WTF: Rafa blog and Q&A 2

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Today’s blog and Q&A are up. First, the blog.

I suppose that the question today to me that isn’t shown here is why did I lose? Well, it is simple. I didn’t play the way I had to play, the way I know how to play and that it is taking me to have it back.

I felt without that confidence in the right moments, I felt a bit lack on that concentration in those points and that was it.

I came back to the locker room and there was Toni and the rest of the team waiting for me. Those are sad moments, believe me. We are down, not much talking in the locker room, serious faces… Then Toni starts analyzing points and the game and well… it is not the end of the World!. He is right. But it hurts to lose!

And I am also sad for all those fans who want me to win…

Awww…honest and yet, in the end, positive.

One more thing!


Forgot to say that at least I got a prize today!!!. Raul Zurutuza, the Tournament Director of the Acapulco event gave me the trophy I’d lost back in 2005 when going to the airport!.

Thanks to that lovely tournament for this. I got this trophy twice having only won it once! :-)


And now the Q&A:

I loved the story of when you were a little boy and your Uncle pretended he’d made you invisible and all your family pretended they couldn’t see you! If you could have a coat that made you invisible where would you go and what would you do? – Juliette Westbrook-Finch

RN: Yes, it is now a funny story. He used to play these kind of games with me. The thing is that he had the complicity of a few others from the family.

Heh. It’s now a funny story. Oh, and was there a second part to that question? Didn’t notice.

Was there any doubt in your mind about playing Soderling again after the miserable Roland Garros match? I hope not! – Jen

RN: No, no doubt because of Soderling. Just another match. I lost again but that has nothing to do with it.

Yep. Just another match.

Will you alter your style at all so you don’t get so many injuries in the future or will you look at this as an unlucky year and hope for better luck next year? – Peter

RN: I don’t think my style can change much to be honest. Let’s hope I stay healthy.

*fingers crossed*

What kind of training are you planning for the short “off season” this year – do you think anything in particular will help as you go into the New Year with the chance to defend your Australian Open title? – Sam

RN: There is no off season this year. Straight into practice and training but clearly working on Physical condition as well.

What? I heard you get two whole days off.

Do you think you could beat Serena Williams in a five-setter match? – Pavi

RN: I know it is not polite for me to answer with another question… but my answer is… what do you think?

Well, that’s certainly more polite than what you could have said. ;)

Who makes you laugh more – Roger Federer or Andy Murray? – Julie, Chicago

RN: Good question! They both can be funny… if only I could speak better English to understand it…

Sooo diplomatic.

Who is your favourite player from the current Real Madrid team? – JoAnn Chu



Are the fans from India are going to see you in Chennai again? – Shilpa

RN: No, I am not. Playing Abu Dhabi this year.

*takes notes for the calendar*

18 Responses

  1. loverafa4ever says:

    I wanted to know if he was going to play Rotterdam. No 500s in the first part of the season Rafa.

  2. Atch2 says:

    You need a bear hug Rafa. You don’t need to feel sad for losing bec we know it hurts you and your team more. We’re your fans and we luv to watch you play and will always support you.

    I hope Iker and Raul don’t read that you didn’t mention them as your fav players. And you can watch and play football with Cristiano but pls don’t go partying with him. I’d hate to imagine the mischief you guys would get up to.

    Rafa, don’t forget to pack the Pear Trophy safely away bec I don’t think they’re going to give you a third one.

    • Eliana says:

      I think Cristiano and Rafa partying would be to much to bear for me!So much hotness… Maybe we could see a “bad boy” streak in Rafa, that for me is really sexy ;)

      And I feel sad for Rafa, not for the loss per se because I can’t stand knowing that he’s so sad :,(. Atch2 you’re sooo right, a giant bear hug is in order!

  3. Emma says:

    Just left a message on the timesonline blog. Dearest rafa saying he feels sorry to the fans who wanted him to win – awwwww! he’s such a cute isn’t he? I want my pocket rafa!!

  4. Emma says:

    And I feel a little bad for rafa reading some of the comments on facebook and other forums commenting on his game and his level of play. Some of those comments were discouraging and I don’t think he needs that at the moment. I think it’s one thing to critique his game objectively and factually but another to write him off or discount him in a manner that borders on attacking. Rafa needs our unwavering and unquestioning support! So let’s send him more love…

    • Hope says:

      I totally agree. He is the champ but even champs lose sometimes. If you are a true Nadal lover you should always support and be optimistic. Rafa needs all of our support right now!

  5. CC says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa!? WTF! ;)

    “The thing is that he had the complicity of a few others from the family.”


    • Courtney says:

      Toni got away with the tricks because other family members played along. That sooo didn’t answer the actual question though, lol! Oh, Rafa :,)

  6. An says:

    Oooh Rafa, so you where sad and i was sad yesterday…

    Hope you also found comfort and support, and tomorrow we’re both going to smile again, OK? :)

  7. Carol says:

    A huge hug for our dearest Rafa: I soo love his answers – he’ll only answer what he wants to, won’t he?…

    So loved the Replacement Trophy story…aaah…!

    (But, as an aside: pls Rafa could you give Nando a consolatory hug from me also??)

  8. Kim_Rafa says:

    how cute from Rafa!! <3

  9. Rafaligion says:

    As a Spanish-speaker, I can assure you all that Rafa’s curses towards ‘Denko tonight were anything but “good boy”! ‘-) Read my lips…and who wouldn’t want to Rafa!