ve gotta go!

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  1. mary says:

    Please ignore above facebook address. Me stuffed up. Will find right site. Oh I think I’m anxious about Rafa’s match. God knows how miri is!!!

  2. mary says:

    Aha, I was determined to fix this up & found the right site. Gosh I think I need a sugar fix or a Rafa fix (better still).

  3. Atch2 says:

    An article fm NY Times:

    I like this quote from Nando:
    “One thing is for sure, we must not enter this final thinking the job is already done,” Verdasco said. “In that case, we might end up like Argentina in last year’s final against us in Mar del Plata. We are favorites, but it doesn’t mean that we are already champions.”

    We must not underestimate anyone.

    • mary says:

      Sorry atch but as soon as they brought up that loss at RG I lost interest. Fucking journos just can’t let it go. Gosh the world does revolve & move forward, wish they could grasp that notion!!

    • Ch F says:

      I don’t think anyone underestimates anybody. On the contrary, I think Rafa shows a lot of respect, sometimes even more than the opponent deserves ;-) . Kidding, I know that’s how Rafa is and he’s adored for that. I only hope he can adjust today and win this match to shut some people up, cause this is really getting on everyone’s nerves. I hope he can relax despite the enormous pressure, and focus on the way to win this match.

  4. mary says:

    Oh peoples I am putting a few sites to watch live stream. This is for those of you that live in the areas that don’t have access from the official DC site.

    Live stream tennis links around the net right now.


    Channel Surfing


    Otherwise there is the live radio you can listen to. Thats exciting, not really. All you’ll be doing is chewing your nails.

  5. mary says:

    Oh I must be having a sucky day as sometimes things just don’t work. Try again.



  6. An says:

    Here is a vid of the draw…


    God, i’m anctious for the beginning, can’t wait!!
    Nervous, but with positive feelings!

  7. Rafangel says:

    Well, he’s been playing some pretty good clay court tennis for a few weeks now, hasn’t he? ;-)

    Thought I was calm about this but woke up in the small hours this morning gibbering with nerves then went back to sleep and had Rafanxiety dreams…damn. Not sure I have the balls to watch even the small part of today’s match I’m around for. I think Rafa and I could come to some agreement about ball-sharing *cheers up*

    Vamos Rafa!

    • An says:

      I have to go out now first for a short work appointment in 15 min.
      I must be back aroung the time the math begins…
      Hoping to be able to keep my focus during the last work hour off this week!

  8. mary says:

    Our man won & what a win. A bagel in the 2nd set, awesome

  9. An says:


    I’am over the moon! Never had any “doobts” that Rafa still had it all within….. it just needed to click, he just needed to find its Mojo and i’m so proud that i witnessed that happening in this match!
    You could just see it happen in the game where he broke to get a 5-6 lead in the first, up till then it was more from the same so,so as we saw in London i think! But after that……. Vintage Rafa!!
    He winns 7-5, 6-0, 6-2!

    Love you Rafa!

  10. rafandready says:

    Fantastic, like a different man on court today, what a pleasure to watch, and so happy for him. Vamos Rafa!

  11. kayM says:

    Wasn’t it an absolute pleasure to see our man getting his confidence back? It was all worth it, sticking by with sinking-heart in the past few months when he struggle to find his form only to see his game all fall back into place today. Today we saw the all fighting, all animated, normal Rafa back with all his amazing shots. This time there is fire and not just spark! Was it at 30-15, when he was serving out the 1st match, after he move up the net and hit a winner to get to his 2 set points, he actually has this satisfying slight smirk on his face, that I haven’t seen for don’t know how long, I had a definite good feeling about this match. And it all turned his way from there.

    • An says:

      I saw it too!
      He was back at his beloved clay and found back his beloved tennis!!!
      Verry special feeling to see that.

      • Stf says:

        I was pretty sure he would find his game on clay…and he proved me right! From the second set and on, his tennis was brilliant. Everything worked out for him. Awesome match for Rafa, next one with Stepanek. If he gets a comfortable win and finishes the year in style, I think we can be very optimistic for 2010!