WTF: post RR2 interview


Rafa’s post-match interview is up on


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  1. sia says:

    Look at his big smile … he’s OK … and gorgeous!

  2. patzin says:

    Good positive interview.

  3. mary says:

    “positive aktitude”, thats the spirit!!!! “What can I say against myself”. Oh Rafa you crack me up. No wonder you don’t need to watch much comedy, you are a funny wisecracking comedian yourself, even if you don’t realize it!!!
    Oh we need to take a leaf out of his “aktitude” & enjoy life!!! If he is not gonna stress over his loss, then neither should we. He knows it is coming together for him. Remember he said he was concentrating on the DC as he knew he wasn’t quite there & the DC will give him a boost for 2 reasons, one he is with mates & playing in a team, 2nd, it’s on clay & this will help him find his zone. I think he decided in his head before WTF, but during the 2nd set he made a decision not to hold back & boy did we see some spark!!!! Looking forward to lots more of this spark!!!!

  4. mary says:

    PS. Looking luscious & edible as always. That smile gets to me everytime. *Going to lie down now before I fall down*

  5. nic says:

    Thank God for the smile in this pic. Shows me that he’s not down, as he said in his blog. Bless you Rafa. Such a good natured person. I’ve no time to see the vid, but just this pic makes me feel better. Better than I felt this morning when the match ended. Vamos Rafa.

    • Atch2 says:

      Yes, great smilely photo, makes up for the fact that I can’t open the vid at work for some reason.

      ditto CC and Nic. Please stay as you are Rafa. Cute, sexy and good natured.

  6. CC says:

    Edibly cute and sexy at the same time. Pleas never change, Rafa!

  7. Rafafan says:

    Yes lovely interview and very honest with it. Gorgeous smile and his positive aktitude (commented twice). Accepts that it is hard with the best players when coming into the tournament with not very good feelings and confidence. But you get the feeling he is on his way back. I was very impressed with his fighting spirit and going out for aggression in the 2nd set. All he has to do is come out the blocks fast like this when it’s a match of 3 sets. I think like Mary he was sort of making DC a priority this year.

    Ther was another transcript wher he said 2 days after DC he gona practice hard not have a break – he thinks he has too long a break this year and wants to get back to practice work hard to his best and has the motivation. This is so great news – he is here to stay. I feel so much better now hearing this and the interview and trying to not get stressed over this before going to work. Just watched the interview here the 10th time!

  8. Atch2 says:

    That grin is contagious. SOOOO Rafadorable.

    Rafa, I could tell you were about to fall asleep at the beginning of the interview. This isn’t the first time this interviewer has had to wake you up. LOL

    Couldn’t tell that he just lost the match. If you are happy Rafa, I’m happy too. You did fight and you did end with a positive acktitude.

    I actually think this WTF did him a lot of good bec he could see how he was against the top players. Only wished Rafa got to play Murray and Fed bec he hasn’t played them lately.

    Luv his Yeeaayyehs.

  9. CC says:

    BTW, did you go outside and dry your hair in the windy before this, Rafa? ;)

  10. EJL says:

    ” his winning run instantly dried up and he failed to win a title since May
    he became the first player to be eliminated from the ATP World Tour Finals” RAFA you have to make your way to force them shut up.. hope you do so sooon

  11. dutchgirl says:

    His smile says that he’s okay and not down and out. That really makes me happy. Hopefully he can bring his positive energy along in his DC matches. Winning the DC final is what he needs right now – it should bring his confidence on a higher level, and that’s what it takes to be successful in the beginning of next year.
    Always keep smiling, Rafa!