DC presser

A bit of video from the DC presser earlier today. According to the official DC tweeter, Rafa was making people laugh throughout the presser.

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    MMMM loving Rafa here, such gorgeous skin!

  2. Atch2 says:

    Also read in the DC tweet that the Czechs “think it’s a bit chilly in Barca. “I have blue hands after practice,” said Stepanek.

    So bring gloves miri.

    Rafa looks like he just woke up. And so concentrated at the questions, even if they r in his native language.

  3. Emma says:

    He looks absolutely delectable! I could actually sink my teeth into him and eat him literally! Starting with the fingers…like literally. And I love the cap – in my opinion the bull logo looks cooler than the RF monogram (though I quite like the RF monogram too)

  4. Kate says:

    u guys crack me up!

  5. CC says:

    Oh, take the stupid cap off so I can SEE you, Rafa!

    Edible, I agree with you there, Emma. ;)

    • An says:

      Uhhh, mind you, i now ow this cap!

      But yeah, totally agree on the edible… Yum,yum,yum.
      What do you think CC? I think he will taste better then liquid dark chocolate even….;)

  6. CC says:

    Sorry, I can’t stand baseball caps. I think they make people look unfriendly.

    He. Would. Taste. So. Much. Better. Than. ANY. Chocolate.


    • An says:

      Don’t be sorry! I’ll remember and smile extra friendly when wearing the cap, Ok?

      Better. then. ANY. thing. No?
      *passes out too*

      • Sam says:

        Still wondering why I cannot seem to find a chocolate Rafa advent calendar for sale anywhere….1st Decemeber: his left little finger, 2nd December: his right little finger…..fast forward to 25th December: urm..let’s see..what would be the BEST part of Rafa worth ‘eating’ (ahem!)


        • CC says:

          lol, Sam!

          *types letter to Lindt chocolatiers*

          Dear Lindt,

          Please produce an advent calendar of Mr Nadal (the younger one) for next Christmas. Make sure you include all body parts. It will taste better than the one you’ve planned to make of Mr Federer.


        • sia says:

          OMG a chocolate Rafa advent calender !!! Miri, are you listening … I love my t-shirts, but perhaps you could arrange something with Laura Secord or Hershey’s. Your site would be spilling over with requests. Rafael as scrumptious holiday celebration …

  7. An says:

    BTW.. Am i correct is he denying the words uncle Toni spoke yesterday in this presser? ( about him not being at his best motivation wise in the moment… )
    Ch F could you help us out?

    • Ch F says:

      Oh sorry, this is Catalan so I can’t help you there…I only understand Spanish although with a little more practice and Rafatalk I think I’ll get there ;-) But you could be right, and he seems much more positive than Toni in the other presser. So I won’t risk any translation that wouldn’t be accurate, Rafatalk is way too serious stuff to be misinterpreted ;-)

    • Ch F says:

      Ok I’ve been listening to it over and over again, I think he talks about his back problem in his last match in the WTF saying it wasn’t that bad and that it’s normal after having played intense matches or something of that kind. But then again, I can’t be sure. It definitely doesn’t sound negative though.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what Rafa’s saying here, but Toni apparently said yesterday that Rafa was in a pissy mood after having lost his three matches in the WTF. Rafa replied today that he’s not in a pissy mood, but will be on Monday if they lose the Davis Cup.

      Love it that Tio Toni is “telling” on Rafa. I totally choose to believe Toni. ;)

      • An says:

        Oh i think so too… He said on facebook that he was “frustrated”…
        Rafa dear, you know i could help you with that, No?

        • Sam says:

          Get in the queue An!!!! ;-)

          ps: I am front of the line!

        • CC says:

          I must admit, I totally had the same thought when I read on FB that he was “frustrated”. We could do so much to help him release that frustration… :)

        • Ch F says:

          Well who knows, frustration might actually help him go back to his usual self and give it his all even more than before. Pretending to be calm, if he feels different deep inside, didn’t help him reach his best level up to now. So whatever it is, it could turn out well. (that’s me taking giant steps in positive actitude, if you hadn’t noticed ;-)

  8. Sam says:

    Have you ever wondered if Rafa actually reads this site…how would he respond to some of the pervy things we say I wonder? Secretly thinking “Oh yeah!” or would he think “Oh shit, help!!???” LOL

    He did say in his blog that he reads stuff written about him on the internet!

    Hi Rafa!!! xxx

    • CC says:

      Me thinks Rafa doesn’t read much, there’s just sooo much written about him, no?

      If he DID read our comments, I’d hope they’d make him chuckle. It is, after all, just harmless fantasies. :)

      • Sam says:

        They would be a pleasant change from all the negative press written about his tennis lately!

        We HEART you Rafa, and yes, ok, we want your babies too xxx

        • An says:

          Heh, don’t think he reads here either, if he ever did and comes back for more he must see the humour in it and have a good laugh about it, No?

          It is a compliment!

          And indeed completly harmless fantasies from my part too!
          If i ever meat him i’ll try to act as normal as possible and i would certainly not bother him for autographs or what so ever..
          I respect him and i would like him to respect me too!

          But iff….by any chance he would take the initative…. we could have a talk, No?

          • Sam says:

            No autograph?? Really!??

          • Dolcefuga says:

            You are right, I thought about what I would do if I ever see him. I might just pass out quietly in a corner. I don’t have the heart to even go up to him and ask for autograph. Silly, no?

  9. Rafafan says:

    OK Rafa tries not to give anything away in the presser or doesn’t exactly lie but doesn’t tell the truth.But sometimes Uncle Toni can’t stop himself – do you remember the foot injury career threatening thing, the crowd stuff in Paris x 2 (indoor and outdoor), Rafa’s personal stuff, the knees and the abds. Remember he said he ok – mayb not perfect but ok. And then he said he didn’t want to admit anything until after the matches are complete. Not fair on the opponent etc…. Well I think its the same again. Rafa is very not confidence, think he is motivated – but Toni telling like it is but Rafa doesn’t want to reveal. They have said they have had “spats” in the past – I think this is another little disagreement how to respond to pressy etc.

  10. emir says:

    i love the way toni always say what he wants to say and rafa has no chance to stop it.it is very funny.any other person would already be fired.uncle tony rafa has no chance to respond like usual.