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  1. dutchgirl says:

    Ah Miri, great that you get to see the Spanish Armada in the flesh…
    Enjoy it, and on behalf of us less lucky ones, send as much positive energy to Rafa and the other Spanish guys as you can.
    We will miss your daily updates, though!

  2. Eliana says:

    Miri thanks for leaving these links! Hope you have a great time in Spain and have the privilege of watching the Armada win a new Davis Cup!!!

    • Karen says:

      Love the photo on this post, it’s sooooo Rafa.I’m currently listening to Bryan Adams who I know Rafa likes to listen to.if I can’t see Davis Cup at least I can imagine I’m there!!!!!!

    • An says:

      Yeah Miri, thanks for leaving us the links where we can follow all the DC and Rafa news during youre stay in Barcelona.

      Wish you a verry, verry nice time there, a good birthday celebration, great matches to watch and we keep our fingers crossed for a V for the Armada!
      May Rafa and the other Chicos proof you wrong in youre idea that they can’t play well in youre presence!


  3. CC says:

    “…Fernando Verdasco, who continues in cotton…”

    *imagines Fernando wrapped in cotton wool*

    Yep, that could work. Maybe not for Copa Davis.

    • Ch F says:

      Hahaha thank you CC, you made my day! That’s hilarious! I’d read the Spanish text, didn’t know what I was missing ;-)

  4. Emma says:

    Can I please find out where we can get the schedule for the DC ties?
    As I understand the singles are played on Friday and Sunday? And is rafa going to be playing 2 singles? thanks!

  5. sia says:

    Emma, if you go to the DC website that info will be there as it becomes available.

  6. Atch2 says:

    Miri, are u popping over to Rafa’s islands? I think they’re about a 2-3hr ferry ride from Barcelona.

  7. faeaki7 says:

    Oh to see Rafa playing for his country live must be awsome, and lets hope its a win this time, oh the tension, but I am looking forward to watching it anyway, should be great atmosphere for them all in Barca!